Friday, July 10, 2015

Few Girls for Sale... and Not Too Much New?

So what happens when you just feel like there is nothing new and exciting to say?
Who want to hear the same old stuff???
Sometimes I feel like I am caught in a trap.Can't walk out..
Know the song?  But a different meaning for me..
I am busy, maybe too busy?  But, not always fun busy...But busy is good.  Can't dwell on the things...
I would love a little peace and quiet... and the ability to turn off my mind... Just when things seem to calm down... another curve ball.
So, there is nothing fun or exciting to tell... just crud...
so it's better to say nothing at all... 
I think back to how I loved blogging.. sharing.. and wonder how does it get to this?  I miss it so.Maybe I NEED to spend more time here in a happy place?  
I will work on that...  Yikes, this went depressing fast didn't it?  
OOPS... so sorry about that...
onto happy things... I am trying to get back to some creating.
I am doing The Holly Hills Primitive Show in Sept.  I better get cracking very soon!
I actually finished up these gals almost two weeks ago...
That is how long it's taking me to sit down and FINALLY post!
So Here are a couple of OLM OOAK Creations looking for their new homes..
First up is Jessie B!!

 Sweet and simple. 
She loves it here, but would love a forever home even more...
You can email me for more details at
Kindly asking $48.95 and travel fare for Jessie B!

Hard to believe but there have been a few request for pumpkins.
I haven't made any yet...But they are dancing in my head...
This is one of my faves, leftover from last year.  
I am surprised he didn't find a home last year..
He is one of my bigger pumpkin Jacks I make...
Kindly asking $ 46.50 and travel fare for Black Jack.
 He is a OLM OOAK
 Sweet Sammie gal is a OLM OOAK as well.. 
Hand stitched face and her skirt is from a old grungy dollies 

 Kindly asking $40.50 and travel fare for Sammie!

Sweet little pillow tuck, oh so prim and my story and sticking to it, Dust is a primitive accent!
Kindly asking $11.95 and travel fare...
 If you are missing any past issues of A Simple Life, or haven't had the pleasure yet...
I have several of each copy leftover from the shop.  
Originally $8.95... now $5.25 and travel fare.  I can fit 3 into a flat rate envelope..  again, email if you are interested in any of them..

 Lastly Chester the barn cat.. He is a OLM OOAK... 
I have made several versions of him over the years...but no two ever quiet alike.
he has been in a bit of a fight trying to hold his place in the barn... Missing part of his tail and a ear, sadly...
Kindly asking $22.50 and travel fare for Chester...
 Now... maybe part of my mood has been the lack of summer here in IL... It's been overcast most days... raining almost every day... Mosquitoes the size of birds..(not really) but out all day long.. and rather chilly... 
Now I love a summer that isn't too hot or humid...but this as been AWFUL!!!!!
I don't even attempt to pull weeds, the mosquitoes will win... BUT the flowers are as tall as the weeds now... so you see them better! 
 So I snapped a few pictures today... enjoy!

Lastly there are a couple of FUN secrets I am keeping... One I will be back I promise real soon to tell.. and the other in about a month...hehe... 


Allison said...

Love your dolls! I'm not blogging like I use too. I need to do more crafting-- I work part time at my friends upholstery shop and it meets some of my making needs but I seem to forget I don't actually keep what I'm making. :-)


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