Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Display Chain

Happy Tuesday everyone! I am getting ready to go "BAGGIN" tomorrow in the early AM! After this stressful month, a little R&R with my "BAG" BFF'S is just what I need. Helps I have a little cash in my pocket for a new treasure or 2!!! I will be sure to share once I get back!

OK, now onto the fun stuff.. I Love this Tuesday Display chain idea of Misi's! It's great to see what everyone comes up with or treasure's most. Today I am going to share 2 pictures with you. First is my baby doll I got when I was 6 years old. I have managed to keep her looking pretty good all these years. Still in her original outfit no less, Amazing! Of course I have cut her hair.

I received her as my main Christmas gift when I was 6. I went to Catholic school, right after break my teacher, (I remember this so well) a nun, Sister Cashmerea, said we could have show and tell and to bring our favorite gift. Of course I wanted to bring her. Now, mom wasn't going to allow that. She was expensive for a doll 38 years ago at $25. (you can't get a Amercian Girl for that now! LOL) and she didn't want anything to happen to her. I promised I would be careful, so off school she went with me..

Now, there was a table where everyone could pill their toys on. I wasn't having any of that. I was told to take good care of her, she was not a outside doll. So I went and got a small chair and sat her next to me... Now I don't remember playing with her during class...(selective memory I suppose), but that mean old nun, SO remember her, threatened to take her away and give her to her niece that would be more deserving! YIKES, I am 6, told to take good care of her, I was in tears!

So, today all my friends call her the "chuckie" doll after the horror movie. Some ask, why do you have that doll??? Every time I tell the show & tell story. I don't have a name for her that I remember, but she sits proudly in my kitchen on her own chair, well, you can see she shares it! Now for this piece. It was my first major purchase when I started going prim probably 7-8 years ago. I purchased it with my SIL the "QUEEN" while visiting her up North in MN, where she lives. I so wanted a pie safe. I was on a mission. Now the "QUEEN" lives in a small town of 500... Though at the time there was a nice antique shop. We of course had gone in there, I am asking if they have a pie safe. They had another store with one there, and he would bring it to me later in the week...

So in we go to look, OK, I admit, I liked it, not sure I loved it. IT was prim, but for that moment it was not what I had in mind... ("QUEEN", don't think I ever told you this! LOL) So off we go for the day antiquing. I ask him to hold it & I will make up my mind later in the day... Well of course as the day goes on, what am I thinking???? The price is great at $250, it's like nothing I have ever seen before, or again! Of course I am going to take it... I take hubby back to pick it up, and this is what I get... now this is a direct quote.. " How much did you pay for this rickied piece of shit?" LOL.... It is my most talked about piece, the one everyone wants if I was ever to part with it... Like that would happen... Now I admit, it is very fragile and we have to be care when we move it. So there you have it. 2 special treasures! Have a great day! thanks for listening! OLM


Robyn ♥ said...

Oh, I love your rickidy piece of...LOL! And your doll is gorgeous! How sweet that you sat her next to you during class! Mean old nun!!

Audrey said...

Wonderful doll and story but must admit I love that "Piece of shit" you sure you weren't talking to my husband???

Farmhouse prims said...

Marie, that is two awesome stories, how precious about your dollie, and I love, love the pie safe!!!!! What a great bargain!!!
I will be anxious to hear about your trip and see what goodies you buy. Please send me your email address sometime, I accidentally deleted it. Mine is Lecia123@verizon.net.
My sisters and my friend and I are going to Lancaster, Pa. Fri. to FHW. I know you love their things. I am excited to go on their tour!!! Have a safe, relaxing trip. You deserve it!!!!

Anonymous said...



1890* said...

Special doll indeed!...My baby Beans is not in that great of shape. Great place of honor in the highchair. You give that dolly a proper name!
Awesome cupboard...I'd never call it a piece of "S" instead I'd probably drop a load of $ on it!
Thanks so much for sharing

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Terrific stories, loved them! I really like the part about getting your dolls own chair in the classroom(too cute!)
The pie safe is so primitive so beautiful!(great find,tell hubby you got a steal, as I am sure he has heard since, tee hee!)
Thanks so much for sharing, enjoyed the stories!

Primsue said...

That is a sweet doll and story - so glad you were able to keep her. But I have to say I LOVE your pie safe - great choice!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

its a bit bigger but not by much..;) can you make the font even bigger? it might be because it is a white letter on black background..it tires my eyes.:)

Janice said...

What a mean old Nun, You were just doing your job as you were told lol! Your POS is very beautiful and worth every penny!! Men will just never understand haha!! Great Display Chain!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on winning Misi's giveaway!

This is sooo much fun!

Have a great trip!

hugs to you,