Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm still here...Look what I received TODAY!!! YIIPPEE

Finally got the computer back early in the week, verdict, 3 viruses. UGH, how this crap gets through the computer protection or the fact one has to worry about to say the least. Then, I have been trying to be a good girl and rest, UGH! I received my 2ND round of joint injections in the good old back on Monday... Rest for a couple of days. It's still feeling pretty good, some pain coming back, but no where near what it was so far! on the 17Th I go back and talk about burning the nerve ending in the place an HOPEFULLY it will make me pain free.... Just a scary thought to kill the nerve ending in one part of your back..... BUT Look what I got in the mail today!!!!! Didn't see this coming yet! What a fun surprise!!! I haven't had a chance to go through everything, but I did I SPY Robyn from Primlish in a picture!!! Robyn, your famous!!!!

Image, I open right up to a kitchen with wood counters!!! makes my heart skip a beat, oh someday!!!

Received a goodie package from Mandy over at Bittersweet Folkart Primitives. I had won in her giveaway! A yummy room spray and a great prim pattern! Thanks, Mandy! I am working on her new Uncle Sam Doll, I have 2 done and 2 more to go.....

I ordered a candle and tarts from Misi at the 1890 gable house. Love the smells, then I also won the drawing from the Tuesday display chain, so bonus candle! Love them, Thanks, Misi!!!

Then finally Thursday was out dropping few things off at the shop and such. Stopped in the antique shop in Genoa, found this great old jar.....YEAH I know, I really didn't need another old jar, but look at that shape?!!?!?!? So different! Filled it with some prim strawberries for summer.... Summer, it will come soon??Right??? even if we didn't get a Spring???

FINALLY, this week, my Tulips opened up...Still amazed they survived the construct over a year ago and made it...they are right at the edge of the new patio...So nice to see some color.

To my amazement today, Bleeding hearts! Not near as big the last couple of years, but we have been so cold...

Then still waiting.... hard to tell, but the buds are there in the weeping cherry tree. Thought it would of opened up by now, but soon????? Probably this week when we leave. Hubby and I taking a little road trip up the the Queen in MN. Boys staying home with Knuckles. Just a quick trip to take something to my BIL that he purchased off Craig's List down here. We picked it up and he's to excited to wait, LOL, so we will go up for a couple of days...Maybe hit a few antique shops along the way!

Had a great visit with a GF from High School, Kathy is the only one I still talk with from HS.. Haven't seen each other in a couple of years. had a few good laughs! Much need laughs! So important to laugh. I have forgotten that lately, so thanks Kathy! Off to read Primitive Place cover to cover! Really I vote for this to go monthly!!!! OLM

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter & I will be MIA for a few days

First I just want to wish everyone a wonderful Easter!!! We are FINALLY having some sunshine and it has improved my mood greatly!!! The boost I needed!

What has wrecked my mood is the computer virus on our computer! UGH!!! What is wrong with people, why do they created this shit??? Image what they could really be doing with their talents??? UGH!!! So anyway, the computer has to go into the shop... I am on my son's computer so I won't be doing much on this one... I will be back as soon as it's fixed! OLM

Friday, April 22, 2011

My winnings & A wonderful giveaway go......

Well Happy Friday??? UGH, raining all day, gloomy, so sunshine, AGAIN! At least no snow! The SIL up North is getting snow again! (that better stop since we are going for a visit soon)

So first I have been meaning to tell everyone about the wonderful giveaway Becky is doing over at, then I get side tracked, you know, the family crap, life, and truly I haven't been feeling that great... I really think I need Spring to finally SPRING! Anyway Hope over to Becky's and enter her wonderful giveaway, one the goodies is this wonderful little prim doll! She is picking a winner or winners on Monday, her mom's b-day! I am a big fan of Dru's work over at Cinnamon Creek Cabin! I am always waiting for her next update for items and I follow her on FB..... So about 10 days ago she had a update. We were suppose to lose power, so I just powered off the computer for the day. UGH! never lost power, then realized I missed her sale and of course everything was sold! I was so bummed! Then on FB she was having a drawing for one of her wonderful little bunnies... What the heck, I entered... out of 253, I won!!! YIPPEE!!! I never win anything, but here lately I have won over at the wooden acorn, primitive pantry(I'll show that off when i receive it) and Dru! Then I see today that I won surprise over at Bittersweetfolkart primitives!! I'll show that surprise too once it comes)I am one lucky girl lately!!! WHOOHOO!!!! Yes, I even got a lottery ticket today! LOL

So here's the box from Dru cute is the packing, old book pages...

Love the bunny, well love it all! Couple of great prim cards and the little eggs in a nest of faux!!!

This guy is just the cutest little thing! I am lucky to have 2 of Dru's bears, he's going to visit them!!!

I just love getting a fun little box in the mail! The perfect pick me up! I needed it... It's been a couple tough weeks. Won't go into that "stuff" but... family sometimes....UGH, it just shouldn't be this way!

On that note enjoy the day, I hope you got sun shine today! OLM

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Display Chain, favorite Walls

YIPPEE, Tuesday display chain! It always gets the rat on the wheel in the good olde brain thinkin!!! Misi, thank you for all you do with keeping this chain up!!! So I thought and thought.. It all goes back to these walls....
I have talked about the addition we did just over a year ago. What a difference it made in our lives and living in this humble little homestead! We kick ourselves that we waited so long to do it...but well, there kids growing up and expenses, life, I been blessed that I could stay home so scarifies had to be made.....Anyway just over a year ago, we gave some thought to moving, found at first glance what looked like a great home( I am sure it was) BUT, then mom was diagnosed with the "C" and she asked me not move... I was only 6 blocks from her.....So I had a brain fart walking Knuckles, REALLY, I could never take knuckles away from the hot dog man in the end! We are blessed with WONDERFUL neighbors and friends.....So lets add on....Our eating area for our kitchen truly barely hold a table... I would like to met the man that design this kitchen and kick him in the A$$!!!!!! OK, enough on the story.... Oh, nothing grand, just a 10x10 addition......

Oh the day these walls went up!!! YIPPEE!!!!! Open a bottle of wine!!!! It is a beautiful sight!!!

A little out of order here.... This is the old eating area... now just a prim perfect display area for me to play!!! This is from last summer.... I am always changing it up!

Right after the drywall went up... Bless hubby!! I wanted to make sure there was room for this pie safe. It was down in a corner in the gathering room before it was done... Really didn't have a good space for it... was thinking I was going to have to sell it... NOPE... made sure it would fit in the new eating area! So here was the quick peek, now back down it goes until the rest of the work was done........loving these walls!

How much more comfortable these walls have made living here.... Entertaining so much more pleasant... This past Festivus party in January.

Again, out of order.. right after the floor was finished, brought in the new rug that had been sitting in my car for weeks...Knuckles laid himself down, right at home. Finally, I can walk over here!!!

These walls were used for the product shoot for Country Sampler in November... Here is their work, waiting for the picture to be taken....(this picture was in the march issue, as was Knuckles!!)

AHHH... here is these walls, this AM...a little dark as we are getting rain and storms today! As long as it is not SNOW!!!

Yup, just a little space with 4 walls, can change everything!

My favorite grouping!! yes, friends gather here! No fruit Loop's allowed!!!! LOL... Oops... said that in my outside blog voice! OLM

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sorry I've been MIA...Swap goodies & More

Wow, What a crazy 10 days... I haven't been on much.. quick peek and off. SO please forgive me for not visiting out in blog land..So much going on... Some family crap, won't go into it, but the Fruit Loop sister is at it again... WHY??? Grow UP! Then Steven turned 21last week, my baby, I know I posted about that, but Last Saturday night, hubby and Alex, my Brother took him out for a "few drinks" YIKES! A good time was had by all, and poor Steven had to get up for a work review at 8AM..... So here is Alex and Steven about 1AM bring him home... he is a entertaining drunk! Is that appropriate to say??? They were all smart about it and fun was had by all and a few video's for later on!!! Then I need to get updates done for Lemon Poppy Seeds and Simply Primitives.....
So I thought I would share a few things I got done... Here is my civil war/slave doll I created..
made a few more Damn it Dolls! Everyone needs one of these guys... Actually I need to beat the fruit loop with one! LOL...So the little poem goes... When things aren't going as they should and you just want to scream and shout! Here's a little doll you just can't live without! Grab it firmly by the legs, find a place to slam it and as you beat the living stuffing out of it, SCREAM DAMMIT, DAMMIT, DAMMIT!!!!
These gals are a OLM original design, MammaY......

Then Thursday was the Orthopaedic doc... they are happy with the results of the shoots..Happy there was 2 days of relief.... So more shoots, a week from today....

Then Friday was my first time working at the new prim shop Primitive Chick where I am selling some antique's and primitive creations. Had a blast, though back was sore...oh well, same song just a different verse....BUT a whole day with so many antiques to look at... What are the odds I wouldn't come home with something....Now I would love to say I showed self control... BUT of course I DID NOT!!!

Just had to have this great little farm table.. a Perfect coffee table... So out is the cute round table and this I think is such a better fit!!! I am lovin it!!!
And these... OMG! Love them! Child's play telephone's... Like the ones we would make as a kids with cups and string.. except these are made from tin, yes I think I needed them!LOL
Oh, this was waiting for me, a tobacco basket made by Pam over at primitives and baskets! So have been wanting one of these guys!! I hung it in the kitchen!!!! Thanks Pam!!!
Then, this is what we woke up too.... snow... now by the time I took this picture most had melted, but seriously, MORE SNOW!!! Give me a break, where the He$$ is spring???
Oh yes, then today I received a great swap box from Angie over at sna primitives and crafts. We were partners in Char's spring swap.....
(OOPS... so don't look at the stain on the table square... didn't realize that was there from this Saturday's 21st B-day party for Steven..see no rest for the wicked!)....Anyway look at my wonderful goodies... Super prim bunny, giant prim carrot and love the fake tobacco leaves made from muslin!! Note pad, kitchen towel and some candy for the back side! LOL! I've craving some sweets lately so that is perfect!
Long black socks, I will hang them from the blanket crane and great framed bunny stitchery!
So there you have it! It's been a crazy, busy, family drama, I need a nap time! Oh well, if I had nothing to do, I suppose I would be bored??? Off to watch dancing with the stars! Here's hoping the bunny goes home this week! OLM

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Flowers and Furry ones... Last step in the HUNT!!!

I wanted to say first I am sorry for being MIA yesterday on the Tuesday display chain. I was having one of those days... Then we were suppose to lose power for several hours while ComEd updated some old equipment. So I powered down the computer and never lost power... Go figure.... Completely forgot with the computer off that Dru over at Cinnamon Creek was having a picture trail sale with some of her prim's! Oh I so love her creations! So by the time I remembered, of course everything sold... Oh well.... Saw that she was doing a giving away on FB... so I entered... AND THIS AM.... got a email from Dru saying out of 253 entries, I WON!!!! I am SOOOO EXCITED!!! It's been a crappy couple of days with some family crap, so this was a wonderful surprise! I will be sure to show my goodies when I get it!!!! So last week Misi emailed me, said I am in the drawing and I should post pictures... So here I go.... Just a few to show off...... Misi, thank you so much for all you do with the Display Chain and the scavenger hunt! This has been so much fun!
My first Daffodils that opened up a couple of days ago, FINALLY!
And these little guys. These came from one of the "bags" a couple of years ago.... So when we see them in the Spring we thing of Bags!... Though I can't believe all the weeds already, UGH!!

Oh, the furry one! For us that is Knuckles. He's really my new baby! LOL... Well... not new, he has been with us now just over 3 years. We are not sure quite how old he was when we brought him home from the shelter... We are thinking he was about a year old....(loved that blue floor... but when we did the addition we couldn't get more of we had to put in a whole different floor..though love the new one too)
So here he is shortly after he came to us... before so many hot dogs from the hot dog man! He seems so tiny here.....Look at that face! Hard to believe he was sitting in a shelter for over 2months until we came along.....He is very loved!
OOPS! My dirty little secret... here's how the dishes get cleaned in our home! LOL... not really, but when knuckles hears the dishwasher open, he comes running, yes I let him lick the dishes... Though one time, his collar got caught on the wire... Freaked him out... he went running, took the whole tray of dishes with him! Amazing nothing broke... BUT he did not go near the dishwasher for about 6 months after that!! HEHE
One of my favorite pictures! The first fall we had him, I was out raking the leaves. Went inside for something, only to come out and find him playing in the leaves... He was like a little 2 year old playing...He has never done it again...:(

Do you see that ugly tile????LOL... before the gathering room was gutted and remodeled....Boy it really was a UGLY room! BUT there is Knuckles, looking at the carnage he created! Oh he loves his toys... Every time I come home from shopping he sticks his whole face in every bag looking for a new toy... Now he plays nice for awhile... BUT at some point this happens... Then he lays in the mess oh so proud! So there you have it.......

PS... I have noticed several new followers... WELCOME! I am always surprised that so many like reading my humble little blog...Might be time to start thinking of a giveaway... I will see what I can come up with and maybe once I hit say 175... I will have one! Have a great night! OLM

Saturday, April 9, 2011

This is so me and so you Swap Goodies!

Well, hubby comes this AM...What are you getting now??? That means only one thing John the mailman was in the driveway and hubby had a box for me!!! YEAH!!! I participated in Tammy's"it's so me, this is so you swap"! I was paired up with Mary over at! I have had a great time getting to know her and oh the wonderful goodies she created for me!!!
This is the first thing I opened, OMG!!! Love it! The details... Look at the little mouse popping out of the watermelon!
I also received a great mammy doll! Love her!! Some sweets for the sweet tooth and butt! HEHE.. and some great smelling tarts!!!
Close up of mammy holding her loaf of bread...the great little details.. she even has oven mitts!
Close up of the watermelon hanging with the cats and mice! a HOOT!
Hung it on the back of my front door for now... Don't like it there... kinda hidden. Must find a new home for these guys....
Here's mammy sitting on her own chair in the kitchen.... can you see MASH on the TV in back ground???OOPS

Mary thank you so much for my wonderful goodies, I will give them a most wonderful prim home!!!

Off to rest now... Kinda had a pitty party for myself this afternoon.... Shots....maybe not working as great as I hoped...Oh well, it is what it is, only means I will be getting more......OLM