Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ornament Exchange 2013 A Girls Afternoon!

What is good for the soul?  A afternoon with good friends and family!  
I have been doing this ornament exchange for 12 years now.  I always stress out, yet enjoy it so! What to make... is the house just right?  This year, I stopped that...Just enjoy!  Life is to short...
Sadly snow kept a few safe at home... 
So come into the madness! LOL!
Sharon and Cindy... Little out of focus... These gals are "trouble"  I have talked about some "messing" with my things... YUP!  Here is two of them!  Partner in crime Mary didn't make it... I can't seem to find what they did yet... THOUGH, I am sure they did something... I saw guilty looks...LOL
So every year I have a "theme" for the exchange... everyone needs to "try" and stay in the theme... I make them work just a bit for this... Then we play a little game, you know, the steal game...DOUBLE EVIL, I am!!!  So no guarantee you get to keep the ornament you just opened..HEHE... BUT everyone goes home with one...
This year's theme  CHILD....You also DON'T want to be #1 to pick... you don't get to steal...but you have the chance of being stolen from many many times...  Cindy was number 1...Sharon is laughing...Teri is peeking...She might want what she got..HEHE!... Knuckles is eye spying her drink on the floor... moving in he did... drank almost the whole glass of punch before she could react... Her fault... it was at Knuckle level after all!
My Sis in Laws mom, Joey, our Goddaughter's name sake... She is a hoot... She said everyone had to put the ribbons on their heads..LOL..
Oh Teri, I can tell you already... you are NOT keeping this ornament... LOL
Cousin in law Sara...  That will be stolen several times...LOL
Sara with Grandma Jesse, my aunt's mom...Looking great at 93, I believe... she stole from family..LOL
Sharon, that is a EVIL smile... I know, you are already plotting what you will do!
Denise in for the steal! LOL!
I couldn't resist... Sir Knuckles, I think had a little to much punch... Might be a little "tipsy" lol...he wanted to play... I could see it coming... I warned everyone... he is looking for a box to rip apart... watch your ornie's..LOL... Knuckles the destroyer of boxes! LOL
Here he was in the thick of it...
And with my sis in law.  Knuckles assumes everyone came for him! Didn't they?
So despite the snow, everyone had a wonderful time!  As did OLM! I am so glad I started this little tradition, a great reason to get everyone together before all the craziness of the Holiday's set in... OLM


Shirlee said...

What fun memories!

bettyj said...

What fun! What fun. Dasko was always in the thick of it too and knew they all came to see him. They did most of them! So happy you are enjoying life. It is good.

Rugs and Pugs said...

What fun!
Hugs :)

Hillcresthome Prims said...

You always look like you are all having SO much F*U*N!!!!!
You are a hoot girlie...and your right life is short. Enjoy it to the fulliest and laugh as much as you can.

I am always singing in the car and dancing in my seat when my husband is driving and people see me and we don't give a crap. We just try and enjoy like.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year 2014!

Primitive Stars said...

Oh Marie, to much fun, what a wonderful time spent with family and friends.....loved all the pictures, Sir Knuckles is so funny, Blessings Francine.

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Oh such fun, I laughed along with your antics!

p.s. My son always messes with my stuff, turns my sweet things backwards....knows it will trouble me!

BumbleBeeLane said...

Fun! I can hear the cackling from here LoL.. wonder whst mischief you haven't discovered yet. Warm Blessings! Amy