Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PS... Link for the Flour Sign

Here is the link to the guy who hand painted my sign in my last post on ebay. he has a store with many, many choices! OLM

Last Stop.. Last of the Money... Gatherings of Iowa!!!!!!

I have saved the best for last??? I said it earlier, if hubby and I stopped here first.... We would of went home on our first day out and about... We would of been out of money!!! OH MY!!! ALL the PRIMITIVES!!! This is primitive HEAVEN!!! For hubby to say this shop was "pretty cool" is a big deal! Hubby thinks most of the stuff I drag home is "junk" LOL... I am blessed he humored me all week long! Never once did he say " do you need that? Where are you going to put it" yes, my hubby is a great guy! Wanda, the owner is a Doll!!!! She didn't want her picture taken....BUT, she let me take pictures for me to share with all of you! Remember you can always click on the picture to make them bigger......

OK, right off the bat... In the window... This pie safe.... SIGH... OH MY!!! I have a thing for pie safes... AND I prefer screen to tin.... I feel in love with this one... BUT sadly... I have no more room for big pieces of furniture...DOUBLE SIGH!!! Otherwise, I would be showing you this in the OLM homestead...I can't even look at it....

Right off the bat...PRIM'S everywhere... I didn't know where to look first...primitive overload!

Loved this little green farm-table... Honey, Can we add onto the house, again??? LOL

Tables.... oh my...

Looking from the upstairs down... Can you see Wanda???? Got Ya! LOL...

Broomstick as a curtain rod! Really, I should of thought of that.... What a great idea for a old broom!!!

So you might be asking by this point what did I get???? Now keep in mind we were gone almost a week.... I hide a few dollars for this shop...BUT sadly, not enough!!!!!!!! What I really was looking for was a cabinet for the front room wall... and yes.........

I found one!! YIPPEE!!! Wanda said it came out of a old train depot in IL.... go figure... back to IL it goes! I love it... Hubby hung it on Sunday for me... Took me all day to figure out how I wanted it...
So here's a close up of the goodies I put in it.... Most I had... few little trinkets I found on our travels... I love old Holiday plastic... So I decide to keep a few pieces out all year along with some of my favorite Halloween..

I also got a cool old wooden measure, I haven't put it out yet and neat old strainer.... Wanda has a blog too... you can find her at

I am still cleaning, in between coughing...still... I have been told this will last a couple of weeks? YIKES! I don't know if the back will take that.....So I don't have all my treasures in place... I will share those as I clean better...

Here's a hint of the bags that came home!!!!! This was still cheaper then Hawaii and that was what we were first talking about.....

But... I will show off one goodie that came while we were gone... Hubby hung this last night for me as well... I really want a old bread advertising sign... but OMG... the $$$ that is asked for them... very spendy to say the least... So I was playing on eBay... found a guy who paints signs.... and fell in love with this sign....I couldn't came while we were gone...

What do you think??? Love that it says "Jack o Lantern Flour" So there you have it... trip through the countryside, so to speak... few treasures along the way and some great quality time for just hubby and I.... Off to clean the kitchen...Reality SUCKS! OLM

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oh My... The Versatil Blogger Award!!

Thank you so much Lil Raggedy Angie for passing this on to me! AND...LOL...making me think all day long! I have to say I found this hard! What don't ya know about me? Will I scare ya away??? LOL.....Did you smell smoke, I was thinking hard....OK.... Here's what I came up with.... 1. This past year I gave up my diet Coke for the most part...SIGH.... I LOVE diet coke, especially out of the fountain from McDonald's....But ever since I had my gallbladder out, I have had a few issues.... I don't drink coffee on a regular basis... My coke was my coffee...sigh.... Now I drink ice tea.... doc at first said no caffeine... I was like toss me a bone here.... I need something.... So ice tea it is and it has helped..... Sucks getting old... Who ever came up with the "golden years" needs a broomstick to the head! LOL
2. I'm afraid to go into our crawl space... It's not a bad crawl space as far as they go... BUT, thanks to childhood joke from my dad, I am scared of sump pumps, they creep me out... No crawl space for me!
3. I haven't been able to wear high heals since my mid 20's...sigh... bad veins.. at that was the end of them....
4. I am allergic to bees....
5. I had a m80 blow up by my leg on the 4th of July as a kid... still have a scar.
6. I am obsessed with primitives... well really is that a secret? LOL.. several of my gal pals & I really feed off each other... IT'S VERY BAD!!! LOL
7.. Lastly I like to listen to my music VERY LOUD! I drive to loud music... You might be able to hear me coming? I love many different kinds of music, but rock n roll is in my heart. AND rap is not music! My opinion.....

Now for the hard part... again thinking all day... I am suppose to pick 10 to pass this award on too.... I just can't do it... Pick and choose that is.... I know it's breaking the rules.... So I hope if you choice to leave a comment and you haven't had the chance to do this, you will do so now. It's always so much fun getting to know each other a bit better! Have a great night.... Tomorrow... The last part of our trip! OLM

Monday, February 20, 2012

Exploring Through, Sparta, Lebanon, and Mt. Vernon Part 2

Well it's back to real life... Never can stay away long....Though I'm still fighting this cold/cough.... ugh! I have all these fun new goodies to create with. I must get back to work! I have yet to even make a bunny....OOPS!

Anyway here is part 2....few highlights of the places we visited last week! Everyone was so nice, Hubby and I had a blasting talking and visiting with everyone....

First stop was in Sparta, IL to Homestead Primitives owner is Renate. Thanks to Mary Harris giving us the info we needed to make a visit... I left a few pennies there! Renate is so lucky to have the space right on her property to have shop! That is a commute we all could love!

Few pictures inside her shop. I wasn't able to take pictures in all the shops. Some prefer you don't, so I respected their wishes.

Here's hubby being a great sport while I look around. Though he loved talking with Renate, she a spitfire, love her!

So here is Renate, got her to take a picture, though she really didn't want to... They do all of their own primitive woodwork too!

After we left there off we went to Lebanon, IL. Now we had been there years ago. I knew the primitives shops were still there along with a fabric/quilt shop. So many primitive fabric's oh my!

So it was a raining day on Wednesday.... Just love the look of Lebanon, brick streets....

Simple Country Treasures, another fun shop! Now, I have another story....HEHE.... It's a raining, gloomy day. So pretty much where ever we went, we were the only ones in the shop.... So as I am paying for my few treasures from this shop, I am looking at the gal waiting on us... I say to her " you look familiar." Do you have blog? She looks a bit surprised, but says "yes.".... I then realize, you are" the patriot homeplace!" So yes, Kimberlee Johnson that also writes for A Primitive Place waited on me! Small World!

Really we went into the Calico Moon first... I was in there a VERY long time! YIKES! The fabric! So much great primitive fabric, I was in heaven! You just can't find lots of this fabric and to have it all in one place! Let just say, I left A LOT of money in this shop!!! LOL! If I wasn't so busy buying up all the fabric, the primitive handmades, OH MY!!!! I also took a leap and got a rug hooking frame! Now I can give hooking, rug hooking that is, the right effort! I am so excited!

Then I have mentioned before and Tammy already posted about us being able to met up! What a treat! We got to walk around a great primitive shop in Mt. Vernon... They are getting ready to expand next month and will be 4xs their size in their new space, I can't image! No pictures inside, but a great shop!!!!

Hubby was our photographer for 2 gals that SO DON'T like having their pictures taken! LOL! I always say that is why I am behind the camera! LOL... BUT, I do think we took a great picture! Thanks again Tammy for taking the time to come to where we were for the visit!

So yesterday Hubby hung my new shelf..... No picture yet of that...HEHE... I am so mean, aren't I? Can you guess where I might of gotten it from? You might see a picture of it in the background on her blog..... Ok, I will tell ya.... for my next update will be all about Gatherings in Iowa! Wanda was a doll and let me take lots of pictures, and I did just that! So I thought I would do just a post about that and a Item or 2 that might of followed us home.... Now sadly, or maybe not... I have been shopping here and there all week... So funds where a bit low by the time we got to her....SIGH... At first I thought, we should of come here FIRST...BUT, no that would of been bad! I would of been broke on day one and we would of needed to turn around and go back home... OH the primitives....YIKES! I need a bigger house! LOL! So stay tuned... more to come! Have a great day! OLM

Saturday, February 18, 2012

We're Back!! Suzette is Going Home & Part one of our Trip!!!!

We're BACK!!! 1000 miles later only $13 buck left in our pockets and several shops visited! It was a good trip!!! Now, I fought a cold all week... UGH! Started coughing yesterday and I've spent most of today on the couch. SO OLM is a bit sickly, but it was so WORTH IT!!! Hubby and I had a GREAT TIME!!!! I have so much to tell you, that I will need to spread it out a bit...So I will do it over a couple of posts... AND because it's us there is a story or 2 !!!LOL....

But, first I heard her right when I walked in the door... PICK ME A NEW HOME!!! Suzette is a bit bossy.... I used random generator... there was 54 entries and the lucky number is 38!!!!! Who is the winner one might ask??? Well it's Susan from Glen Oaks Primitives... Congrats to Susan and I will be emailing you for your address!!!!! Thanks to everyone who played along, told me their favorite post and such! It was a trip down memory lane. Thanks for being such great friends!!!!

So the first part of our trip took us to Springfield. I can't believe Hubby and I have never been to our Capitol or visited Lincoln's home. Off to the Lincoln museum first, very interesting! Then off to Lincoln's home. The whole block is like stepping back into time. His home is pretty much just has he left it, when he was elected President...

Still the same colors as it was back in the 1860's. Since it was snowing and cold, we were the only ones left to tour the home, so we had our own private tour! No pictures allowed..... It's amazing how many of the Lincoln's original belonging's are still in the home! so cool, and a few I would of liked too!

Here's hubby walking around back of the home looking around. At this point we didn't know if there was tours of the home, so we were just walking around.

After the tour, we came out the back again, the outhouse if I remember correctly is not original, but is exactly how the Lincoln's would of had it.

yup, a 3 holer!!!! Oh my! Now that is sharing!

AND... Of course Hubby horsing around a bit! Always a clown! Now for our first story......

So after we leave there, we walk back to the parking garage where our car is.... When you go in, one gets a ticket. Before you pull out, you take that ticket to the machine and pay, no attendant. you will get another ticket to get out of the garage.... So I wait in the car running, after all I am not feeling great and I am cold.....BUT... hubby is not coming back, and not coming back!?!!?? I am like should I go after him? Did he get mugged??? Springfield is a big city.. but I know nothing of the crime rate.... I really should go check, just as here comes hubby... AND he doesn't look happy!?!?!?!? He comes to the car and says "he will be right back"... and I hear "He's SUCH A IDIOT".... well he had another word mixed in there... I will let you guess... LOL...BUT he won't tell me what happened.......

Once he comes back, he is pissed, but at himself...SEE... the machine has 2 slots... one for CASH, one for CREDIT CARDS... Do you want to guess which slot hubby put the credit card in??? NOT once but TWICE!!! LOL...So it ate his credit card...See he thought he had the right slot... stuck he card it, it spit it right back out...SO what does he do again??? Stick it right back in, BUT this time it kept it! UGH! AND of course the night security doesn't have the key, so we have to come back in the AM to get the card, DOUBLE UGH! (Now remember everything happens in 3's... At least I think so) I am telling him it will be fine, no one can get to it, we will get it back tomorrow. It will work out.... Bit later at the restaurant, we need a cocktail, especially the hub's! So he orders a "shaken margarita" comes in the shaker for him to pour.... Here's #2.... Does he hold the lid while he pours???? NOPE!!!! So what happens????? lid pops off and half of his cocktail is all over the table! NOW, YES I AM LAUGHING! Poor guy, at least there was still plenty to drink! In the AM, off we go to retrieve our credit card and off the southern IL we go.....He comes out all smiles, we have a few laughs... I might of teased him a bit, just a little! So we are backing out of the convention center parking lot, but before we left, hubby thought maybe, just maybe he should BACK THE CAR INTO A POLE! Now that's 3! LOL!!! thankfully, no damage, but I have teasing material for the whole trip! We had many laughs during our trip over this!!!!!

So in my next post I will show off some of our shopping and places we visited. BUT, if you would like a little teaser..... I was so lucky to have it work out to met Tammy from A Primitive Place. We were not that far from her and she was willing to drive about 45 minutes to met up for a bit, before we left for Iowa.

So here is the link to her post on our visit. Thanks Tammy! It was great to met up!!!! Walking around a primitive shop, bonus! Have a great night everyone, I am off to the couch again! OLM

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Few Extra Days to Sign up for my Giveaway...!!!!

It's a cold Saturday here in IL.... We got a bit of snow yesterday and more coming on Monday...SIGH... Now I would never complain! We have had hardly any snow all winter....BUT now that hubby and I are planning a little road trip to celebrate our we get snow???
I should be cleaning up the homestead...then I thought I am leaving 2 20 some thing's and dog for several days??!!!!! I'll wait until I come back! Truly I have not been feeling well all week... Don't know what it is, but I just feel like crap...UGH! Great time to take a trip....Hopefully this trip will cheer me up! Of course a primitive shop or 2 will for sure and time with the hubby!

Anyway... when I set up my giveaway, I didn't know we would be going away already.... So we will be gone on our anniversary, I really can't pick a winner, can I? So that gives anyone who hasn't signed up a chance to do so... Suzette is not to happy that she needs to wait a couple extra days to find out about her forever home.... OOPS... so if you want to signed up... click on her picture on the left and do so!!! I will pick a winner as soon as we get home! Then, of course... one more teasing picture of that darn crow of the "QUEENS"... It just keeps moving around!

I just never know where it will show up next! I really think he likes it here! So have a great week everyone! I will be taking pictures as we go... One thing I know for sure is, we are going to Wanda's Gathering's in IA! Oh the eye candy from her blog! I can't wait... I have a little hidden stash of $$$ for that shop! OLM

PS... I wanted to welcome my new followers! Thanks for taking a moment here and there and popping in on my humble little blog!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Selling Update... The Crow and Don't Forget My Giveaway!!!

Happy hump-day everyone! I have been a bit under the weather, so as always running behind.... Story of my life! LOL... But, I finally got my first posting up on my selling blog and I am offering FREE SHIPPING with this posting... So if you have a chance and would like to take a peek!?!?!?!?! So here is a collection of what is over there to see... OF course the "QUEEN'S " crow is protecting everything...LOL.... I have been having a bit of fun with that crow... and yes, the "QUEEN" is not happy! LOL! So that just tells me to keep going! HEHEHE!!!

I wanted to remind everyone about my 2 year blog-versary giveaway.... Ms. Suzette is excited to see where she will be traveling!!! You can click on her picture on the left to enter and read how to get a extra chance...

To everyone that have lefts comments to enter, THANK YOU!!! BUT, some also in that same comment mention your favorite post for your 2nd chance, PLEASE, YOU NEED TO LEAVE A 2nd COMMENT, for your second chance... so please do so to get that extra chance... I will be using random generator based on the number of comments left to pick the winner and I want everyone to have that extra chance if they so chose.

I will be picking the winner on hubby's and mine 25th anniversary the 14th! We are talking about taking a bit of road trip. To go out exploring IL.... See where the road takes us, maybe find a prim shop or 2...HEHE! So if you know of a great shop somewhere in IL... Let me know! Right now we are planning, I think, to Lebanon IL... We where there years ago, great little town and at some point maybe over to Gatherings in I need to think what I need to make for dinner.... UGH! I just get tired of coming up with new things....oh well.... Have a great night! OLM

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I've Created a Selling Blog.....

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am jumping in here real quick to let you know I have finally created a selling blog! YIPPEE!!! I don't know why I waited so long. It's something I should of done a while ago. Anyway the picture my dolls on the right is the link... I am hoping you will want to follow my new blog. There is no listings yet, but very soon! It is a work in progress as I get it set up to the way I would like it....But what I really need to do is super glue my butt to the chair and sew! This is the motivation I needed to do just that! It's a new month and a new chapter, I am very excited....
Oh Ya..... LOL... I bet you would like to know the blog name?? Or maybe not... but it is

Just a reminder too about my 2 year blog-versary giveaway. Details on the post below or click on Suzette's picture (the doll I am giving away)on the left to take you there.... have you noticed I finally figured out how to link with a picture... Almost embarrassed, it was so easy....SIGH! Off to draw a new bunny I thought of today... Still in this olde brain... better put it to paper before I forget about it.
Thank you again for all your support of my primitive creations! OLM