Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing all my blogging friends a wonderful Thanksgiving!
 OLM has been  prepping this afternoon!  Pie is in the oven as I type this.
What a crazy fun time.  Shop is doing well.  I am very excited fingers crossed, I am having a blast!  I have missed this!  BUT... It has kept me hopping, it sure is a busy time!  Hugs to all! OLM

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Early Works Log Cabin Christmas, Update.

Happy Thursday Everyone!  I have just updated my early work page for our log cabin Christmas. Here is the link if you have a moment and would like take a peek. thanks OLM!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Come Take A Little Tour Of My New Adventure!!!!

It's small, BUT it's all mine!  I have to pinch myself that I did this!  Hubby and I have been talking for a while about my doing something like this again!.... has been a wee bit stressful here this year....
I sure didn't see it coming this year... I still can't believe I pulled this together in 10 days! YIKES!!!
OLM is exhausted, but a fun, good exhausted!
I worked at the shops on Saturday for our Holiday Open House.  I am thrilled with the response to my little primitive shop.  It makes me very hopeful!  Fingers crossed!
It's still a work in progress....
I was in today adding some more inventory.
Still more I would like to do.... but all in good time...
So here is a few close ups...

Just a quick pop in... to show off...yes...hehe... I am excited, can you tell? Thank you to everyone for all the kind words of encouragement with my new adventure! OLM

Monday, November 4, 2013

I Promised Rosie! And-- I Started Set Up On My Shop Today!

I am beat!  It's been a long busy weekend!  BUT... Good or bad...  I have the shop started... It's open with the rest of the shops tomorrow!  It's a work in progress.... still lots to do... Some things I would of liked to have done before... Like paint...but there just wasn't time...

 So, I meant to take a before... but I forgot... So here is hubby starting to hang a few things for me....
 Working... Moving...Shifting.....
 I really do need more things that will hang....HMMM....
 Need to get creating... Tree is bare... YIKES!

 Waiting for my sign... couple of weeks for that...

 So ready or not... probably more on the not side... I am open for business... though I will be bringing more goodies in tomorrow too!

Then... I meant to do this over the weekend... Trick or Drink was mainly a rain event, sadly... but still a good time was had by all!
 BUT!  I promised my Niece Rosie and her GF Lindsey they would be on my blog... Katie is in the background too!  NOW, she wants me to mention that she is my favorite!!!  LOL!  I will add.. THEY ALL ARE MY FAVORITES!  Auntie try's very hard not to play favorites!   Love them all!
 Everyone around the fire!!!
And... the one that forgot to go home!  OLM