Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Happy Hump Day!!!  I had no intentions of doing a sale today, but I have gotten side tracked cleaning and I started pulling things thinking I would do it next week...Then light bulb don't put off what you can do today!

So here it goes,, if you see anything you are interested in please email me at  If you would like insurance, please let me know.  Many of the items here are bowls, I will pack them in bubble wrap, but I can not be responsible for them once they leave here without insurance, thanks for your understanding.  I can accept PP and MO, and Check, though I will ship after it clears....  I will combine shipping to save $$, and travel fare is not included in these prices, I will let you know what shipping will be once I have shipping info.
Here I go.....

 Vintage party noise makers, $3.50 ea... I think I have about 15 of them.....
 old crock with label and wax dripping down, about 8" tall, $14,--- SOLD, THANK YOU!  White enamel ware pitcher in excellent condition, about 6 1/2 " tall, $15
 olde wooden bowl, about 16" across $35
 This is a old Ladle from WWII, we believe.  These were issued to soldiers with their mesh kits for collecting their drinking water, it does have the handle to hang still attached $28
 Campfire tin, $10,  wire milk carrier/holder for 4 bottles $10
 Reproduction fly screen $15
 Make a Do fly screen, one side pushed in a bit and a cutting board $12--- SOLD!

Sweet little wood basket, about 9" across, $10....

 I have 2 yellow ware bowls with the blue and pink strips... didn't even realize I had 2 in the same size...sigh sad...LOL.... This one has some chips around the top and small hair line crack on one side.... $20
 this one is in better condition, normal ware  both are 9" across...$28
 Huge and heavy enamel ware bowl, has chips around the lip and a few on the bottom, but a great bowl, I don't see a lot of them in this size about 13" across... $25
 2 enamel ware measuring pitchers... small on the left has chip in the front $8, the one on the right is a bit bigger $12
 baking tin, $6 about 10" across...
 Vintage sifter $8
Old child's jumper that has been tea stained $10....
**  Lastly if anyone lives within driving distance of the NW suburbs in IL... I have a dough box on legs for $80 and a old childs school desk for $25, but these are two heavy and big to ship... thanks
Again, please email me with any questions or more info on anything listed here,
thanks for taking a moment to peek.  Prices DO NOT INCLUDE shipping, I will figure that once someone makes a commitment to buy and I have one's shipping info, I will put DC# on each package and insurance is optional, but strongly recommended with some of these items. thanks OLM

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Seriously!  I have to stop!!!  Is there a 12 step program for primitive-a-holic's???  I really need one!

Of course I have a story, I always do! I have heard about this "barn sale" for several years...great stuff, WONDERFUL prices!  BUT, it's by invitation only...sigh....

I am good friends with Barb of the Primitive Oswald, we have never met, but talk and love each others creations.... So in our conversions, she is friends with Chris that has this barn sale each year, and scores me a invite! YIPPEE!!!!!  THE bonus is she will be there and we are finally going to met after all these years!!!! 2nd bonus, I get to go into her primitive home and lucky for you...HEHE... I can take pictures to share... now this isn't everything I took... just a sampling

I really think I need to stop for a bit... between the couple of little road trips hubby & I have taken, the barn sale in Augusta, and now this, I have got soooo many wonderful new goodies, that I am still trying to find just the prefect spot for...
BUT..... come in and visit...or in my case DROOL!
Don't forget you can click on the pictures to make them bigger.....

 So just a small teasing.... But here is Barb and I.... you can find Barb's work on Lemon Poppy Seeds under the Primitive Oswald!

 here is Chris, myself, and Barb, outside of Chris's barn...
 Her little cottage shed, ADORABLE!!!
and my goodies!  I scored a bee sting crock!  so excited!!!! I will show where I have been putting all these goodies in another post.  I have been moving things around... thinning a few of my less favorites...sigh... I have to admit... though I don't want too...sigh... I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by some of my collections, though I can't even image parting with them... There is some things here and there that I can get rid of, so I might even have a little blog sale in the future and see if any of these goodies can find good with my blogging friends... BUT for now, I think I am done "junkin" just for a bit, until I get what I want & want I will part with under control...LOL... as if that is possible! I hope everyone had a most wonderful Memorial Day!!! OLM

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope everyone has wonderful and safe Memorial Day.  Take a moment to remember why we have this day off during our BBQ's.  Every year we always have a little flag burning ceremony and remember. 

This photo is of hubby and Alex... I show it every year. One of my most favorite photo's.  Hubby is retired Air Force Reserves.  This photo was take after he came from a month long volunteer trip to the middle east during Desert Shield, the first gulf conflict, this phot was taken by the press.  With a very small only about 2 1/2 Alex. Have wonderful day! OLM

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Few of My Treasures and Textile Swap Goodies!

I just can't get my act together since hubby and I came home from our little trip to MN...UGH!....I feel like I am running around in circles, getting nothing done fast.... Well, slowly I am getting things done.  My annual flowers came while I was gone.  They are a from a Boy Scout fund raiser I started back when Alex was in scouts.  Now my nephews are in the troop and I still buy...Wonderful quality and a great cause...
So I have all my pots planted, cleaned up a bit outside... and trying to take it easy on this old crappy back! UGH!
So, when I got home last week waiting for me was a package from Michelle from  We are partners in Tammy's textile swap... I owe her a VERY late I am sorry this took me so long to share... AND, I finally have cleaned up a few of my new purchases and I am trying to find the right place for some.... This is turning into a big redo...I hate when that happens....

So first... few of the new goodies...this isn't everything... and I did get a bunch of fabric and such for my next latest creations....

 First is this adorable little old child's sewing machine!  A must have from the queen's prim shop in town!  Sitting next to my salesmen sample chair I got this past winter and tucked in is a Kimberly doll from the red cupboard. that I have had..
 Set of 3 nesting yellow ware bowls... need another set like a hole in the head...BUT, I just can't pass them up!  Dollie is a Cinnamon Creek creation...Love Dru's dolls... I have many...hehehe
 Love this old pail, got this at the barn sale in Augusta!  Couldn't believe it was still there on Sunday, perfect for my rolling pin collection!!!
 OH this... I LOVE... not happy how I put this together... I need to change this up.... but it's a old/vintage wire, ROUND dish drain!!!!  Still even has the silverware holder in the middle! This came from the barn sale as well!

Then.... From Michelle... I haven't had a chance to play with all the wonderful goodies in my package! Michelle you were so generous! Thank you!!!

 I did hang the towels off the freezer handle's in the kitchen....
Then tucked here is the little penny rug, the dough stars I put in the little pie tin and the clothes pins wrapped in homespun.  I still need to find homes for the rest...sigh... see ever enough time! Michelle,  I am hoping to get your package in the mail this week!  I am still finishing up! 
Lastly the old oil can with wood advertising wrapped around it is a "new" find from MN too!

Who knew going away for just a couple of days would set me so far behind... oh well, it is what it is.. I finally did some sewing today...I have hardly read any blogs...sigh...miss everyone!  I am hoping tonight for a bit!  I still have dusting I need to do and I just don't want to put things out... so that slows me down... oh well... Then windows... ick!!! no rest for the wicked... And I must admit I have been sucked into the fifty shades of grey book series... YIKES!  Naughty books! HEHE... I am on last book... Once I start a book I can't stand to stop until it's all done.  The way these books end... makes you go right for the next one....So glad I am on the last one!

 FYI, if anyone is interested I am going to be listing 4 of my prim dolls on my selling blog in just a bit.  If anyone might be interested in giving either, Cally, Becky, the Queen, or Lil Hazel a home, email me at I will give you prices.
Enjoy this great day! OLM

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The TOUR..... Just a few pictures....

So here is the last part of our trip... FINALLY... Few pictures of the primitive house of Kathy, owner of the Olde Homestead.... I wish I had taken more.  Her husband did all the cabinets himself... they are amazing.... I should of take a picture of the island it was painted black...looks like all little apothacary boxes, but really are drawers, amazing!

 So here is the queen in the pantry, love this idea... you can't see it, but the ovens are in here... no heating up the kitchen when company is over.... love that!
 and this... a tiny farmhouse sink, in the pantry too.... love love love this!
 shelf on the back wall.... love this style too.....
 it's my understanding her husband makes all the shelves for her collections.....
 just a hint of the island..

 love this old door for the bathroom!
 Misi, this one is for you!  Love this!!!
And this in their entry way.... I really thought I had taken more, but I think I got caught up in the moment of DROOLING!  Even my hubby was impressed with everything... so many great collections and such great woodworking!... such a treat to get to peek inside, thanks so much Kathy!  I so need to do some cleaning.... so even though it's late... I am going to give it the college try and do a few things! happy Sunday! OLM

Thursday, May 17, 2012

This & That and the Meadowview Barn Sale!!!

Here is a few more little highlights from our trip... Next post, the prim house!!  Then goodies...LOL... They are still on my counter to be cleaned up....

So most days we would go into town for breakfast!  There is a little restaurant that has been there since the 30's or 40's...and nothing as really changed.  So many wonderful goodies tucked in there...
 Here is the "QUEEN" and I in the wood booths.... don't see those anymore.... We need to eat.... shopping will be next! heheheheh
 The olde wood counter and stools.... click on the picture to make it bigger... see the old cash register in the very back, would love to have that!  Though were would I put it????
 "QUEEN" talking about something????  I had to put her in her place! YA, like that could really happen!
 I meant to take a few more pictures around her homestead... She really isn't prim, but she is country/vintage etc...She was out at rummaging sales when things were cheap and there was lots of finds to be had!'s a quick story... really it's the "QUEENS" fault for my love of everything old...Well it's my story and I am sticking to it!  See I have known the "QUEEN" since I was probably 9 or 10... See my BIL and my dad worked together at the phone company and they would always get together with another family and socialize.... I so remember their first house on Glen Echo... Loved walking into with all the old farm tools hanging on the walls!  HEY QUEEN, where are those tools now??????  It's stuck with me until I found my passion in the primitives... First was ugly goose country.... to country and then primitive... Right now I can't even image ever changing from this.... It's like a disease! LOL... So when hubby starts... I just say hey... talk to your sister!  It's all her fault!... doesn't work! LOL

OK... So look at her stove!  It's it great! it's a reproduction... All the bags 'want' it! LOL
 Then here is hubby and I Sunday morning, just after breakfast... getting ready to leave..... BECAUSE.....

We are going to stop in Augusta, Wi at the Meadowview barn sale that Kari has 2xs a year!  She was listed this year in Flea Market Finds Magazine as a place to stop & shop! 

While on bags we have found her spot in Hixton, Wi... I have go to her booth first every time!!!!  Last year her sale fell on bags and we drove and had a blast and found many treasures!!  We pushed bags back a week to attend this year... So when we planned this little trip up North, I didn't realize it fell on her sale right away...BUT once it did, I had everything crossed hoping we might be able to stop......
 Stairs up to the loft of her barn!!! 
 Hubby shopping too!  finding a few things!!!  See those who shop together stay together!!!
Here I am with Kari from Meadowview Farms!  She has a blog too....   Thanks Kari for having such a great sale!!! we had a blast stopping. visiting and finding a few new treasures!!!!  Now I must go plant more flowers.... I think I ordered too much this year?  Though can one ever have too many flowers??? OLM

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Visiting the "QUEEN" Part 1..... The Crow is HOME....

I have many things to share about just a little 4 day trip....HEHE... I haven't even take pictures of the few "goodies" I acquired yet.... Still using blogger... I have downloaded live writer, just need to learn how to use it... So here's hoping all goes well with this post.....

 So the Crow is home and NONE to happy about it! LOL!!!  Here  he is on our dash driving up to their property..... Now I will say... I maybe moved him around a bit... "hid" him here and there.... I did not steal from the "queen" like she did from me on her visit...BUT  I did leave MANY items upside down!!!! LOL
 Hubby and my BIL on the bench.... Notice the sign above!! HEHEHE...
 We were across the street peeking in the in windows of the primitive shop in town... Now she lives in a town less the 500, and she gets a prim shop.... I live in a town of 41,000+ and have to drive at least 45 minutes to one!  NOT FAIR!!! LOL
 So hubby helped his sister out on Thursday... our BIL has had 2 surgeries on his elbow & shoulder hubby rototiller their gardens... Here I am cutting up potatoes for planting....
 QUEEN driving by on their 6 wheeler.....
 One of the "QUEENS" flower beds.....
 Their new puppy ANNA, She is about 5 months old now, she still thinks she is a lap dog and hubby is humoring her....or really loving it!.....LOL
Here is one of many,many, many orioles that come to feed on her bird feeders all day long..... So this was a quick post.... much more to share.... This was just Thursday! LOL....I also was lucky to tour the owner of the primitive shop's home... I took many pictures... will be sharing a bit later.... Enjoy your day.... I am hoping to finally catch up with everyone a bit later today! OLM