Friday, October 15, 2010

Few of my treasures from my trip....

I hate weeks like this! There is no rest for the wicked! LOL.... I have been trying to get so much done before it gets really cold here. I should learn to never wait to the last minute to do things! Oh well, I work well under pressure!?

We took mom for her consultation for starting treatment again. They have a game plan, I don't think she will ever be long without some type of treatment, at least for now, they are not throwing in the towel and she is a fighter!

Then there was my little sale, that went well, just took time to get ready and have it. I really wanted to get that done before bags, but it just didn't work out. So yesterday, I packed up what baskets & stuff didn't sell, sent many things to goodwill, then it was off to Menard's. Now it's time to varnish the last of the trim needed. When the addition was finished last November, it was to cold to do this, then the garage was filled with other household stuff while the gathering room was being finished. Then there was my bright idea to paint & redo our bedroom in that mess and I ripped out the old icky trim. So once this is all done, all the trim in the house has been replaced. Next will be all the window trim, NEXT YEAR!

I'm also trying to get as much Holiday/Christmas crafting I can get done for the shop's open house in early November! YIKES, I am behind!!!!

So needless to say, most of my "bag' goodies have just sat there. No time to play or find them their new homes..... I am getting there, need hubby to change out a couple of things. I am starting to think about it. So most of my pictures are just groups of what I purchased, not everything, LOL, but some of it!

Yesterday I received my giveaway from Misi, from the Tuesday display chain! OMG!!! the minute I opened the box, it smelled soooooo wonderful!!! Love it! Misi you are so kind to do this, I know you said it was items could couldn't sell, but I love the box & the pumpkins! Thank you!
So here are my goodies.... First from Misi....
OK, now some bag goodies......

Love this box, I think I will leave it were it is for awhile. I put my bittersweet I received from "bag" Kathy, she grows it on their farm... I loved that this box looked like a dough box to me, don't think it is one, still love it!

This seed box was a great find at $20, the dividers are long gone, the lid has part of it broken off, yet the paper advertisement is in great shape!

Just loved this little old jar, I have a thing for old jars. Then there is what they called a restaurant sugar bowl.. I don't think that is what it is. I think it's ironstone, I should of turned it so you could see the faces on either side, very interesting, only $7....

Then there is the chalk board, with the eraser and a old box of chalk, this was on my list to find, and it was one of the first things I purchased at Harvest Moon, in Broadhead....

Oh ya, then there is the little glass baby doll bottle, how cute is that?

MMM... more fly screens in the making... Found the little one as is, they had a different name on it, but I forgot what they called it, then the bigger one was a sifter I was able to pop apart.

Then this old 3 arm towel bar, this is what hubby will switch out 2nite for me, it is so interesting, the hardware is different on it, with 2 little hooks on the bottom. So that is it for now, off to move pumpkins around. We were able to go for a little drive this morning. Went apple picking, which was pretty hard to do, most orchards are done for the year. Then stopped road side to get a few more pumpkins! It's another great fall day here, I need to go out and enjoy it for a bit! OLM more picture... Forgot about this. I uploaded most of the pictures a couple of days ago, then got side tracked and just now getting back to my post.... OK, I had a list of a few things I was hoping to find on this trip. One being a old advertisement sign to hang above my stove. Well, they are so spendie! I never saw this sign, we were at the school house antiques in Hixton. It was not what I was looking for. The other 'bags' kept telling me it was prefect, it was calling to me, and I was going to be sorry if I didn't get it. I still walked away. They started again in the car before we left, it was only $25, I wasn't feeling it! LOL.... See I live in Bartlett..... so now that you see the picture, you see why they felt I needed to get it. It was very grey, so I grungied it up some, and that I did hang up, and Yes, I do like it, again not want I wanted, but this is unique and it works..... OK that is all I have for now....LOL....


Linda ★ Parker's General said...

Love the box with the bittersweet.
I also collect odd jars but hey, somebody has to, right?
I have one of those swing arm towel holders and just love it. I use it to hang baby dresses from.
Happy to hear your Mom is doing better.

Farmhouse prims said...

I love all your goodies Marie, love the pumpkins from the giveaway!!! Love the box with bittersweet, the old seed box and chalk board!!! You have some awesome things, enjoy them, I enjoy seeing how your decorate!!!
I am so glad they have a plan for your mom, she is an awesome woman!!!

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Wow, you got some nice stuff! I just love
the old towel rack. Thanks for sharing.

Bear Hugs~Karen

Ladybug said...

All the goodies are so great, Love the old
wooden seed box..Happy to hear they have a
plan for treatment for your Mom she's amazing

Autumn Blessings to all

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love all the goodies you received and purchased.;) have a great week..;)

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Great Stuff!
Love the chalk board!
If ya don't have room for the seed box, just send it my way( love it)
Nice giveaway items!
thanks for sharing