Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Display Chain

After I saw Misi's wonderful displays, I wasn't going to put my pictures up! Sorry, not feeling well, WOW, Misi they are wonderful! Then again every one's are!!!
I have to admit, I didn't put much time into these. They are pretty much what I was able to do before the crazy couple of weeks with mom and hospital stays. I need to play more and get things set for the rest of the season!
I have started to use a lot of the battery tapers, love the new ones that are on timers! On for 6 hours, off for 18. I put a bunch of strings of grungy lights on timers too, that way I don't even have to think about turning them on & off. I should of thought of that sooner!
Today I am crafting and getting ready for my "BAGS" trip, which is now in 8 days! Can't wait, need some much needed girls time, not to mention food & shopping!!! Have a great day! OLM

Monday, September 27, 2010

A early Lemon Poppy Seeds Update!!!

Slowly, I am trying to get a few things done. Couple of the stitchery I worked on while mom was in the Hospital, I made into pillows. So a little ahead of schedule for a change I have added them to my page on Lemon Poppy Seeds if anyone is interested!
2nite is Monday night football... Chicago Bears VS Greenbay Packers... Hubby is having a few of the neighbors over to watch the game... Of course living outside of Chicago, everyone but hubby is a Bears fan.. Hubby having been born in WI, is of course a Packers fan, this should make for a interesting evening! Have a great night, I will watch Dancing with the Stars! OLM

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Great giveaway too....

OOPS! I forgot I wanted to mention the great fall giveaway Becky Jean is going over at www.primitivesnstitchin.blogspot.com . A great prim crow, penny rug and candle with goodies! OLM

Few more CS pictures &......

We are having a great fall day here at the Morgan Homestead... Cool, overcast, yes there is a fall nip in the air! I have even managed to get a few chores done. How nice just to be home.

I thought I would share a couple more pictures from the Country Sampler product shoot. It was fun to watch them put everything together and make sure everything is just right. I think they took about 8 shoots in Sandy's home and it took almost 6 hours to do it!

Love her green cabinet! Though when she got this piece, she sold her dry sink, you know the great little one I now have!!!! LOL

So I have gotten a few little chores done today. Since we finished up the Gathering Room, I really haven't been able to play or get the small details done. There was the Family party we had, Labor day BBQ, then mom's surgery. It's been a busy month. There is many little details that still need to be completed...
Today at least I got a couple done.... Though I don't think I share my wall scones after Hubby put them up.... There is one on either side of the window in the gathering room....

One of my chores was to paint the wall cord hide thingies..LOL... don't remember what they are called, but the clips that go over the cord, I painted it to match so it blends in better... It's outside drying as I type this...
Then right away hubby put up the brackets for the curtains, but he never cut me the wood for the shelf that goes above the window.... YUP, he cut that last night & I painted, sanded & Briwax it today.....
Now what is amazing out in the garage all these years is hubby's tonka trucks from he was a wee one.... I have known all along I wanted to put them up on the shelf. So he found those last night, I got them cleaned up today.....

What is amazing is 3 of the 4 have the labels still on them! Hubby claims he played with them all the time. They were dirty, but labels on them still? I got "well I took care of my stuff, didn't leave it out in the rain" yayayayaya!
I did get a couple of the stitcheries I did while mom was laid up sewn into pillows... They are TRYING to dry outside right now, too..... Now it's time to relax and get ready for desperate housewives tonight! Make it a great one.... OLM

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Country Sampler Product shoot

HOORAY FOR THE WEEKEND!!!! I only hope tomorrow I can sleep in!!! This has been a week! I am exhausted and I am getting sick. Imagine, 2 weeks in and out of hospitals visiting mom, I am surprised it too this long!.

The good news is mom came home today! She looks good, feels so much better and realizes now that she needed to go back in. Where was that on Tuesday when she was kicking and screaming she wasn't going back to the hospital! We have a long road ahead of us, there won't be a good outcome, but I am hoping that will be a good long while down the road..... Now FINALLY off to some fun stuff!

So I live only 20 minutes from the offices of Country Sampler. I even interviewed for a job there a couple of years ago, but didn't get it. Oh well.... Anyway, one would think they would get most of their feature homes from our area, NOT... What they want are product shoot homes. they come in for the day to shoot different areas of the home with product being advertised in the magazine for that month.

Several of my prim friends homes have been used for these product shoots... (trust me they should be features, their homes are AMAZING!!!) I have missed going to these shoots, in helping mom, chemo, hospital, etc.... Just this past Thursday, my prim gal pal, Sandy who owns Poppy Seeds Prims, where I sell many of my prims goodies, home was used. Mom was feeling pretty good and so off I went to watch!

So here a just a few pictures of what I took. you will see these pictures in the next issue!
After the shoot was over, Sandy was looking to spend her $$ she gets for letting them use her home for the day.... I was feeling guilty & thought I needed to go back & check on mom... Quick call to the brother fixed that... All was well & her was with her, so off we went to "Josie's Antiques" in De Kalb...Great antique barn, really 3 barns filled with all sorts of goodies. Sandy was on a mission to get a great old wooden coffee bin she saw last week......
I found the biggest old fly screen I have even seen.... I think it probably was used to cover cakes, since it's so tall... LOVE IT!!!! It was a must have... A little retail therapy! LOL

Now for the product shoot pictures.... Sandy's half bath... See the tape on the walls that is where they will photo shop in a cabinet that was to heavy to hang on her wall without putting holes in.
They are very careful about not putting in any holes, or damaging anything!
I just missed them shooting on her front porch, here they are putting all her fall stuff back in place.

Getting ready to shoot in the front room.....

Almost ready.... I really should of up loaded more pictures, what was I thinking. Sorry. It was a lot of fun to watch them at work, that could be one fun job!!!

Enjoy your Sunday, we have been having great fall weather here, 60's, trees starting to turn. I even got a few pumpkins today. Now if this could last longer. Fall goes by to fast for me. OLM

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

so what does one do while at the hositpal all day????

When I go off to the hospital to sit with mom and kept her company, I take along a basket with stitching to pass the time. I would say I have been able to get a few things done in the last week and a half. I have too many stitcheries half done for years, just never got around to finishing them until now... I don't even remember who's patterns they might be, OOPS!!
I think I will make pillows out of them and try to put them up on Lemon Poppy Seeds in the very near future....
So up first is this pumpkin doll, I need to figure out what color green I used for the last sleeve, otherwise it is almost done.... This is a buttermilk basin pattern, this one I remember. It will make a cute pillow tuck. I might keep this one....
This has been sitting over half done for about 3 years, until today, FINISHED!

These guys are a little blurry... Some of my "BAGS" read my blog and I don't want them to see it just yet.... Now you are asking BAGS???? Every fall 5 great friends and myself go off for 5 days for a perfect girls trip! We shop, antique, laugh, eat, laugh, eat, poke fun, eat, laugh, and maybe embarrass ourselves out in public. It's a good thing we leave the state! If there is ever a year I need my girls & our trip it's now. We are on the count down, 15 days and counting. Lots of laughs and retail therapy, is there anything better.... Well yes, mom is on the mend, keep your fingers crossed, she might even get out tomorrow. Of course I need her back on her feet as much as possible to I am good to go.....
So we call our group, "the bags are loaded" which means we are packed and ready to go! I am ready! Have a great night. OLM

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mom round 2....

What a day....UGH! Just a quick post and again thank you everyone for the kind words and prayers!
Mom is back in the hospital, kicking and screaming that is.... I won't go into the gory details, but she hasn't been feeling well, not keeping anything down. She needed to go back in. So as of tonight she is feeling much better and there was a couple of infections that are now getting much needed attention... What a couple of days...Had 2 much needed glasses of wine 2 night!
Our refrigerator crapped out yesterday, ran around looking for a new one, knowing mom was having issues...Then Steven our 20 year old woke up today with pink eye in both eyes, just as I am telling my sister to call a ambulance. Mom finally goes, her dog gets out runs to someone walking 2 dogs. My sister, SIL & me trying to get her dog, then I get bit by one of the dogs the women was walking.. You just have to laugh, otherwise you cry! No broken skin, just a hell of a bump & bruise! Now I think I will eat some pie...mmm.. comfort food. Thank you all & I hope next post will be a much more fun one! OLM

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mom update... New treasure or 2.....

Happy Sunday everyone. Not sure where my day has gone, but I have gotten nothing done so far! OOPS! First I thought I would let everyone know mom came home today! She was more then ready to come home. She had a couple rough days, things weren't going so good, but they turned around pretty quick and she was able to come home. She FINALLY was able to eat something yesterday, it had been a week, one long week! Now we are onto the next step after she heals up and see what they can do for her....

Yesterday my brother went in and spent sometime with her, so I was able to stay home and caught up. 4 loads of laundry and some crafting. The Poppy Seeds open house is in early November, so I have to get my act together and get cracking!

My sis in law the "Queen" as we call her, lives up in northern MN.... I have gotten some great prims up there on trips. Well she still finds me some great little things....such as the few things that made their way down here today. There's a few friends that have cabins up by her and run things back in fourth during the summer for us.... Today was the last shuttle(LOL) of things that could come this way. Hubby's favorite beer that can't be found but for up there... and a few things for me! YEAH!!!

So the queen found this great old child's rocking chair. Love the color and a rocking chair! BONUS! Love it! Great sign, probably will hang this up in the front room!
Love this child's ironing board. I am going to use it for a side table in the gathering room....

Here it is next to the couch, needed something there, this works!

Yesterday with having a free day, I did some crafting. I tryed Misi recipe from 1890 gable House Musing blog for cinnamon pumpkins.... I am hoping they dry in time for my girls trip in Oct... OOPS... Queen you did not read this! LOL...

Just for fun here is my mess in the gathering room! My chair I craft out of.... always a mess! There is just no neat way to craft, or at least I have not figured out a way to do it yet!

Need to get back to work, don't really want to, but this stuff won't make itself. All my blog friends I can't thank you enough for all your kind words and prays for my mom. We have a road ahead of us, but thank you!!! Have a great day! OLM

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mom Update.....

First I want to thank everyone for the kind words and many prayers for my mom, she will need many more to come. This will be a quick post, I am exhausted. We got her to the hospital at 5:30am, and I am NOT a morning person..
Well, we did not get good news today. VERY disappointing. They found more cancer, so no resection. There are more tumors in her liver and some on the outside of her colon. DAMN!!!!
So if there is any good news in this, is that the tumors are VERY small and that is why they did not show up the CT & PET scans. So that means either the chemo was helping or they have not started to grow. So after she heals, since she was cut for a resection, so she is in pain, we go back & talk to the cancer doc and see what we can do. Her surgeon feels there are thinks we can do to prolong her life and keep the cancer stable, lets hope!
Thank you all my prim friends for everything. Mom kicked us all out so she could rest & i was just told pizza is here, so I will go eat. If anyone takes anything from this go get your colonscopy!!! Mom never did. They are no big deal, I had mine, not to mention having the reaction to the med's the first time & passed out & broke my nose... I think that post in back in Feb... So if I can go back & still get mine, PLEASE go get yours! OLM

Sunday, September 12, 2010

No trees where harmed in the harvesting of gourds!!

The time has come to try and get all the gourds out of our tree in the front yard. These vines have become a source of entertainment over the last couple of weeks. Watching them growing and being amazed on how many were up in the tree!
So hubby being the good sport he is, got out the ladder the and pole trimmer and he went to work.... Oh ya with a little humor too! So he thinks he can catch one while trying to cut down the vines... Didn't work!
This was just one of many vines in the tree....what a goof!

Pile of vines pulled from the tree.....

Then there is the harvest... I lost count but I think there is at least 40 gourds! Not to bad when I didn't even plant a seed! I am sure most of these will get eaten by the squirrels....

Have a great evening! I am off to bed early, mom's surgery is tomorrow. She is in good spirits and know everything will go well.. I will post a update. Thank you to everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers for my mom! OLM

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's beginning to look like fall here with a touch of halloween

I really didn't set out to display any of my Halloween goodies, but it just kinda happened. OOPS! LOL!
I have been playing getting things back to normal so to speak. Anyway I have been getting ready cause we are having a family party for hubby's side of the family on Saturday. It's something hubby has wanted to do, but I would not do it until all the remodeling was done! Well, with mom's surgery on Monday, that only left this weekend! YIKES!
So as some of the tubs starting coming out, I just couldn't stop. At least this way I will enjoy it longer. After all I really couldn't put anything out last fall, so I should have it out twice as long now! Right? Oh well, I am almost done.. So here is a quick tour... Front door with my new fall wreath. Got this at the flea market last week...
Just a few goodies on top of the hall tree in the front room....

Top of jelly cabinet...

I haven't put this chair out in a couple years, Not prim, but I did paint this myself many years ago...

Witches and dried pumpkin pieces to greet one as they come thorough the door!

My favorite white pumpkin pillow. I found this in Dresden OH many years ago.....

Want to make some noise?

I stitched this table throw many years ago, when Alex our oldest played football. Football practices would last for hours, so to pass the time, I stitched. I didn't want to leave in case he got hurt, in his last year, broken foot!

this is a big boy, I just love him! It was time for him to come out of his box!

My little farm table in the kitchen...

Candy corn anyone? this is my back corner where the dry sink use to be... thanks for taking my little tour with me. Still playing to do, but it's off to a good start. Have a great night! OLM

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Fall Textile Swap Goodies!!!

This is my long overdue thank for the my WONDERFUL fall swap goodies from Lecia at Farmhouse Primitives. I received them last week, but with it being such a crazy week, I did not take pictures until today! Lecia thank you for the wonderful goodies!
So here is a adorable little pumpkin tuck, a stitchery Lecia made and a super cute candy corn sign! I will place them in their fall home tonight! Close up of the Candy Corn sign....
Harvest Blessings stitchery....

Then Lecia made me this wonderful pantry towel.....

AND this wonderful bonnet! Thanks again Lecia! I will be mailing off her package this week, I only hope she likes hers too!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day! It's cooled off here FINALLY! Today it's very breezy, 40 mile a hour wind gusts, well they don't call Chicago the windy city for nothing! Have a great night! OLM

Sunday, September 5, 2010

One busy week! Happy Labor day!

This week has kept me pretty busy and running around! I hate weeks like that, yet I have a few more to come....I like being at home, I don't get bored & I can always find something to do, or there is something that I have put off and now I NEED to do it! LOL

So I try to keep this a happy and fun blog about my adventures in being a "PRIM GAL", though there's life and this week was spent helping my mom. I have talked in the past that she is battling colon cancer that has spread to the liver. She had been going thorough chemo until about a month ago when she needed a break. 15 treatments without a break is a lot. In the last couple of weeks it looks like we have been given a gift, she is a candidate for a liver resection. If they are able to this, it is possible for her to be cancer free! AMAZING... Now mom doesn't understand (that's OK) what it has meant to have cancer in her liver, anyway this week was spent taking her to many tests to get ready for the surgery. she was a human pin cushion, poor thing! bad veins way too many pokes! So all is looking good and a week from tomorrow she is having surgery.

So with tests and then in the middle of this was Hubby's B-Day, I have not gotten much more done in the gathering room. Few of the neighbor's wanted to get together for some type of BBQ for the Holiday. So we decide to have it here. Then we were able to celebrate hubby's b-day, the holiday and the wrapping up of the remodeling here at the homestead... Well all the big hard labor stuff done, so many finishing details to do yet!

So the heat broke here this week! What a welcome change, it feels like fall is in the air. So we fired up the fire pit yesterday and got ready for some great friends to come over and enjoy the evening....

Jeff and Nadine brought over the meat.... Now be prepared you have NEVER seen anything like this before!!! I know none of us had! A 2 foot long HOT DOG! It has to be about 4-5 inches around! What a hoot! You slice it up and cook it like a hamburger and eat it on a hamburger bun! One might think it would taste like fried Bologna, nope hot dog!

Jeff supervising hubby cooking the dogs!

now it was a little chilly, but not this chilly, Dave in that fur hat like it's 20 below, please we have a few months yet?

OK, now I said I was busy helping mom, but I was still able to get a very few things done. I have the front room back in place. I don't have all the little things back, don't remember where I put everything! OOPS! Still bringing out some fall, I just love the colors, I could have it out all year....

So first up I thought I would show you my love seat before we had it reupholstered last winter. I was so hoping hubby would bite on some Johnston bench works, well just wasn't meant to be... so instead we did this. I guess he has to have a say & win every now & again! Really he has been great, I have pretty much gotten whatever I have wanted in the remodel. No complaining at all!
So green was a little dated....

Now to this, I don't remember the Johnston pattern this was. I've seen it a lot with the blue tones in it. I like to be different, beside no blue in this room so this works well. I am thinking after the holidays I want to paint the red to a dark grey....

yes, we like our wine. I just wish we would remember to drink it more then we really do.

Now this piece.... One of my Favorites, but then again aren't they all my favorites? This pie safe was the first one I ever purchased. Love this guy, it's so different. I have never seen one like it again. I found it on vacation in MN. several years ago. So I have 2 pie safes, the one up in my kitchen and this little charmer!

A view with the chair next to it, it was green at one time too!

Just some gourds to greet everyone when they walk in the front door. Great old store wire basket. Don't see many of these guys anymore.

Part of my peg rack on the back wall of the front room, few fall goodies already up.

So back to the gathering room. I have this great bowl rack. I had it made many years ago just waiting for this room to be done... Had it up in the old room, I just didn't have my little dry sink. So I couldn't wait to get everything into place. Moved the sink down from the kitchen, fetched the bowl rack from the good old garage. OH NO, now it's too BIG, this can't be right!? Well it comes down right to the sink, that's not going to work, can't display anything in there then. What's a prim girl to do? Well, get another one made that will work and Fast! How does 5 days work? So I got the new one on Friday & had hubby hang it Friday night!

I still need to move the sink over a bit, I will get to that...later. I am happy with the new rack, now I will have to sell the old one.

So while I was at the shop (Poppy Seeds) picking up the bowl rack, of course I found a few more things... some I can't show you everything cause they are going to a couple of swaps I am working on...

I am doing the fall textile swap Char is hosting. I already got my goodies this week from Lecia from www.farmhouseprims.blogspot.com. Love everything, I will share this week. Then I am doing a swap with Teresa from www.mammystreasures.blogspot.com.... I am hoping to get everything mailed off this week before mom's surgery...

Yikes this has become a long post, thanks for sticking with me! LOL... So at least the one thing I can show you is the sweet battery operated LED pumpkin candle! Love this guy!

Well, the week was over yet... Are ya gettin tired of hearing all of this yet? So before everyone came over yesterday I made it to the flea market at Kane County. Well really we needed to go & pick up our harvest table it was getting repaired... then I got talked into going back with my GF Cindy today. she couldn't yesterday, so like a good sport I went again. BIG MISTAKE, I spent money! Found this great counter workers board they called it. Kinda like a smaller dough board,but not big enough to be a dough board.

Still thought it would look great on my counter!

Then I put my olde jar collection that I use as canisters on top of it.. Love it!

Ok, I will shut up now! that's for making it to the end. Maybe next time I shouldn't wait a week to post! LOL... Have a great night and a great Labor day! OLM