Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Really It's Wednesday? Already...

This is Prim Jack, I listed him over on Lemon Poppy Seeds....
My giveaway pumpkin, I have picked out a few more surprises to go with him, go enter if you haven't already!

WOW, The week is just flying by. I thought with the boys gone I would get SOOO much done, ya right. I haven't even been able to stay home once all day to get things done. Poor knuckles, he's so lonely. Well, it is what it is, I say. I am only meant to get so much done, I guess.
I have managed to get some crafting done. Yesterday was a chemo day with mom, so I always get a few things done there. I have started working on fall. Fall is my favorite to craft. I finished one big pumpkin that I just listed on Lemon Poppy Seeds. I love how he turned out. I have 3 more in the works, one in each color, orange listed, then black, white, and green. Mom thought green would look weird, I think it might be my "fav" once it's done...

I am beat, time to go watch some Castle and look thorough my Fall Mercantile Gatherings, it came today! Have a great evening, Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway, I will be picking soon! OLM

Sunday, June 27, 2010

YIKES! Today is a humid one!

OK, so My sis in law asked me to post a update on my flower garden and all the progress. So here are the ground rules! LOL... No looking at all the weeds! With this STINKIN cold and all the rain & humid weather, there is no way I am sitting out there pulling weeds. It's to bad my sign I had out there broke... It said " FREE WEEDS YOU PICK" funny I never had any takers!
Again today is humid, but at least there is a breeze. We are to cool off later in the week and I plan to hit the flower beds hard! Enjoy my little tour! OLM the sign is for all the speeder's on my block, like they even look. The old chair I painted many years ago. Really it's starting to fall apart... aster is coming up between the chair slits....
Bees Balm... My first full year with this one, I didn't realize how big it can get, love it....

Back corner by the garage, old chicken feeder from my FIL's barn, if he was alive to see me using them as planters.... well, his comments wouldn't be to nice! LOL.. beats going in a dumpster!

OK, this is lemon fluffy, love it, but the flowers don't last long, then the plant just looks, real crappy...

Old wagon that came out of the barn as well.. Tucked back by the addition.. we need to fix the ground in that area, things one doesn't think about during construction..

old wheel barrel my neighbor was going to toss, I call this "green" gardening....

Just a bunch of pots off my front step...

Few more on other other side of the step...

OK, my laundry cart turned planter, see the sweet annie growing at it's legs... don't know how that got there... but it's my best plant this year, go figure!

Chair with a planter a bunch of different annuals... doesn't look as good as it really is...

my water pump and a nice view of Dave's garage... oops...

side of the yard, grabbed this cheap at a flea market, I think it makes a great planter..

OK, poor knuckles, no boys here to play with him, I am willing, it's just not the same....
have a great Sunday... OLM
PS, don't forget to enter in my giveaway for the prim pumpkin!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Well the boys are away, so I played!

Warning, this post as a bunch of pictures!!! Boys took off last night for their fishing trip. It is bittersweet without Mark, but I know they will show his son a great time! I am FINALLY starting to feel better. Enough so to really hit the kitchen hard and give it a good cleaning.
With both boys home and a room under construction, well everything is always a mess it seems. I can not wait for the gathering room to be finished. It really was the hub of the house and to have it out of commission now for 10 months is long enough. Hubby promised once he's back my head will spin with the progress that will be made....
So today I moved things around on the counter, dusted and organized. I will start crafting again so it probably won't stay that way for long, since I sew at the table for now. But, for at least this week, dishes will be at a minimum and the only mess I can complain about is my own or Knuckles hair!
OK, so this was the old eating area, it was very small. I love the Jelly cabinet tucked there now! Everyone always as about the "chuckie" doll on the left... that was my first baby doll, I got her when I was 6. She has been very loved!
My little farm table I got awhile back. Moved most of my fly screens on this little table. I just love the fly screens! It's illness!

YEAH! the table without the sewing machine and fabric everywhere! Got this harvest table last fall at the flea market. It's made out of reclaimed barn wood.

OOPS, another picture must pay attention to what I am doing, here you can kind of see the studs for the gathering room. Next is insulation, then drywall!

Clean counters, boys not leaving stuff everywhere... I just love old jars, I use them as my canisters... all the cookie cutters in the bottom draw where my MIL's, she was known for her cut out cookies, I was lucky enough to get her cutters.

My noodle board. Someday, I would love to have wood counters...

more goodies, though you can't really see it, I stitched the curtain on the window..

Few more treasurers... pictures of my boys during their baseball years....

my grapevine with lights in it. When we put in the cabinets, I had the hubby put a couple of outlets up on top & switch by the sink so I could have lights up there.. Hubby also made my stove board several years ago. It comes from scrapes of wood from Alex's Eagle Project, so it's extra special.

Just a quick tour of the kitchen.. thanks for taking a peek.. have a great evening! OLM

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I've decided on my giveaway....

I had said awhile back when I got to 25 followers I would do my first giveaway. With all the craziness and the never ending head cold, I just hadn't gotten to it. I finally decided in the spirit of my favorite season, FALL, I would giveaway one of the pumpkins in my last post. I love these goofy guys. I will probably add something go along with him, I don't know what yet, so that will be a surprise....I will pick a winner on the 10Th of July... As for the rules I would guess they are the same as most:
1. You need to leave a comment on this post. Please let me know how to reach you if you should win.
2. You need to be/ or become a follower of my blog.
3. I don't know how to do this myself, but if you post this giveaway on your blog, you get 2 chances, please let me know that you did that as well...
I think that covers it? LOL, I hope you like this guy, he is a OLM original, he is about 14" long and about 8"wide so he is a nice size! Have a great evening. OLM

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I really got something done today...

Just a couple of goofy pumpkins, they are my own design....

Introducing MS...Hester....
I don't know how, but I managed to finish up a few projects today. All I want to do is crawl in bed & sleep. I managed to get a summer cold and boy this has knocked me on my butt!! LOL. Not to mention how nice and warm and humid it is outside. Summer is here and I don't want to see it end anytime soon.... so no complaining

Though I have started working on fall stuff for the shop and Lemon Poppy Seeds. Neighbors are yelling at me that it's summer to soon for pumpkins. They just don't understand how important it is to "TRY" and stay a season ahead. Really doesn't work for me, something always happens. Anyway I got my first pumpkins done along with MS.Hester. I love this doll it's a great pattern from pineberry lane. Love her, I might have to keep one of them for myself. I rarely do that, so I just might this time! Have a great evening. OLM

Monday, June 21, 2010

Morning Glory Fiber fill, ROUND 2

Calling all crafter's who love Morning Glory and Walmart really stuck it to us by deciding not to carry it anymore. Nevermind this is made in the USA, so that should count for something.... OK talked with MG, they are based in IN. They say we have 2 options, one to KEEP CALLING WALMART TO GET IT BACK! So keep calling 1 800 walmart! Or it can be ordered from the distributor, I called them, it's $11.21 a box, then based were I live $9.18 A BOX to ship!! YIKES, now I am up to almost $22. a box instead of 9.50 at Walmart. Boy this bites! I hate even touching the other crap! I have one box left and by the end of the week, I will be out.... I will keep calling, even having my friends call.... OLM

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I needed a little retail therapy....

Just a nice brown crock....
The beginnings of a few prim pumpkins...

close up of the sweet face of the doll Dru made..

Just love the teddy!!!

ok, just the front door ready for the 4th of July....

Well, this has been a long sad week. I am tired of cancer, with all the fundraising that is done, how can no cures been found? Tuesday chemo with mom, though we did get some good news there. Her cancer markers did go down a little bit!!! They had pretty much stayed the same for the last couple of months so this was a nice surprise!!! Thursday was my brother's best buddy Mark's funeral, just a sad time. Just 2 weeks ago he was here planning their fishing trip to Canada, he was SO excited, though he was in bad shape. As he hugged me for the last time he said he was so grateful to Matt for all his help, then he told me how much he loved our home, he loved all my stuff & how it was done. He really was a great guy and how he wanted to make this trip for his son. Now they all are taking his son in honor of him. It will be bittersweet but they all are looking forward to it.
OK, enough, time to pull one self up and think happy thoughts. So I don't know about most, but when I get sad or very angry, I need a little retail therapy. So as I left the service, I was close to one little shop in town. Not prim at all, they have what they call the antique barn. I really haven't found anything in there in years. Though a couple of weeks ago, they had a brown 5 gallon crock, great shape, $30... So I thought well if it's still there a little pick me up might be in order.... Well it was there, I cleaned it up and just need to decide if I will use it outside as a planter or somewhere in the house... Still thinking on that..... Then awhile back I had order a doll & teddy from Dru at Cinnamon Creek Cabin.... They were waiting for me when I got home, a bonus! I love them. Not sure where I am going to tuck them. I really need that family room done! I need those places back to put things!

I even managed to finally do a little sewing yesterday. I need to get my OLM grove back. thinking of ideas for my giveaway, details sometime this week.... So life goes and things are slowly starting to get back on track. Everyone have a great what is left of it, Father's Day. OLM

Monday, June 14, 2010

Put a few goodies in their new home & WOW 25 followers!

My kitchen needfuls box tucked under one of my prim boxes...
pantry cake under my favorite prim fly screen....

so much in this picture... little ticking tote with prim candles in it on the left....

my little bag w/mouse!

Well, this has turned into a busy day & 2 posts in one day. I couldn't stand it, so I tucked a few of my goodies in their new homes, so just a couple quick pictures of them in their spots!

Then just like that I have 25 followers. When I started this it was to see every one's prim ideas and homes. I love visiting all the blogs. I never dreamed anyone would want to read my humble little blog.... Though I did mention awhile back if/or when I got to 25 followers I would do a give away. Well that happened today... So give me a couple of days to decide what I want to do, so stay tune more info to come... Off to watch the Bachelorette, yes I watch! OLM


Love the little mouse in the seed bag! Just a hoot!
I need to hang this cross stitch in my kitchen!

Love all these goodies!!! It was a good day for olde lady morgan! LOL

great scented pineapple bowl fillers Tammy made!

Afternoon everyone! I just don't know where my day has gone, well we've had many crazy and sad days here lately, though day is a great day, I received my WONDERFUL swap box from Tammy at a, ( sorry Tam, don't know how to do the nice link ups yet!

I don't think I had mentioned yet that I was doing a swap with Tammy. this was my first swap and I was really sweating it, every one's taste is just a little different and you want to give just the right "goodies".... I haven't found homes just yet for all my wonderful goodies, again were does the day go? I am going to save the sweet little light for the gathering room we have been remodeling. It's been ripped apart for almost 10 months now, and FINALLY we are about 10 days from drywall!

I am going to put the cute pin keep in the enamelware cup by my stitching chair to catch my needles, my hubby thanks you! I leave them everywhere... Pantry cake to go under my fly screen on the counter and I just think the little seed bag with the mouse coming out of it is a hoot! I will hang that off my dry rack...Of course there is all the little extra goodies to put in their new homes! Thanks again Tammy this was SO MUCH FUN! thanks for the shout out for my new venture on Poppy Seeds! Everyone have a great day! OLM

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Just a quick post, I have been working on this all week along with everything else on our plate right now. I am very excited to have gotten accepted on I just listed my first 6 dolls. I am hoping this will finally get me jumped started in venturing on to ebay and hoping even a selling blog. I love creating primitives, it keeps me out of trouble! LOL My brain never shuts off so I need another creative outlet for my prims. I love working with Sandy at Poppy Seed Primitives in Genoa, IL.... but there's only so much she needs at a time and I don't know how to just make one of something, so I have a pile of goodies looking for good homes! Also, if anyone is ever in the area pop into her shop. She has some great stuff!!! It just seemed fitting, Lemon Poppy seeds... Poppy Seed Primitives... So we will see where this takes me. I have so many ideas now I just need to spend more time creating them. Have a great day! OLM

Friday, June 11, 2010

Gone Fishing.......

Well, I wasn't sure if I was going to talk about this. Tossed it around in my head all day and figured this might help get me thorough the rest of the day, so bare with me. First on a fun note, I finished up my swap with Tammy at a primitive place. That was so much fun to put together. It was my first and I hope she likes it!
Well we have just had one of those weeks no one ever wants. One you have to pick yourself up and remember we only get to go around once in this life and it's what one makes it.....OK, so we all know CANCER just sucks!!! I have been helping my mom with treatments since Nov. For colon cancer. We just found out last night we have another friend diagnosed with colon cancer... PLEASE everyone go get the colonoscopy! It saves lives, hell if I can go thorough prep once, pass out & break my nose and still manage to do it again, trust me it's no big deal, DO IT!!! Hubby had a friend from work pass away, he left today to go out of town for those services, very troubling how he died, I hope he found peace.... OK, so sorry this is SO depressing... So my brother's best friend since he was 12 was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer 3 years ago. He has given it a hell of a battle. They have been planning once last trip fishing to Canada in 2 weeks. To take his 15 year old son for one last great memory of fishing with his dad. Ed and my boys are going too, along with my dad. Well, he didn't make it, he too passed away last night, like a said a hell of a week! Again we get once to go around, we must not sweat the small stuff and count our blessings... So yesterday at 41 Mark went fishing! OLM

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Calling all Moring Glory Fiber fill users!!!

Hello all fellow crafts who love Morning Glory Fiberfill that only Walmart carried. I called MG today to see where else we can find this, no where really. Can call the distributor to see about shipping direct, though shipping will probably kill us & would need to order 20 boxes to get the shipping down UGH! Joann's maybe someday....but you know that will be $20 a box instead of $9.50... WE ALL NEED TO CALL WALMART & COMPLAIN 1 800 WALMART!! They could possibly bring it back. They do listen to customers! I called today & will keep calling! They know we are upset & have had a lot of calls! Squeaky wheel get the oil here! So everyone call & hopefully we can get it back on shelves in time for the fall shows! OLM

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Flea Market Day!!!

Love this 3 strip blanket, I think it will look great with the 5 strip I already have. I just love how well these wash up!
Well, I just love this!!!

After a rainy and gloomy Saturday, today was a great sunny day. Perfect for the flea market. So off I went with 2 of my girlfriends to stimulate the ecomony! Yes we did more then our fair share!!! Within our shopping group whoever spends the most is the lead loser until the next trip. Lately with remodeling and such, it seems I have been the non stop lead loser! That streak ended today! My girlfriend Cindy was a busy girl! In no time her cash was gone!!! LOL!!!
Though we came across a great old wheel barrel. I just love that vintage look. It's a old Craftsman's. I just wasn't ready to start parting with my money, we had only been there 10 minutes.. So lucky for me Cindy says it is sooo you so we will call it a early Christmas present! After some great bartering she got it for $18, what a deal. So I thought I would show a picture of it. I will use it for my yard work. Now I am even prim when doing yard work?!
OK, then I have to say I have a problem. I am obsessed with the family heirloom weavers blankets, coverlets, table throws, etc.. I need to stop but I can't! So even at the flea market I can spot them. This cute booth from a shop had a 3 strip tan queen blanket, YUP she cut me a deal and I just couldn't say no! Never mind I just got last week the 5 strip in black for my bedroom. I need a FHW anonymous group! LOL... SO I think I will layer them on our bed and no more for awhile. YA right! So all in all it was a great day. Everyone found a few treasurers and we had a few good laughs. OLM

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Box of Goodies from Up North

Love the vintage Plastic Santa candy holder! I have a few of these LOVE them!

Today is a wonderful day!!! I could take the whole summer like this, sunny, upper 70's, with a great breeze. These are prefect days for me! I will go outside soon and get some yard work done.

I wanted to share some goodies my sis-n-law the "QUEEN" sent me from Minnesota. I have the best sis in law & she is always out at garage sales and such. If I am looking for something, she usually finds it pretty quick. Now that she has started down sizing some of her collections, I get the benefits of that as well. I am a lucky girl!! So I got a few fun things, a few things that might be re purposed with crafting. Though I just love the little box, picture doesn't show up as good. Though I love vintage Christmas stuff. In this little box for 25cents is the little clips for candles on a tree, the tiniest bottle brush tree & one of the old screw in lights of a little boy I think. Love those old bulbs! So I need to get off and start my day FINALLY! Everyone have a great one! OLM