Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sneek Peak! Do Ya want to See the First Winter Creations!

What a day we are having here! I can't believe I am inside creating snowmen! Really, it's like 70 here today! We had some rain this morning but that has cleared off... So here it is the 25Th of the October, and 70 degrees, WOW!! I still have geraniums and morning glories blooming!!!!
But... OLM must finally get a start on her holiday creating... I am SOOOOO behind schedule here... Gone 5 days on my girls trip.... coming home and getting sick for 10 days, UGH..... Holiday open house at Poppy Seeds in Genoa in 10 days.... My fingers are going to be sore for sure!!! I have been getting a bunch of painting done outside...but no details done on anything until today! So here is my first new OLM original designs for the season! Love the snowman head with the old pipe!!! So what should I name him??? Then the 2 snowmen dolls... I have 3 more sets of "parts" to be put together for a total of 5 of these guys, then that will be it for them and onto something different... I am also working on my ornaments for the ornament exchange I am hosting... I have even gotten a couple boxes!!! Loving them all! So for everyone that as signed up..... time is closing in on getting them to me too! YIKES!!! Everything is coming fast!!!
So off to finish a few more goodies! enjoy your day! OLM

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Getting to Know Me.....

This has been popping up... so much fun to read every one's posts... Some are so cleaver... with pictures and all.....No pictures here...Just getting to know me.... A- Z..... Be careful what ya ask for! LOL.....

A. Age.... 46 and counting....

B. Bed... Queen with memory foam on top... Old Farm door for a headboard.

C. Chores I hate...ALL OF THEM!!! Haven't you heard housework makes you UGLY! AND I torn my first disc in my back cleaning a toilet! YES A TOILET!!!

D. Dog... Sir Knuckles... he rules the roost here!

E. Essential start to my day... I have to walk Knuckles first thing.. I told ya he rules the roost!

F. Favorite color...MMM... Really all the colors of fall, I am drawn to them all year long!

G. Gold or Silver... Gold.....

H. Height.... 5.6" don't' ask weight!!!

Job.... Keeper of all things Prim! crafter, MOM, Wife, Auntie, friend

K. Kids.... 2, Alex 23, Steven 21

L. Live in Bartlett, IL most of my life....

M. Make of car.... 2008 Ford Edge

N. Nickname... Well.... Olde Lady Morgan.... Princess by the hubby... bitch to some... see I said it...LOL...

O.. Overnight hospital stays... With both boys and after my gallbladder was taken out...It appears I don't wake up well.....UGH!

P.. Pet Peeve... really cell phones... How did we live with out them?? Yet they have made us rude! Really, what is so important that you have to talk on the top of your lungs in Target?

Q. Quote... " I want my $2 dollars" from Better Off Dead. I love John Cusak movie's, this is one from the 80's cracks me up everytime... Then from Winnie the Pooh... I am a bear of little brain, and THINK, THINK, THINK!!! Love Pooh!

R. right or left...Right handed....

S. Siblings... I am the oldest, then my brother and then the fruit loop sister...

T.. TV shows.... Love Castle...Parenthood...One Life to Live...PanAm....How I met your Mother......yes, I like to watch TV....

U. Underwear..YES... Comfy.

V.. Veggies I hate.... beets...Brussels sprouts...Lima beans, ICK!

X.. rays... so many when the gallbladder was going bad... Ever have a Hyda Scan? You have to walk around with a card saying you are radioactive for 24+ hours! FUN!

Y. Yummy Food I make... I must say I am a good cook... I think the boys would say almost everything I make is YUMMY!

Z. Zoo Animals... I love Koala Bears!

Misi asks what scares us??? MMMM... I could say snakes, the sump pump monster, thanks Dad! But really I am scared to death of getting cancer....

Pam Listed 5 things we didn't know about her... Here's mine...

1. I have a wicked sense of humor, love a dirty joke.

2. I have a degree in retail management and marketing. After I closed my little shop I worked for Starbucks until that first disc injury and I was told I couldn't do that kind of work anymore...sigh... that was 8+ years ago...

3. I have been known to talk like a truck driver from time to time and have a bad temper that doesn't come out often...but when it does...look out!

4. I broke my nose 2 years ago after starting prep for a colonscopy.... Leave it to me to pass out and fall off the "LOO" You can laugh now!

5. Hubby and I became engaged after knowing each other one month! Most thought it wouldn't last... 24 years and counting!

There you have it! OLM

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Display Chain-- Autunn at the Table

Misi has us working for this one! Love it! Gets the old brain cells thinking in this olde brain! Autumn at the table... So come on over have some hot apple cider with a bit of rum and some homemade pumpkin bread. One of my favorite things to bake in the fall.... Today is a perfect day for something warm, fresh pumpkin bread out of the oven.... Only I baked the bread Sunday... Hoping this loaf would last... Dare boys..... woke up this morning to it already cut into....oh well....

I am not completely sure where this recipe came from. It is my favorite of all pumpkin bread recipes and it makes A LOT!!! 3 loafs! Or one 13x9 and one loaf pan.....

Preheat your oven at 350...baking time approx. 1 hour....

3 1/3 cups flour

3 cups sugar

2 tsp. baking soda

1 tsp cinnamon

1 1/2 tsp nutmeg

1 cup oil

4 eggs

2/3 cup water

2 cups canned pumpkin

Grease 3 loaf pans.... Sift all dry ingredints together in your mixing bowl. Make a well in the middle. Add remaing ingredients and mix until smooth. Pour into pans and bake until a toothpick comes out clean! Enjoy!

This has been one busy day... I will visit everyone else's and collect wonderful recipes a bit later. OLM

Saturday, October 15, 2011

So Do You Want to See a Few of the Treasures???

I am finely feeling a bit better today... Not a 100%, but enough to look around and see I need to clean AND finally play with a few of my new treasures from my trip last week!!! How is it a week has already past????
So this isn't everything...sigh... scary..... I did get a bunch of vintage stuff to go with my doll creations... So I am not going to show you all of that.... Though, Maggie in the previous post... Her dress is made from a piece of vintage fabric or curtain that I got... Wish I had more......

Anyway.... We went to Yore Country Home in Gotham, WI.... I got this sweet colonial lamp... thought it would look great on top of my pie safe.....

I think it fits right in......I can tell hubby I have "always" had it! Giggles!!!!!

This new table square in Tomah, it's Family Heirloom... Had never seen this pattern before... perfect for the blue and yellow kitchen... I love that it's 2 layers, so it's reversible!!!!

Few more goodies... several the FHW squares, love them... great tucking here and there, and they are CHEAP!!! So one can get too many???? Also, a couple of fun tinsel garlands, thinking ahead to....well...you know... I don't want to say it yet!!!!!

Great old tote... I have some thoughts for this... sometimes it's so hard to use totes just right...So I might not put it out until after....well....you know..... Then there's that sweet little child's toy stove... one of my "fave's".... I have collected several vintage child/doll house size goodies... I need to find the "perfect" stop for a little display..... Then the vintage plastic Santa in the sleigh....

Great little crock pitcher... super sweet.... not sure where that's going yet..... I have been cleaning.. collecting up a couple of "items" to thin out just a BIT.... that will go to the shop to sell....Never easy to part with anything... But as my taste changes and leans more primitive... there are things that just aren't my "fave's" anymore... I am so lucky to have a outlet to sell them at.....anyway.... you don't need the details on that stuff....lol..

AND THEN THERE IS THIS....Are you ready!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!

YUP! My Lamp!!! I love it!!! It is just what I was looking for!!! it's PERFECT!!! Love, Love, Love it!!!!!

So there is more little stuff... some old buggy wheels to do something with....Several presents bought for...well... you know....Couple of little enamelware pieces... one was a little strainer spoon, and a little measuring cup that measures tsp & tblsp.. .... So there you have it... This is how I managed to spend all my money! So I would call that a good trip! Off to clean up a bit more...then really, I need to start crafting, I am SO far behind...for...well you know! OLM

Friday, October 14, 2011

Selling the PRIMS girls........

Just jumping in real quick tonight! Hope all is well! I have to say this cold has really knocked me on my butt! UGH!!! Starting to feel a bit better today, BUT... now coughing and that is not good for the back..UGH! OH well.... it is what it is.....

BUT, I have decided to sell the girls that are in the PRIMS magazine if anyone is interested. They are listed up on www.lemonpoppyseeds.com . They will be missed, but deserve good homes if anyone is interested....... Here is my lastest creations that will be up on www.simplyprimitives.com tonight as well...

Here is Joey Madeline... She is named after my Goddaughter... inspired by her "antics"... like getting into mom's jewelry box!

Here is poor little Maggie, also caught by her mom with her school paints...BUT she painted her hands like the turkeys they make in school! Mom is not happy! You can click on the pictures to make them bigger and see the details... She is on simply primitives as well! I love her...hubby can't stop laughing at her....so she must be prim! Have a great weekend everyone! I will show my new treasures next week and get them all set up in their new homes! OLM

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Few Pictures That Can be SHOWN!

It's another wonderful day here in IL!!!! All is going to change, rain is coming and a end to our above average temperatures....It's been a great run! It also made for wonderful weather for the "bags" trip! Still feeling crappy today, but a small price to pay for a great girls trip!!!! The "official" bag mobile! Fits all 6 of us and holds many, many goodies!!!! What will the bags do if Kathy says we are not able to use it anymore.....
So Thursday we back tracked at bit to Gotham Wi... To YORE country home! Oh my! 4000+ square feet of primitive HEAVEN!!!

They were starting to get ready a bit for Christmas...Now there is a ugly word?!?!!?

I want that chair!!!!

Here I am goofing off, of course..... right outside the shop... Later this week I will share all my goodies...once they are cleaned up and found a new home..... Did I mention I left 3 men and a dog alone for 5 days????

OK... Wednesday Afternoon we all met in Tomah, WI... At the Marketplace, another wonderful shop! We even went back on the way home on Sunday to give them the last of our money!!! Come home with money!?!!?!? PLEASE!

So there is a story with the "red truck" it's a "bags" thing! and the shut up, a joke between me and the "Queen"... On the back it said "dethrone the Queen"....hehehe... not really...

Queen and Darla always show up with some type of getup.... Look at those wigs and they are not afraid to come into the shop and shop with them!!! Such a HOOT!!!

Many jokes take place.... Queen duct taped to her bed.... HEHEHE!!! Rubber coach roaches everywhere.... rubber mice.....candy cigarettes.... these are the things I can tell you about....grown women acting like children!!!! It is wonderful!!

Saturday we went to Augusta Wi, to the meadow view barn sale!!! OMG!!! this was WONDERFUL!!! So many goodies, and at WONDERFUL prices too!!!!!

Darla already with something I wanted.... missed out! sigh! can't have everything! I should of stole it! Like that hasn't been done before too! Don't worry we always give it back, in time!

Queen going up the stairs to the sale... great idea for old license plates!

So, they have baskets lined up to hold your "goodies" while you continue to shop... I told them to put Olde Lady Morgan on the tag! I love these girls!!! They were like no way! you are a sweet young thing!!!! Boy I had them snowed!

Kari, the owner what a sweetheart! Took a few moments from her busy day take a few pictures of all of us together!!!

Bags and boxes of goodies being collected!!!!

Here we area outside the Hixton Wi antique mall.... they are going through my bags... they wanted that sweet little child's toy stove....lucky for me, it was still in my bags once I got home!

So there you have it... a quick peek into the "bags" trip! So many goodies... BUT more importantly, great friends, wonderful laughs! Great memories! OLM

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Display Chain! YUP I'm back!!!!

Fall foliage, oh my favorite part of fall.... I could of posted picture after picture!!!! What is it about fall???
Misi has us thinking in our month long theme's for fall. If you haven't seen Misi's blog, stop by over at www.1890gablehousemusing.blogspot.com, you will love her blog!!! So as so many of you know, I was gone on my "bags" trip last week! Great time, oh some wonderful color! I took many pictures that I wanted to share, but blogger wasn't up loading my picture's...sigh... so just a tease!! I will post more about my trip throughout the week! I will just say we had a great time and I came home with NO money! HEHEHEHE

I really don't know where we were at...some back road outside of La Crosse.... Of course in a car full of women, someone had to go... Darla said, nicest outhouse she has ever been in! And such a great back drop!

I was shocked yesterday at the change in just a couple of days around home! So many trees turned and dropped their leaves while I was gone! I so love the smells of fall! Love walking through the fallen leaves! Yes, I am a dork! LOL....

Neighbor's yard.....

Another neighbor's tree..... We don't have a big tree out front anymore...remember fell down went BOOM on Hubby's truck in June.... and the trees in our backyard not turning yet....

Yes, I have walked through these a couple of times already! HEHE!!! Have a great fall day! I am off to rest a bit, came home with a cold...UGH! OLM

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Display Chain!!!

It's week 2 in Misi's month long fall theme's for the display chain! This week... Pick your color, chose 2... black, orange, green, or white.... One display...... So I thought about this all week... looked around... what did I want to do...??? Trying to plan ahead a bit... I am leaving bright and early tomorrow.... So I was trying... again...trying! to be organized!!! So.... Here it is.... BUT.... really I have all 4 colors in one display!!! ??? Did I break the rules... or get bonus points??? HEHEHE.... just kidding....

I was hoping this would of turned out better last night... Top of my pie safe in kitchen... I have a little "white" tree I got a couple of years ago...Love it... I leave it out all year, change it up for the season's along with the lights....So the orange lights not showing up as nice as I hoped....

So here it is in the daylight.... few witches tucked in both "green" and "black"....

Orange goofy Jack... I have said it before, I really don't keep my own work... Much rather have someone elses. Why I don't know..... BUT this guy spoke to me... so I kept him!

Then the far end of the pie safe... Love this little child's chair I found this summer!!! So it's a simply display... many of my favorites and all the most perfect colors of fall!!!

I also wanted to thank everyone for all their WONDERFUL comments they left about my dolls being published in PRIMS magazine! It meant so much, thank you! I didn't realize how bitter sweet it would be with mom gone. BUT that's life and I know she was smiling!

So on that note.... I am OUT OF HERE!!!! Bright and early tomorrow morning! Meeting the "QUEEN" and Darla in Tomah, WI!!!! Looks like we will have wonderful weather! I am sure I will have a few stories to share... and a few that I can't!!! LOL!!!

Here we all are last year in the Marketplace in Tomah....

Our Jacket... we always add something every year that happened on the trip.... Only time will tell what that will be this year! So pictures and goodies to share next week! EVERYONE! have a wonderful week! OLM

Saturday, October 1, 2011

OMG!!!! Got IT!!! FINALLY!

WOOSZERS! Two posts in one day!!!! BUT I had to share!!!! FINALLY! I got my PRIMS magazines! Don't know where the first set went.... BUT here it is!!! YIPPEE!!! Did ya hear me scream in excitement at the my postal gal??? Hubby claims I laid a egg in the front yard... from excitement...Funny, funny man???!?!!?!?!? I have to say I have had only a couple minutes to go through the magazine... So much to see! I will read it cover to cover tonight! I like to read before I go to sleep!!!
I am so HONORED and BLESSED to be a part of this! To think a few of my "goofy" gals as hubby would say, made it into the magazine... AND after reading the letter to the editor and all the dolls on "hold" waiting to get in...I am lucky to have made the cut! I was part of that "hold" this has been almost a year in the making...to the day... when I was contacted to send the dolls to be juried. WOW! It was one of the last "fun" things I told my mom before she passed away, that I was going to be in the magazine... Thought of her today, wish I would of been able to share this with her....sigh....

OOPS... I have never had that happen before... sideways... sorry about that!

Thanks so much for peeking... Now decisions on what to do with the "gals" I have already sold Libby... to Robin at the Cranky Old Crow... Do I keep them or send them off to other homes??? Decisions.....

If you love all things primitive... It's not always the easiest magazine to find on the newsstands, and a bit spendy at $15... but so wonderfully put together and so much eye candy! Worth every penny! Happy DAY! OLM

Happy October! Few pictures... 5 DAYS TO BAGS!!!!

WHAT a BEAUTIFUL! DAY!!! FINALLY! Sun is out finally... very few clouds in the sky! NO RAIN!!! After 6 days of rain, finally a much needed break!
I spent some time finishing up my fall /Halloween decorating... cleaning after the STY called pumpkin creating... OOPS... already made new messes... Why even bother??? I always start a new mess.....
So a quick tour of a few area's in OLM's homestead....then it's off to create a few snowmen and I have a idea for a Angel....better do it before I forget! Oh this brain....... My little farm table that acts as a coffee table...Mom's baby doll... the picture is my mom as a young girl receiving this doll for Christmas! How much fun is that... just found this picture a little bit ago.....WONDERFUL penny rug from Karen, from My Colonial Home... And a pumpkin made from turkey hollow folk art....

Top of the pie safe in the front room......

I have a thing for tables I think.... another little table in the front room.... I painted the lantern many years ago.....

Look at the pumpkin doll!?!?!?!?! LOVE HIM! I was lucky enough to get him off eBay from Kimberly at the red cupboard!!! Little witch is from Dru at cinnamon creek....(see a pattern here... I don't keep my own work...)

This is where I finally hung the wasp's nest... Love this thing... Hubby thinks I'm nuts... So what else is new???? Told him last night there are some that would of paid a lot money for a nest like this!!!! He told me to sell it! LOL

Few dolls from my gal pal Barb from the primitive oswald! Have you see PRIMS magazine yet??? Her doll is on the cover!!!!!! Waiting for mine.. GETTING MAD! I am in there... 4 pages I heard!?!?!?!?!! UGH! Supposedly my magazines are lost... they are sending new ones! OK, just going to say it...DAMN!

I spy the little stitchery done by Pam at baskets n prims.....

Love that green witch... Becky from primitive n stitches made that for me in swap!

OH YES!!!! The count down has began!!!! 5 days to our annual "bags are loaded" trip!!!! Why do we call ourselves "bags"... not sure.. Queen a little help here??? How did that start... I know it means are bags are packed and ready to go!!! anything else???? Look at happy hour! Can't wait! I have to say thanks to everyone that gave a pumpkin a good home this fall! you should know I will spend that money well on BAGS!!!! HEHEHEEHHE

Here's the mess before "bags" collecting a few things that need to go! you can bet the "QUEEN" is looking at this.. blowing up this picture up to see all that I am bringing, and what little tricks might be hiding there there! yes there is orange duct tape QUEEN! We have to keep her in line some how! LOL!
So if you see me in Wi..next week... look the other way! LOL... grown women shouldn't---- well yes they should ---behave this way! OLM