Sunday, February 27, 2011

Proud day!!!!

Two years and eight months ago my baby started college. Only 5 short weeks after graduating from High School. He went year around, only getting 2, two week breaks a year. A long hard road. Off this AM to see Steven graduate from college. Hard to imagine that he is done, welcome to the real world. Steven won't even be 21 for 5 weeks! We are very proud!

So in true Steven form, not to crazy about pictures, goofing off bright and early this morning! There he is walking across the stage. Really missed this, to busy trying to get the picture....
Steven with my Brother Matt, Aunt Michelle, Katie and Rosie. Their twins stayed home for this part.....

Our Family...

The car ride home, tired boy! LOL.... Well on our way to the restaurant!

We are beat! Long exciting day! Time for jammies! Thanks for letting me brag! OLM

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I feel I should explain...????

So I was over visiting Misi at the 1890 gable house musings! YEAH! She liked my idea for a display chain and it will be next weeks theme!!! Though she mentioned something when chatting about me....nothing bad at all....BUT it did leave me thinking, I needed to explain, again......I did it a long time ago, when I first started blogging and maybe had 3 or 4 followers....I should of thought of it before.... Some might have a question or 2??? LOL...So are you wondering were I am going with this???? Ok, my name" Olde Lady Morgan"How did I come up with this name? why? WELL there's a story of how this name was given to me, and to almost everyone now I am "olde lady Morgan," YES even if I am not that old...But what is old really but a number??? Though I want to state with most of my friends I am the YOUNGEST!!! LOL......

So here it goes, I talk from time to time about my girls trip each fall....We call ourselves "the Bags are loaded"....What does this mean, well, our bags are packed and ready to go!!! There is 6 in our group, we all pretty much like the same things! So for 5 days each fall we get together, laugh, eat desert first!, laugh, shop, antique, laugh, rummage sale, play jokes on each other, eat, laugh, did I already say that?? OK' we have a good time. We count down the days.... If someone screws up during the year... OH we REMEMBER! Pictures that come back to haunt us...The planning..... So that being said.....

My 2nd year with the group, again I feel the need to mention I am the youngest! LOL... We stayed at a B & B in Sparta WI, on a working dairy farm. Super cute! Only things what these great little log cabins would not hold all 6 of us, so we had 2 cabins across from each other.... In goofing off one night.... There was the "3 original Bags" in one cabin and us "wanna be's" as we are called.... Newer to the group.....make sense? Have lost you?.... Maybe in true bag form you should go grab a cocktail! MMM...OK, so we are acting goofy, yelling from one cabin to another... Then I start acting like a mom.... joking... knock it off... heads will roll... you don't want to make me come over there???? LOL.... Image if the owners of the B&B was watching us???LOL....

So I go over there... There goes Punk & Mary... in their snotty voice...OH NO WATCH OUT... HERE COMES OLDE LADY MORGAN! yup there you have it.... Acting kinda like a Eddie Haskel from Leave to Beaver..." your a vision of loveliness Mrs. Morgan.... then SHSHSSHHH olde lady Morgan is out thing I know, I am getting mail addressed to olde lady Morgan... I'm always being called OLM.... So I embraced it! It stuck... Then I started to change my business from folk art to primitives... My business name didn't work, BORING... 'Marie's Country Collectibles" YAWN! Primitives by OLM... I thought was catchy, though some are looking for a little old lady creating prims... NOPE Just me.... So there you have the birth OLM....

So in honor of this, I think I have shown these before, but MY bags..... here we are, YUP having a cocktail waiting for dinner this past fall....From the left, Punk, OLM, Mary, The Queen, Darla, and Kathy.... Like I said there is always a joke or a prank... The rat hat this year! OMG.... This was funny! Punk had some fun with this! Believe it or not I found it at a World Market store
The Queen and ME with our bags!! Too funny and it wasn't even planned... Hers says the "Queen" and I just had brought this bag in Broadhead on our way up to met! Says OLD BAG!!! LOL

OK, they might kill me for this one... bring it on... come get me! Darla and the Queen always a joke on how they show up... won't go into the history... Always a good laugh! Bubble wrap in their pants!!!!
Shopping was good!

OK, won't go into the long story behind this, BUT this was a joke on me, then went on and on! B$#@&*.... got to love them! Good friends that you can laugh with, PRICELESS! ( yes the boobs are fake!)

Out in public... long joke, but candy cigarettes and the wax lips!!! This picture might of shown up on note pads for everyone this past year... I would NEVER OF DONE THAT, OK, ya it was me!

mmm. every year a mascot...there is a long story behind the lizard too....We had him hanging out our window driving down the road last year.....

OK, I am laughing as I look at this one.... Oh we are bad, all in good fun! that is the "QUEEN" getting tucked in at night! LOL

So there you have it how I became OLM, and it's all thanks to the BAGS.... How long to our next trip? TOO LONG! Make it a great one! OLM

PS... I need to mention a post that Shelia over at posted about. It's a great service I only wish I knew about while my mom was battling her cancer. Over at offers free home cleaning services for women going through chemo treatments. If you have a loved one fighting this shitty disease, PLEASE pass this info on!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bowls, Bowls, Bowls, the Tuesday display chain!!!

Bowls, Bowls, Bowls, WARNING!!! Once I started taking pictures, I didn't know when to quit! So there is A LOT of pictures here.... not going to explain many, ignore any dust or other "junk" that shouldn't be in a photo...LOL... I didn't clean as well as I should of with this stinkin back and I had P.T. this Am....oh well... It is what it is.....

OH, the subject of bowls, OH HOW I LOVE BOWLS!!! I have a thing for old bowls, new bowls wooden bowls, dough bowls.... it goes on and on...For many years when I would go on my girls trip each fall, I couldn't go with out at least buying 2 or 3 bowls....

This is my first wooden dough bowl I ever purchased....Probably about 18 years ago after I first started my folk art business.... I paid over $100 for this one at that time, YIKES!!! Since then it has taken a small fall and have a nice crack in it...OOPS.... Though how I still love this bowl, and now it's more prim!
Bowls tucked everywhere...mixed in with many different collections in this cabinet.....

hiding under the fly screen some wonderful beeswax fruit from Misi! Love them!!!!

oh, to find little bowls at a affordable price....makes my heart skip a beat!

here a bowl, there a bowl, everywhere I have bowls!!!

This great prim bear from "gatherings" with feed sack eggs from gatherings as well.....

Love the new timer tapers... nice touch of light each evening and I don't have to remember to turn them on and off...After all I am blond...LOL...

Oh the Jadeite bowls set from the "Queen" for Christmas several years ago, one of my favorites

This one was a great find on ebay....

For a while I had a thing for the old Tom & Jerry Christmas bowl sets.....I keep these out all year

When you first walk into our home, YUP bowls!!!

Almost done.... my wooden bowl collection in the gathering room.....

Just a couple of my new bowls... I love a great looking bowl for everyday cooking & using... I don't use my old bowls for everyday, I suppose I should, but I don't....
I sold Longaberger for years, love their pottery, and I managed to collect quite a bit while I sold, these I use everyday...Tucked in a cabinet.....

More hiding in the pie safe... along with my Grandmother's Pyrex bowls my Aunt gave me last year. I really need to remember to use them more... To think my Grandmother, who passed away before I was born... imaging her using them to cook, then my Aunt who is a amazing cook, the history. I need to add to that....
So there you have it, and I hate to say it, that is not even all of my bowls! How can one pass up a great old bowl??? Thanks for peeking, have a great day! OLM

Saturday, February 19, 2011

what happens when you have a few 50+ degree days

Just 2 short weeks ago, we were freezing and had 20 inches of snow! I love snow in February, it never stays to long....Had this been December we would of been look in at this for months...BUT 2 weeks later and several days above freezing and it looks like this! WOW!!!
So the only problem when everything melts like that.... AND well you have a dog, MUD!! and lots of it... Now we are looking at freezing rain and some snow of the next couple of days... I will accept, and WHY??? Isn't only about 1 short month until SPRING?!!?!?!?!? YIIPPPEEEEE!!!

I thought I would show off a few goodies I purchased yesterday. My GF Mary Ann and went to a new Prim shop in De Kalb IL, called the Primitive chick, and off the a Antique barn called Josie's... I got this great old drying rack, I think it would of been for wash tub... Need to move a few things around and hang some prim socks off it...

This fun old string holder, Love it and will use it... I use this string in my crafts all the time, stain it up and looks great... Now I won't have to go looking for it all the time, it's right in the kitchen!

Got this over at Sandy's prim shop last week. She has someone making prim calendars holders just for the Pure and Simple calendars! Looks great, well, at least I think so!
Off to rest for a bit... My brother's 2 1/2 years twins are coming for a couple of hours for us to watch, need to rest up now! LOL! Or hubby at least does, they use him as a human trampoline! LOL.... Plus I need to get all the craft stuff put away, 2 year old and needles and scissors don't mix! Have a great one! OLM

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Showing off my SWAP goodies!!!!

I participate in the 5 of my favorite things swap hosted by Char at the Pickled Pepper Patch!
I was paired up with Natalie over at Tins and Treasures!! Fun mail day for me! Of course hubby has been on vacation, here comes the Postman again!!LOL... I get a dirty look, another box???LOL....I realize it's from Natalie! I swear honey I have been a good girl! I'm staying off ebay!!! LOL.... All my goodies were wrapped in kraft packing paper, super prim!!! Love all the tags! great notes on each one!!

Natalie was a great swap partner and I received wonderful goodies to boot!

Natalie is a knitter, she made this great dish towel. Few of my GF's have made these for me in
the past, love them, almost to pretty to use, ALMOST!!!

Then there was this great little tin filled with some tea's and chocolate.... These tins Natalie makes is the reason for her blog & esty name....

Look at the great prim raggedy Ann... Love her! I have her in front room, she feels right at home!

This sweet little bunny. He is a little lonely right now... not to many other bunnies around yet. I am ready to start changing things up for spring, so he fits right in!!!

Then this great baking cookbook... Natalie figured out I love to bake and sent me this cookbook. I have already I spied a few recipes I need to try ASAP!! Natalie, I am sure my boys thank you for this one!

Then there is this sweet prim Angel, I need to find her a home, but I REALLY need to dust first! ICK!!! and this great little prim pumpkin, FALL, my favorite season!!!
Thanks so much for being such a great swap buddy, Natalie, everything is wonderful! Have a great trip with your daughter! OLM

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I've Joined SImply Primitives and some extra stuff too...

I have been keeping a secret!! I am finally ready to tell, really not that big of a deal, BUT I have Joined the wonderful group over at SIMPLY PRIMITIVES!!! I will have my first listings on the 15Th! I wasn't sure if I was going to pull it off in time. I had to get a few things created and I also still have my page over on Lemon Poppy Seeds as well..... So I am branching out a bit. I am giving thought to creating a Sell blog too. It was what I original had set out to do, but with the events of the last year, I just didn't have time.... I am hoping to get back on track and do what I love which is the create more!

So I thought I would show off a couple of my new offerings that will be on Simply Primitives... I created several bunches of prim carrots... (Already sold the set over on Lemon Poppy Seeds....)
Spent several days creating prim eggs, not too colorful, just right for a prim dwelling.... So there is 4 listing that will be on Simply Primitives for the 15th and I have already updated Lemon Poppy. I think I put 6 new listing over there if you want to take a peek!

Oh yes, this great prim bunny is over on
I also wanted to share a couple of fun birthday presents I received... A little late... we had a little snow little over a week ago..LOL... 20 inches... well 40 today so it's starting to melt!!! YIPPEE!!
So anyway my GF's Callie and Sandy, kindred prim spirits had a few treasures for me! We got together over at Sandy's last Thursday night and it was like a mini Christmas!!! So love it when you have a few friends share the same passion!!!
Sandy got me this great night light made from a old nutmeg grinder!! Super cute!!!

Then this fun little repro cricket cage, it holds a battery operated tea lite!! Love it and EVEN better showed it to hubby.... PLEASE can you make more??? Who knows, if I get that selling blog up, you might see some of these guys there!

This is from Sandy too, a great battery taper, but look at the great silicon tip! Super prim!

Oh, yes then still from Sandy some light reading at bed time... the new Judy Condon!!! Inspiration for Spring! Only 37 days away!!!

Then from Callie, this great little oil lamp... Super cute!

OK, 2 things here, the little metal child's pot set, up in the left and then tucked in the box, behind the fly screen the 2 yellow butter pat dishes!!!

Oh, and Callie tucked everything into this great old red metal work box!!! I also forgot to take a picture of the great old knitted pot holders she found too! I was VERY lucky and SPOILED!!!
So hubby and I are going out for our anniversary dinner tonight instead of tomorrow... Though he's off all week, so I am hoping we will go out more then once? Have a great Sunday! OLM