Friday, July 30, 2010

Ok, here are a few pictures from the road trip

Yeah! I figured out how to get the pictures off the internal memory all by myself! Really it wasn't hard....LOL... So I took a few pictures this morning of my new goodies and I thought I would share! First is a great old cutting board! I think this might be the start of a new collection.. Like I need another collection! oh well.... Here was just a great little chubby box... prefect for displaying! Boy I need that gathering room done!

Now these were a great deal! This was in the antique barn... the little strainer was only $3! the old yellow ware w/spout $15! it has a crack, but for that price who cares!

OK, got this at Harvest Moon... I saw this guy there last year, LOVED HIM!! thought about him all year... asked if he sold, which of course he did....BUT she just got another one..or should I say she HAD another one! Love him.... Hubby is not going to be to please when he see's him.. First thing he will say... " did you really NEED that ?" then... "where are you going to storage him?" I will figure it out....

OK, these are really hard to come by.. I have never seen a cereal one, always see bread ones and they are aways asking about $200 for them. Not paying that... but I bit the bullet for $48!

SO looking forward to fall! Just loved this guy... She just started to put a little fall out..I got the last one! Diane at the Harvest Moon couldn't believe have fast she sold out of them!

OK, now the story on this dough bowl.... this one is HUGE! BFF Mary, one of the bags.. went to a garage sale. Walked right past it, figured it was going to be at least a arm & a leg.... Started looking at the other prices of some great prim goodies... was very surprised at the prices. Went back to the bowl and it had $50 on it, yes $50! She calls me, it's to big for her, really probably to big for my home too, but I WILL MAKE IT WORK... So me always dealing, goes "is that her best price" really I just had to ask.... Well... now the price is $45... SOLD! Fall picks came from harvest Moon... OK, so the bowl is the real deal, and the deal of the century!

OK, now for some Eye candy... this is a old chicken coop that was turned into a girls getaway... Love it.. Look at the colors on all that enamel ware! Not to mention the tall pie safe!

this is on her front porch... all those crocks & jugs!

her little room when you first walk in... Again pictures just don't do it justice!

great idea for all the ball jars we all have! A light!

this is her closet... painted the front with old quilts... WOW...

Well, that is all I have for now... It was just a great fun day! Have a great one! OLM

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Road Trip!!!

Well, because of my screw up this is a no picture post. I took my camera with me, BUT forgot to put the memory card back in. YUP, a blond moment, for me! I had some internal memory but not much and I don't know how to get the pictures off the camera.... so anyway...
Took a little road trip with my buddy Mary to our girlfriend Cathy in Brodhead Wi. Great day for a road trip! It was not so humid today. We were able to catch up and it really got us in the mood for our girls trip we take every fall with a couple more BFF's from MN. More on that at a later time. Nothing better then a few great laughs, some antiquing and a great Primitive shop!
I really wanted to take a few pictures of the shop to share, again how dumb to forget the memory card.
Anyway great little prim shop called Harvest Moon in Brodhead. She has purchased a few of my handmade's in the past for the shop. She wanted to see some of the fall prims 've been working on. Another reason for the trip.
Bonus was seeing a few of the barn quilt squares. Again no pictures, but in Green Co. There is about 100 barns, I think that have these painted quilt squares displayed on their barns, very cool!
We also were able to go to a great little antique shop in a barn, again found a few treasures. I will share pictures tomorrow of all my goodies. Yes, after the memory card goes back to it's home! LOL! The bonus was getting tour of this girl's great prim home. The pictures won't do it justice. She completely updated this little farmhouse, then added great prim touches. Again I will share those pictures once I figure/or have my son get them off the camera.... So all in all, great day, great conversations, and bonus of a few great primitive treasures for the home. Have a great evening! I am beat! OLM

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

They're here!!! YIKES!

It's the mother load of fiberfill!!!
Well, today was a chemo day with mom. Just a quick update, we got the results from her latest CT, nothing has changed. :( They are still seeing 3 small spots on the liver, though nothing has grown which is good, just nothing has shrank either. Boy cancer sucks! Mom's outlook is great and we are continuing with chemo, they just cut some of stuff with the side effects out for her....

So, always at treatment I have a basket with some crafting to do. I did get a few things done.. pictures on those when I get everything put together.

The the entertaining part for mom was telling the story of 20 boxes of morning glory fiber fill coming and having no idea where I am going to put it all. What one has to do for the "stuff" one prefers! LOL... well sure enough when I came home today I had a little present...YUP 20 boxes of the good stuff! I guess I better get to work and use some of it up! Have a great night. OLM

Monday, July 26, 2010

Fall yet?? Looks like it here?

I hope everyone is have a great Monday. We have been pretty busy today at the Morgan homestead. Hubby is working in the gathering room, and Jeff bless his heart, after a days work is here putting another coat on the ceiling! Progress is a wonderful thing....
So after 7 inches of rain Saturday it's hard to image I would need to water anything. Well, we are getting hot again and the pots dry out pretty fast. So I am out there giving them a little drink and a momma robin is just chirping away. I thought she was made that the birdbath was almost dry. NOPE, I at get closer to the front door, there on the arm of my chair is a baby robin. He's really not quite ready to fly. He must of got knocked out during the storm. So there he sat for the longest time.
Here's a close up, though he really blends in with the chair color. The little guy has since hopped away.

Close up of a pumpkin vine growing out of one of my flower pots out front.

Here it is growing through the chair. Hopefully I will get a pumpkin or 2 from it. You can never have enough pumpkins outside for the fall!

I also thought I would share a few goodies my sis in law from MN sent me! I have to say I have the best sis in law and she spoils me so! It helps we like a lot of the same things. They have great rummage sales up north. Love the great old wire potato basket and the minnow cage. Great vintage Santa too! Can't wait to find homes for them all...
So I thought I would share some progress on the crafting. I have been working like a mad woman to get things done. I would like to be done with fall stuff by time the gathering room is finished. That way I can play and not worry that I should be crafting. Well, it's a great plan, doesn't mean it will happen. I need to figure out where to put 20 YES 20 boxes of Morning Glory Fiber fill too! That should be here any day. Thanks to Walmart shooting all crafter's in the foot, the only way to get it at a good price where shipping didn't kill you was to order 20 boxes. I should be set for quite some time!

So here is a few finished guys from the other night! Hubby of course says everything is ugly! I am OK with that, it means it's nice & prim! LOL

Batch 2, some green pumpkins and the start of some witch pumpkins from a Prims by Kim pattern! Love this guy when he's done.... Well getting to dinner time off to BBQ! Just to hot to use the stove. Have a great day! OLM

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Then there was some color!

Well, we got some rain last night. Or should I say it poured and poured, a total of at least 7 inches... YIKES, now that is too much rain! We were very lucky and did not get water in the basement like some of our neighbors, though a roof leak showed up. We are hopeful we found the source and I will be painting the ceiling in Alex's room this fall!
On a fun note, Jeff was over and painted the ceiling at the top part of the walls in the gathering room.. YUP, it has some color! We are thinking it will need a 3rd coat though, poor Jeff, I think he is ready to shoot me! LOL. I am happy with the color, it's saybrook sage in the historical colors from Benjamin Moore. Onto starting the wainscoting.. So light is getting a little brighter at the end of the tunnel! I am so ready to start decorating.! So I have been a busy girl trying to get a jump start on my fall crafting. It's been so hot & humid, it's a great time to stay in and get things done. So out with the sewing machining and I got busy.... The only problem is it has taken over the house.. Taken on a life of its own. I have stuff everywhere...
Pumpkins and fabric piled up on the chair in the kitchen, I hope no one wanted to sit down! LOL

Forget about eating at the kitchen table, at least I think there is a table under there somewhere! LOL

Even outside is not safe. I set up a make shift table to paint in the grass, that way I don't care about how big of a mess I make. Did you see the first 2 pictures? I know how to make a good mess! LOL.... so today was a sea of orange. First step in my grungy process. Problem is it's to humid and nothing is drying, so I will need to bring it all in to dry! oh well, it was worth a try! Off to bring it all in, it's starting to get dark and mosquito's will attack soon! Have a great night! OLM

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Everyone had a great time meeting our Relatives from Ireland!

So this past winter my nephew Tyler started researching our family tree. My Dad's mom came here from Ireland in the 20's along with a brother and sister. We knew at least one sibling stayed behind in Ireland. Well as it turns out my Grandmother was one of 10!! Tyler paid to post our family tree on Ancestry. At least that is how I think it works. Within a few days we got a email from Ireland asking for more information and saying " I think we are related!" Guess what we sure are!!! They already were planning a trip to the states to meet other relatives ( yes, we need to contact them too) so they made a stop to meet our family as well.
Even though we are still remodeling here, I had everyone over dinner last night so we could get to know everyone. What fun! I tell you, this computer age, where we can link up in a blink of a eye is just amazing! So here are a few pictures from last night and today. Here I am with mom sitting in the chair talking with 2ND cousin Kathleen....
Here is Steven feeding my brother's son William chocolate cake!

Here I am with my cousins Kathleen and Noll... They are 1st cousin's to my dad....

Here some of us are today at the cemetery. They wanted to see were they were buried. From the left is Tyler, Barry and Kathleen, Noll, Caroline, myself and Ed. They are not use to this hot & humid weather. It is much cooler and damp in Ireland.

Conversations outside last night....

Cousin Noll with my Dad. They are first cousin's...

Mom, Caroline ( she is the one who contacted Tyler believing we were related) and Kathleen...

Kathleen's husband Barry and Ed getting know each other... With it being so warm, beer was the drink of choice last night!

Off to the left is my brother Matt talking with Caroline and looking at family papers. Matt's daughter Rosie is in front with her pop... Mom & me talking with Kathleen...
It was a great night, not enough time to really visit. You think of things you should of asked after one leaves. Though thanks to computers and the Internet, we will be able to keep in touch! Now we all want to got to Ireland! Someday! This was just a great experience! OLM

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A beautiful MESS!!! And another hot one!

This is just a wonderful site!!! Our neighbor has been taping and sanding for us. He's pro and knows what he's doing, though We OWE him big time!!! The gathering room is coming along nicely. We ran around yesterday looking at the different styles of wainscoting. Who knew there where so many different types. Picked out our favorite and hopefully hubby can start on that later this week. Carpet is getting order tomorrow. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting a little brighter!
The boys are even starting to ask when this will all been done. Soon, very soon. Just a couple more weeks! YEAH! It will have been worth it.
Now I need to clean what I can and get ready for our relatives from Ireland. They will be here on Tuesday. This too is very exciting! More on that later..... Another hot one here again. We are not even showing any signs of the heat going away. This has been a warm summer. Even poor knuckles is looking for a little relief from the heat..

I set out the sprinkler for a little bit on the new grass in the back yard. He jumped all over the sprinkler and the water....He was one wet dog when he had enough. Off to start cleaning. Stay cool. OLM

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Celabrating a the big B-day and a lemon Poppy Seed update...

Well today is a warm one! hot & humid! These are the days one just wants to stay inside, so yes, if I didn't have to go, I didn't... I love summer, but high 70's low 80's where my windows can be open is perfect! 10 days now of air conditioning having to be on, ICK!

Yesterday we had a little BBQ for our BFN Nadine. Now on the subject of what BFN is... well I need to politically correct... so Best... F.... Neighbors. She started that a couples of years ago. We are so lucky to have great neighbors. We all get along great and this was the main reason we didn't move and decide to do all this remodeling instead. Great neighbors are PRICELESS!!!!
Anyway this was the big one for her, YUP, the big 5-0-!!! Well we could not let this pass without some recognition... LOL... So the first thing she woke to yesterday was a few signs reminding her of the lost youth! Well we saw the humor in this, and yes I am the youngest so I know what that means for paybacks! Then we gathered a few more neighbors to celebrate.. of course the guest of honor is not here yet, but that doesn't stop us from eating and have a drink, oh ya in her honor...
Here she is with her LARGE martini glass. Only jello this time, though we don't think she could drink a martini of that size! LOL, Anyway we had a great time. Had to swat a few mosquitoes, but was worth it. Happy Belated B-Day Nadine!

OK, so here a couple of quick pictures of what went up on Lemon Poppy Seeds today. Yes in this warm weather I am looking forward to a few cool ones and started working on the fall and Halloween goodies...

This little guy is a "Fav" created from a Kentucky Primitives pattern.

I call these the 3 Jacks, my own little design, green is going to be my new color for this year.

then there's Punkin Jack great little guy by my hand as well... Have a great evening and stay cool! OLM

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bonus goodies....

kind of hard to see the stitching on the mat, or the little stitched face on the black pumpkin. sorry
well, there that's better! Enjoy Tammy!

Just a quick note to say I am shipping Tammy's box off tomorrow. I had mentioned I would add a few extra goodies and I did. Tammy I hope you like Halloween, I should of asked first. Kind of got a theme going here.... So another little OLM original pumpkin and a little hand stitched mat that says "trick or treat, smell my feet" I did several of these last year and they were a hit! I hope you like them...
This upcoming week will be a crazy one. Chemo with mom on Tuesday. I am thinking they will give her some kind of a break after this one. The side effects are lasting long and starting to get to her. She has had 5 extra rounds. I don't think they will stop all of it, but we will see what they say on Tuesday.
I am doing the textile swap with Char at the Pickled Pepper Patch. (I know Tammy, I still need to download that link to do these nice... I am so slow! LOL ) So Char is my partner and I am very excited to get started on that too!

Then next week we have relatives coming from Ireland to met us for the first time! My nephew Tyler started doing our family tree out on ancestry, posted the tree, I think, within couple of days we got a email saying I think we are related! My grandmother came here from Ireland in the 30's I think and sure enough we are related. They already had this trip planned, but now they are stopping to met. That will be a bunch of fun! Then of course there should be painting and the finishing of the gather room! YEAH!

So all in all it will busy around here for awhile. Have a great evening! OLM

Saturday, July 10, 2010

So who's Lucky day is it??? YIPPEE, I have walls!

Well, this has been a pretty busy morning already! The guys hanging the drywall have been here and gone! So after 10months, our gathering room has walls again! Everything that was ripped out has been done right, now let the fun stuff begin! A whole room, a open palette to work with! Really, I've had colors picked since last fall. Every time I would go to look for colors for something else, I kept going back to these colors for the gathering room. So now the real mess begins, but I see light at the end of the tunnel! YIPPEE!!!! Then all my treasurer's FINALLY go back to their rightful places! Alex is getting excited that he might actually get his room back before he leaves for college again... it kind of turned into a storage area while he was gone...OOPS
So then one might ask as well, who won my pumpkin giveaway. Who's feeling lucky today??? Well, I never get the order of uploading the pictures right... Here is hubby holding the bowl and Steven picking the name... the whole time he's asking why am I doing this???

Bowl with all the names ready for picking.......

OK, see how I screw up, here is the room with the walls up.... now taping and sanding.... Now that's a mess!

See that ugly tile floor, for as long as we have lived here, we knew we need to redo this room, but life, kids everything else got in the way. That floor, everyone could not believe I lived with that UGLY floor for all these years.. I refused to put good carpet down until the room iwas right... Oh ya carpeting is already picked out too! LOL

A peek from yesterday, hubby and neighbor Jeff looking things over, see if there is any last minute things he needs to do....
OOPS, sorry I got side tracked, everyone reading this probably doesn't care about all this mess, they just want to know if they won the pumpkin? Did I mention there is a extra goodie or 2 go along with it? I will upload pictures of that later, right before I send it out...... sooooooo
OK, the winner is, boy she has been lucky lately if you follow her blog.... SO Tammy from A Primitive Place is the winner! YEAH!!! Tammy, let me see if I still have your address in my email from our swap, otherwise I will email you to get it! Enjoy, I know he's going to a good home... have a great day everyone.. It's a warm one here and we had to open up for awhile, liquid nail stinks! LOL....OLM

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Picking a winner on my giveaway the 10th

I'm just jumping in real quick. Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL 4Th!!! We had several friends over for a BBQ, and a good time was had by all. Now we are busy working on the gathering room! Yes, possible to have drywall by the end of the week! ? YEAH!!!

I wanted to remind everyone if you haven't done it already to enter for my giveaway for the OLM original pumpkin head! Make it a great day! OLM