Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'M A Big Girl NOW! Traveling Tales.....

So I got up early last Saturday, gave Knuckles a walk and hit the road!  Time for a little R&R with the hubby in Oshkosh Wi....!!!  He had a couple of days off from working the air show.  This is the farest I had ever driven all myself!!! Piece of cake!  At least going up!
So We had no real plans... except on my way home I was meeting up with Becky from Primitive N Stitchin blog!  We have done a real fun swap with each other last year and it was time to met up!
 So here is Becky and myself in the antique mall, yes a treasure or two was found here!  We had a great time!  I needed to hit the road by 4pm to get home and get ready for babysitting on Wednesday...sigh... we didn't get to do everything we thought we could, but still a great day for sure! Thanks Becky for doing the driving!!!!

Now mostly, sigh, I forgot to take any pictures, I know bad blogger!  I did get to stop and leave a little money at  A Simpler Time in Ripon, Wi!  Oh my what a fun store! YIKES!  Hubby left me alone too long in that shop!!!! HEHEHE.....more later....

But first, sorry pictures are a bit out of order... Stopped at this fun little Antique Shop in Princeton, Wi...Name got me... The "Queen" would love this for her house???? HEHEHE
 Anyway.... here is a couple of treasures I found and a little gift from Becky too...  She made me that little doll quilt!  Love it! Also the potpourri spray, smells great!!!.... Then there's the child's blue enamel ware pot that has the little wire baby bottle holder for sterilizing... so cute! Little child's wheel barrel with a wood wheel!  And yup another Holiday plastic decoration!
 I put my little quilt on top of this chubby in the kitchen!  kinda hard to see it here..... THANK YOU BECKY!!! Love it!!! 
 Then from A Simpler time... one of my goodies.... The hand made candle/taper holder... I put a battery taper in there for now and tucked it on the counter.....
 AND.... Oh my!  I had said no more crocks... no room...BUT..... the one on the left was only $15 bucks and such a great color! a must have!  THEN!!!!  The bee sting!  6 gallon, $80 bucks... spendy yes, but for a bee sting, cheap!  home it came... Need to find a good home for these guys... I also found, need to clean it up another metal child's step back cabinet.  One like I got back in March... I never have seen them... now I have two...LOL... but this one I probably will sell... if anyone is interested email me... asking $39... pictures to come later....
 Last... tucked in front anther great pair of baby shoes... excellent condition!  No rips, tears, and all the buttons!  Great deal at $20, YUP! they had to come home with me!!! LOL
 So yesterday my brother had knee surgery, all went well!  So I kept a eye on the kiddo's!  They kept me hopping!  LOL... actually they were really good!  Here they are trying to tip each other out of the hammock...
 Lastly... leave it to hubby to find a doggie to love! Maize took right to Ed... finally he popped her out... His white t-shirt looked like he was just playing with knuckles.... giggles!
So, there is still a few goodies I didn't show.... Need to get my butt in gear and make the last of the pumpkins for a wholesale order I took.  Almost there... Shipping even if it kills me on Monday! 

So the one thing I learned in my travels... NEVER TRUST THE GPS!!!! LOL!  Coming home, it wanted to detour me everywhere... in a weak moment I let it, UGH!  Extra hour of driving for me... and sadly not in the best of area's too...YIKES! 
So off to water my flowers, yet again.... sigh.... we have gotten some rain, but no where near what we should have... AND, oh so sad driving the back roads with hubby, the corn crops!  I don't know if I can ever recall seeing crops looks this bad, it is so sad....OLM

Friday, July 20, 2012

I am taking a little road trip...

Yikes... another week gone...time flying.... I have been a bit M.I.A.... busy filling a wholesale order for 18 pumpkins... Almost done!  Yikes, that stressed me out.... I have so many fun things in my head that I want to do for fall, I only hope I can get to them all...
I am off tomorrow to Osh Gosh to spend a couple of days with the hubby, he is up there helping out getting ready for their big air show... So he left on Tuesday and is gone for a bit...Just me, my attack dog, Knuckles and the boys... Now it will be the boys & Knuckles!  Just for a few days... I have never driven this far by myself...Always had someone with me... So I am putting on my big girl pants and off on a 3 1/2 hour road trip tomorrow!  Then, Tuesday... HEHEHE!  So excited I am meeting up with Becky from Primitives N Stitchin's blog!  she is only about 30 minutes for Osh Gosh.... So we are going to play!  Can't wait... Though I had a back up plan to stay a extra day if we play to long....Now... I found out my brother is having knee surgery on Wednesday, and they need me to watch the kids... So I am have to come home... so I am giving myself a A.I.S time( that is ass in seat!) to hit the road on Tuesday of about 4pm!???  Becky that should give us plenty of time to play????
Speaking of my Niece's and Nephew.... We went last week to to watch Katie's Championship game!

They won their game so they took 1st place!  Look at that smile with her awards! Very Proud Auntie & Uncle!
Then...during the game... William being Will...LOL... wanted Steven to stick all his Nerf darts to his head....

 Such a goofy!  he cracks me up!  needed a picture!!!! 
Then in all my spare time, what do I do?  What is all it seems I am going?  Pumpkins!  Pumpkins! Pumpkin! 
So I have my camera ready to take with me! GSP! and some cash in my pocket! I will have a story to tell for sure!  And how fun to get to finally met Becky!  Next on the list to met Karen from My colonial home, she's even closer then Becky....!!! OLM

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Quick Peek at My Early Work Mercantile UPdate

 Yikes  2 updates in one week....

 Well, we are back to hot and steamy!  UGH!  We did get a little rain, but we need so much at this point... days of nice gentle rains really...sigh... Then, I was out in blog land yesterday... and got a computer virus...I would even say the words I said....Not blog land's fault...just being on line did it.... Seems they upload this "security" protection to the computer hoping one will click on it because it's giving all these warnings that someone is hacking in for one's info... thankfully I have part of brain...LOL.. knew not to do it... disconnected the Internet from my computer... Steven tryed to clean it up and get if off..NOPE... off to geek squad to clean it up and a new and improved virus protection going in.... I think all these idiots that do this shit, if caught should have their finger all chopped off!  that way they can't play on the computer and wreck for the rest of us.... OR you can look at it as job security for all those that fix these messes... either way, what a pain in the ASS!  There I said it!

SO, here I am on Steven's computer.... I have just updated my early work mercantile page if anyone has a moment to peek...  It is all things fall... I am dreaming of fall... Maybe something like 4 months of it... though the way our leaves on the trees are looking, it looks fall ish.... color is going to bad this year...double sigh....

OK, off my soap box... here is a couple of the creations I have listed up for adoption if anyone is interested.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I think I am going to go sit on the patio and have a glass of wine!  Enjoy! OLM

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where Have I Been Disappearing Too???

Where is this summer going?  Time is flying by....It is HOT, HUMID, and DRY!!! Here!  We are in a bad drought... I have not seen corn crops look this bad since 1988, I think....many sighs.... Anyway... I have been popping in... never enough time... few comments left... Like many so little time to get everything done....
So where can you find me??? On the softball fields on Sundays...  This past Sunday hubby's team had a double header... At least it had cooled off...but with it being so dry, UGH, ball field dust blowing everywhere... My poor hair... Remember the movie "Something about Mary?"  Remember the hair scene? LOL!!!  That was my HAIR!! BUT it was ball field dust that did it! UGH! Really it was sticking up!
 Steven  hasn't been playing ball this year.  He has a torn Labium in his shoulder.  He needs surgery at some point, he has to decide... BUT, he misses it...couldn't take it, and played  this past Sunday... I snapped this after their games... Truly the picture doesn't show how dusty and dirty they are!

Then last week, Hubby and I were "empty Nester's" for the week mostly as the boys took off with their friends on vacations in WI... Steven up by Cable, Wi, and Alex in Musatene, WI.... Steven found hubby a present!  and came home with a new stock of Grain Belt and Nordeast Beer... We can't get this down by us, and as many know one loves most what one can't get......LOL
 This should keep them for a bit... Hopefully until September when we go North again to spend a week on the lake in MN... by the "Queen"!

Then the boys thought it would be funny to see what Knuckles would do with a pizza box! LOL! Really!!?!?!?  What did one think he would do... YUP! Lick it to death!!! LOL

 With it being so warm outside... almost to warm to even want to be outside for any length of time... I have been at the sewing machine... creating!?!?!?  PUMPKINS!  Crazy, I know... but I have many requests already... I have even been selling some on face book.... I think with all this heat everyone is sooo ready for FALL!  I know I am... BUT, it doesn't need to be this hot to make me ready, I just love Fall the best!!  I have a secret about my pumpkins too... I will be sharing soon.... hehehe... don't ya love a good secret??? Any guesses????
 I snapped this many nights ago... My moonflowers opening... It's taking LOTS and LOTS of  watering going on...sigh... we are soo dry... My flowers look, OK, but not like they usually should... by now I have vines everywhere of Morning Glory's...They are struggling to even start a vine...sigh... My fall Aster, keeps blooming in small batches... sigh..... All our grass is like straw.... sigh... I think I need to go out and do a rain dance, but I might scare my neighbors! LOL

Then Lastly.... I have.....
Finally..... It seems everyone is moving over to face book, over blogging...sigh... they say it's faster... unless you get sucked in....LOL.... I still love blogging and don't see giving it up anytime soon.  But, yes it takes time, but it all does really, and in our busy just doesn't happen as often as I use too... That saddens me...... With that being said, I am on Face book, have you "liked" me yet?  Do you even want too???  LOL.... I am currently selling  few fall creations on my OLM page... I will mix things up on my different areas... But here is the link if you want to  "like" OLM on face book...!/PrimitivesByOldeLadyMorgan  .  Right now I am working on my update for Early Work Mercantile.  I will have that done Saturday evening.  I hope you will take a peek.  Stay cool, pray for rain, though in many parts here in IL... it's not going to help the crops, they are beyond help from what I am hearing... So sad.  We need at least 12" of rain to end our drought....many sighs.... OH the poor farms... and later this fall, our pocket books as all food prices go up....
So there you have it... a whole lot of nothing!!!!  Stay Cool!  OLM

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!!!!

Wishing everyone a wonderfully fun and safe 4th of July!  Freedom isn't FREE.... Remember those who served and serve! OLM