Thursday, August 31, 2017

WOW... 2 years with no posts.....OLM BAD

Hello, remember me?  I will just pop in quickly to say HI and I am alive!
It's been a very busy two years.  I went back to work and really took a break from creating. I left my job in March.  I will probably go back to work again at some point.  
It took me awhile to my MOJO for creating.  But late this summer I did start designing again, and I admit it feels great.  Sadly just ca't support myself doing it...
Both my boys have gotten married, so we are empty nester's.
Knuckle's is hanging in there.  Showing his age at times.  We believe him to be between 11 and 12 now.
I still help/take care of my dad as well.  So my days were always full and busy.  Creating went on a back burner, sadly.

So, I been trying to figure out what outlet might work good for me to try and sell a few on my creations.
YES, I am on FB... I also have a business page under primitives by olde lady morgan, as well.
I do still have the shop as well.  I am considering opening a ETSY shop.  I will keep you posted.
I thought I would show you a few of my latest creations.  If you see something you might want to consider adopting, feel free to email me

First is adorable Mavis, yes she is a OLM OOAK design.
I must admit I wasn't sure about her when I first started creating her, but I did so fall in love with her.
Kindly asking $48.95 and travel fare.

 I have been trying to come up with a few new twists on my Goofy Jacks..
First is my "half baked" jack... Picked off the vine just a wee bit to early... Little green yet...

 Each is $29.50 and travel if you are interested...
There is my "sunken" pumpkins... Jacks that have been around a wee bit to long... 
They are starting to "rot" /cave in on themselves so to speak.  
I have done several of these and have gotten some great feedback on them, as well as the Half Baked boys.
 Kindly asking $28.50 and travel.  Yes, each is a OOAK and finished off with dried stems.
What do you think?  
Email me, tell me what you think,
Hope all is well.
Time seems to just go by faster and faster doesn't it?
Happy Labor day Weekend!