Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

WOW!.... that's all I have... here comes 2012!?!?! Ready or not....

Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe New Year! Just where has this year gone?

It's been a rough one, adjusting to mom's passing...Things the "fruit loop" sister seems to pull every couple of weeks...the back issues....and just living. No matter what I am blessed and have no reason to complain, even if it happens at times.. So here's to a wonderful 2012 and all it has to offer! So sadly I guess it's time for the "un-decorating". Now, usually I don't take my tree down until the Epiphany, the coming of the three wise men on the 6th of January....BUT...this year we have a real tree and's dry, dry, tomorrow it comes down. Even though hubby is fighting me on this....And hubby just came in from taking the outside lights down too...DOUBLE UGH! Hate it! It's sooo dark then...BUT....since we have barely had even 2 inches of snow so far...AND for outside of Chicago, that is unheard of. Timing couldn't of been better to get it down, so down it came...Though I did leave my one wire snowman with white lights out...He will stay out until February. He doesn't look "Christmasie" and then I have a bit of light out in all that dark....Then out will come more snowmen.. I like to still have a bit of winter around for a bit....PSSSSS...see my wonderful "winter white" basket from Pam??? Love this basket! And a few goodies from Mary at a primitive homeplace too!

So off to put some of the outside stuff away! Again, have a most Wonderful New Year!!! OLM

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011--just a memory now....

Happy Tuesday after Christmas everyone! I hope everyone had a most wonderful Christmas!! No matter how far behind I might of been running.... everything went well and no one was the wiser, except the piles of "stuff" dumped in the laundry room!!! LOL...

As always, building up to Christmas in my family there seems to be issues...UGH! To say I was not a happy girl on Friday would be a understatement...BUT again, in the end everything worked itself out and went great! BUT.... I did start off with a little wine! Bottoms UP! LOL AHHH...the calm before the invasion of family....LOL....

Everything in it's place, once Joey gets here, that won't be the case....she like to rearrange the front room....giggles!

Oops...out of order here... the opening of presents, Joey, William, Katie and Rosie were such a hoot! The minute Joey came, she was like..."can we open presents now???" 3 year old's at Christmas...the excitement, so much fun! Here's William's noisy sword we got him, my brother playing with it....UGH! that thing was NOISY! Glad to see that one go home! Giggles!

Knuckle's attacking the Hot Dog man!!! Merry Christmas to Knuckle's!!! Hamburg for him!

Feeding time! Steven tickling William! Love Steven's Viking hat, such a hoot! more waiting, dinner is done, Yes, we can open presents!

William getting his sword, and Joey in her new boots! Look at those faces!

Lights, flashing, and it time to go home yet? LOL

This was Rosie's toy dog, OH MY! Knuckle's thought it was for him, he wanted to play!

My Dad, Pappa getting his big, very big cigar lighter......

Katie passing out presents to everyone! They went shopping for everyone!!!!!!

Then, once the presents are opened.....sigh...the paper ball fight starts...oh the mess... I will find paper balls for quiet a while....UGH! I don't know how this started, but it has been going on for YEARS!

Christmas morning with the boys.... each got a chicken ornament... inside joke...

Steven with his new snowboard...all we need now is snow... There is not even a dusting... we have barely had 2inches so far this year...Really didn't feel like Christmas with no snow...We had rain...ICK!

Knuckle's...I don't know what got into him, but he was tearing all the boxes apart....goofy dog!

Aftermath of Knuckle's...see the snowboard box right there in front...he ripped the whole length of the box...

So there you have it...just a few highlights from Christmas at the Morgan homestead. Good times was had by all, especially the kids. Now the cleaning, taking the decoration's down... Though just not yet, I hate it once all the lights and everything are gone...It seems so stark....

I will have to show off a few new goodies next time. My GF's and I always go out the day after Christmas, not to the mall , but the smaller shops... Heaven knows I didn't need anything... No Christmas decorations were purchased, I have so much...BUT, I did get few new prims... but for another time for those! Happy New Year, wow 2012 is almost here!!! OLM

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry CHRISTMAS!!! Pictures--Surprise Box--- Oh MY!

I have been such a bad blogger.... Where did the time go???... Looking back at Thanksgiving, I thought I have PLENTY of time... I had started shopping....some decorating... ordered my Christmas cards! I am on schedule! This will not get away from me? NOT! UGH!
So what happened? I swear I woke up and lost at least a week! Everyday this week, I needed to blog! SO many THANK YOUS need to be said... sigh.....tis the season....
Oh well it is what it is.... To all my wonderful blog friends that sent me cards, THANK YOU! I was going to send some out to you this week... but what week? I am sorry! BUT... I did get some baking done...slowly, to not piss off the back. Something I didn't get to do last year, more because of the back and the herniated disc that I didn't yet know I had....anyway.....most presents are wrapped and under the tree. I have just a wee bit of running around to do tomorrow, sauce to make for the lasagna for Christmas Eve that I always make...So it's here! Merry Christmas! Have a glass of wine and enjoy! It's about the gathering of friends and family ( even if my dad won't come, ugh! won't even go into that)
So going back to Monday, hubby is out running errors with me. He does all my lifting and such, YIPPEE!!! I come home to many boxes on the porch! WHOOSERS!!!! Few Christmas presents from the "Queen" and swap box from Margie@ Hungry Hook Primitives...AND a box from Tammy @ A Primitive Place!?!?!?!?!? What???? On the box it just said "because" Oh my!!! I am surprised, Merry Christmas to me!!! LOL!!! What did I do to deserve one her "RAK" Random acts of kindness!!???? So I ripped it open and fell in love! Just look! THANKS SO MUCH TAMMY! Little note to me and a most wonderful prim doll, LOVE HER! She is sitting on my love seat in the front room right now. She is right at home! Adorable little prim plate ornie and 2 battery operated tapers, I so love these!!!! Need to buy stock in batteries, I use them everywhere! Again, Tammy, you have such a big heart! Thank you!!!!!!

Box #2, boy I am spoiled! Like I said Margie and I did a quick little swap and this is what she sent me... So love rug hooking. I have tryed it a bit. Really need to spend more time doing it. So appreciate all the time it takes to do a rug, LOVE THEM!!!

So I got not one but TWO rugs! Snowflakes for the winter and a great American one for the whole summer season! AND a bunch of wool! YIKES!!! Love it and all the creating I can do with that!!! Thanks sooooo much Margie!!!!!

So here is the home for the snowflake mat... see all the upside down letters... That is from my little "elves" that where here a couple weeks ago for the ornie exchange... still finding many things, just not right! LOL! OH the fun!!!!

Some baking today... did the cut out cookies. Every one's most favorite. Hubby's mom was the best at making cut outs.... I give it my best college try!

Alex trying to get the dough! LOL! Look at that messy kitchen! I am not a "neat" cook! HEHE!! see Knuckles HOPING for something to drop on the floor, or that Alex would share....Neither happened!

Now, just a bit of decorating.... Nothing over the top this year...

old milk can that hubby's family used on the farm to collect milk, my BIL found it in the basement of my FIL's home after he pasted away and gave it to me, love family history....

Dry sink for the winter season with a few of my snowmen... I have a weakness for snowmen!

Farm table in the kitchen for the holiday... Now, I owe Linda @ country Pickins a VERY BIG I AM SORRY! I completely forgot to show off her gingerbread ornie that I received from Amy's ornie swap. I received this a couple of weeks ago. He's right at home on the bread board.

here's my little gingerbread arrangement....

My bowl of shelf sitter elves! Just can't pass them up if I find them on the cheap side! See the super cute snowman mat that Trace @ Granny trace Scraps & Squares sent me, love him, perfect for the whole winter season!

Finally my big snowman and the corner in the gathering room with the baker's cabinet... It's hard to tell but I love the old plastic ornies with the little scenes in them... Have them all on the silver tree.... So there you have it! I could show you more...but I need to clean that kitchen. Get the dusting of flour and sugar off the flours and Joey proof my house for Saturday! Tomorrow's Friday already? Isn't it? ICK!!!

I wish for all my blogging friends a MOST WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR!!! You guys are the best!!! OLM

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Reason for the SEASON!! Silent Auction!!!

Traci over at York Mountain Primitives is doing the most wonderful thing this Christmas Holiday! Truly the reason for the SEASON!!! She has organized a silent auction for a fellow blogging friend in need! So many wonderful primitive artist's have stepped up and donated some most wonderful items to the silent auction! You HAVE TO GO LOOK!!!! Call your girlfriends, combine a bid for all the wonderful treasures and share! The auction is for all the items, one bid. No bid not considered! So treat yourself, consider putting in a bid and have some wonderful creations for future gift giving... Or like I just suggested, get a couple of gal pals together and combine to create a larger bid, maybe a bit larger???? then just one person might be able to offer, and share the items! Here's Traci's donation, one kind thought that got the ball rolling and rolling on this wonderful idea!!!
Then Lecia from Farmhouse Prims added to it...You have to go to Traci's blog to see pictures of EVERYTHING!!!!
Carol @Firecracker kid primitives....
Brenda@ The Rusty Thimble
Tammy @ A Primitive Place
Jean @ Prim crafts
Patti @ Raspberyy Lane Primitives
Teri @ White Sheep Farm
Gina @ Cat Nap Inn Primitives
Eve @ Lee hill primitives
Pamela @ our pioneer homestead
and myself
Here's the link to go visit and see all the wonderful creations and hopefully consider a bid! Let's make this a WONDERFUL Christmas for someone who needs it! OLM

VIRGINA!!! Is going HOME!

Happy Saturday everyone! We woke up to a bit of Snow FINALLY! Feels at bit like CHRISTMAS! FINALLY! So turn up your volume, listen to my favorite version of Santa Claus is coming to Town, while reading this post!HEHE...

So much to do, today, I need at least another week before Christmas, not 8 days! But Virgina has been a bit crabby! Really kinda...B$$#*y! LOL! She wants to go home for Christmas.....SO..... I used random generator...I couldn't get the picture to save...Don't know what I was doing wrong... so you guys are just going to have to "trust"me! LOL.... So I had to adjust the numbers... couple of posting had a blogger mishap and posted several times... etc... Thanks so much to everyone playing along... Those that did the extra post! I loved reading them all! So wish I could send everyone something this Holiday season...but... I know... I can't.... so here is the Magic number! 19 !!! Stephanie from Front porch Primitives!!! Virgina would like to come live with you! I will be emailing you and try to get her off to you today!!!
Now.. For just a quick meaning of the season for me! Little ONES!!! They get so excited! So much fun to buy for! My boys, well at 21 & 23...They tell ya what they want...not much of a surprise there... My mom loved Christmas and giving gifts...She was a bit over the top! My brother is the only one now that has younger kids. It saddens me that his twins where only 2 when she pasted away and won't know her.... BUT..anyway, this week I got to go see William and Joey Christmas Pageant! Oh the memories... Joey was a Angel..Though lately she behaves more like a little devil... You might be able to see her little horns holding up that Halo! LOL.. And William one of the Three Wise Men! Adorable!

For me one of the meaning of the season!

Their sisters stay home to see them at the play, Rosie and Katie the last of our clan that is NOT teenager's or older. It goes by so fast! Enjoy! Merry Christmas! OLM

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Decorating, Gathering of Friends, Linda Claus, AND don't forget VIRGINA!

WOOSZERS!!! The most busiest time of the year! Not enough hours in the day to get everything done....running, running....BUT, I took a few minutes to slow down, have a few gal pals over for my 10Th annual ornament exchange! 10 years, I can't believe I have been doing this for 10 years! So much fun, to get everyone together for a little holiday cheer before everything gets so crazy.... So this past Sunday there was 13 of us for fun and laughs and a ornament exchange! LOOK OUT! LOTS OF PICTURES OF EVERYTHING! OF course Knuckles first had to check out the packages to see if there was anything hiding in there for him. Sadly, no, not today Knuckles!

I need a bigger front room! LOL!!! Everyone is good sports and all want to gather around the tree....

So, we play the steal game... have you ever done that? Everyone draws numbers... the higher the number, the better... You can steal from someone who has already opened a "ornament" but they can't steal after they have been opened a ornament or been stolen from...That person has to pick from the unopened...Every year there seems to be one person that is stolen from multiple times! LOL.... This year my SIL in Michelle! LOL

Teri opening her gift...Sharon looking on...MMM.... my number is higher, I might want this! LOL

B.F.N. Nadine, she is married to the Hot dog man Knuckles loves so!!! Showing off her goodies... Now every year I have a "theme" I want everyone to think a bit! LOL... this year's theme "WORD" So somewhere the ornament had to have a word on it....
SIL...Michelle...opening her second box... This will be stolen too! ornies handmade from old book pages... very cleaver, Nadine!

So I like to think everyone has a great time... They leave with a ornament for their tree...and one I created too!

AND... Then there's VIRGINA!!! She is looking for a home... Don't forget to enter my giveaway by Friday... I will pick a winner Saturday morning... Go to my post below for details on how to try and make her yours, if you haven't already!

Few pictures around the homestead... This is our 1st year having a real tree for our main tree... Bit smaller then my artificial one, so that means less ornies on the tree... But it looks great, I think.....

Then Saturday I had a few surprises in the mail! OH my... Few blacken beeswax ornies and a stocking from Lil Raggedy Angie! So sweet! I love blackened beeswax! Can't get enough of it! Love it! Thanks Angie!

Also... Linda Claus sent me a gift! Look at these sweet little stitched pillows! Love them! perfect!!! Linda is a doll, and so generous with everyone in blog land with her creations! thank you Linda!!!!

Now, I have a bit of a story... Every year during my ornament exchange... it seems a few of my to do things to the homestead... The last year my mom was alive and here... she got everyone to "steal" something to see if I could tell what was missing... YES! I can tell!!! Mom loved to start trouble!

So look can click on the pictures, make them bigger to see here is a before everyone got here....

AND...AFTER... see a problem?? not really....


After!!! See it... YUP!!! SOMEONE...went around and turned many things upside down! Everywhere I look, something is upside down....Last year...gingerbread confetti everywhere... I actually still finding it in places... Got to love friends! They are the best!!

Gift from Shelia from country impressions... Love it!!! Thanks Shelia!

Back corner in the kitchen.... see some little pillows....

Display of blacken beeswax....AND my bonus bowl of goodies from Angie!

So I have more to share... but I will save that for another time. Still have lots I should be doing today. I am getting there slowly!

Don't' for get about Virgina! She wants a new home for this Holiday season... I don't know why, she doesn't like it here! OLM