Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

As we all dash off to the first BBQ of the season with friends and family, I thought I would share a photo that hangs in our hallway. My hubby is a Vet and retired military. He was part of the first volunteer group that went over to the Mideast during the First gulf war. Actually right before the war started. Alex and Steven were 2 1/2 and 5 months at the time. I was lucky he was only gone 1 month. The night he came home I took Alex with me to the base to pick him up, it was about 3am. I never saw this photo taken. I don't even remember him being given the flag. Though some photos really speak a thousand words and I feel this is one of them. It was picked up the AP and printed on many front pages of newspapers across the US. We knew nothing of this until reporter's started calling the next day. We were like "what photo are you talking about?" We had to go get a newspaper! Now many years later Alex is now 22 studying to became a Police Officer and already at 22 he had lost 2 friends to this current war. So as we enjoy the day and we should, just take a moment to remember. OLM

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Few dolls for Sale

Ms. Libby is about 21" long stitched liberty flag and key necklace she is my own design $30
Gammie is about 16' long also my own design $29

This little angel doll is a TFC pattern. She is about 11' long $ 25

Mr. Teddy has been very loved. He's my take from a Veenas mercantile pattern. He is about 21" long. $30
All prices include their travel fare. If anyone is interested again just shot me a email. OLM

Happy Memorial Day everyone! It's a wonderful day here, warm with a great breeze! I finished planting all my flowers this morning, then sprayed the yard for mosquitoes (they have started their attack). Wow, I had a lot of planting to do this year. I will post pictures when they start to fill their pots in.

I have been wanting to start a selling blog for my dolls and such. Well, since I am no computer whiz and not sure how to link them up, for right now I though I would just a list of few one the ones just sitting here looking for a new home. My flash washes them out a bit so they don't look as prim as they are. If anyone is interested, for right now I am only taking check or MO. Prices will include travel fare. Just email me if you are interested at Have a great weekend! OLM

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Flowers are here

Well, it's a start...
Pots waiting to be filled...

Just a few flowers waiting for the new homes for the summer!

A couple of new "flower pots" waiting for their flowers....

Just a quick post to say hey. All my annuals came in today. I get my flowers thorough a Boy Scout fundraiser. I actually started the fundraiser back when Alex was in Scouts and they still carry it on. My nephews are in the troop now & I buy from them. I am never disappointed and they look great for the whole season. I had Ed drilling holes in more "old" containers for me for drainage. I like to think outside the box for my planters. If I find something cheap and will last a couple of years, I will plop a plant in it. So I have a few old chicken feeders from my father in law's barn and a couple enamel pots to add to the mix. Well they won't plant themselves so back to work! have a great day! OLM

Sunday, May 23, 2010

These are my boys!!!

Steven always the clown!

Knuckles wanting to play and not sit still for the picture

WOW, today is a WARM day!! We haven't had a day like this since last August. We hit 90!!! for the first time this year! I wasn't going to turn the air on since the heat was running just last week, but it's so sticky in the house we will never sleep tonite. Not to mention it's a good test to see if it's working for the summer and I think it needs a tune up.
So Sunday's are now softball days with boys! Ed, Alex, and Steven play together on a softball team for the last couple of years. Ed has been playing for 30+ years, and with the boys when they each turned 18 though with their schedules they hardly ever are all playing together, except today! So I snapped a few pictures of them after the game, and they won too! So now we are grilling burgers & I will be glued to the TV is a few minutes for the ending of lost! Any other LOST junkies out there? Six years of watching comes down to tonite. Here's hopping for a good rap up, nothing stupid like the 80's Dallas dream of bring Bobbie back! Enjoy the evening. OLM

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Country Sampler Product Shoot

Hanging a curtain for a product shoot....
all possbile props for the shoot...

Love this chair and the bear, don't know who makes it yet, will watch for him in the next issue...

Fall products! I just LOVE fall!!

One side of Callie's kitchen...

Wow, where did another week go? My oldest son Alex, came home from college for the summer on Sunday. So now it seems to be none stop parade of boys in and out at all hours. Got to love the 20 somethings? I need my sleep.

Of course it was a chemo week with mom so that always a long day, though she is doing well and has great spirits!

So TODAY, my fun day!!!! OK, it's a not a feature, but my girlfriend Callie's house has been used for the last 2 days for a product shoot for Country Sampler! She really NEEDS to be a feature house, she just has the best stuff! She has been collecting prims and antiques for 30+ years and her house is just WONDERFUL! We were lucky to get a sneak peak at the new sampler coming out very soon! YEAH!

It's such a production shooting all the product and the "stuff" they need to bring. All the stylists from sampler are SO nice & friendly. So they might scout my home once all the construction is done for a possible product shoot too, can't wait! Just a fun day, love seeing all the prim goodies and how they put it all together. So here are a few pictures of the shot. Have a great one! OLM

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a few of my FAVORITE things!!

Love this litte dry sink. I am planning on putting it in the family room once it done.
Our harvest table made from reclaimed barn wood! Always wanted one. It would never of fit in the old eating area. See the fabric waiting to be used on the chair? LOL

I have 2 pie safes, this the bigger of the 2. When we added on to the kitchen, I made sure there was room for this one! Love it it this room.

OOPS, a extra picture.....

Front of our humble home. Flower beds all cleaned up for spring!

My little sitting area, as close as to a porch as I am going to get. When we started the remodeling, I really wanted a porch, but it was sooo much money, I just couldn't see spending that for a porch only I wanted. :(

the back wall of the old eating area of the kitchen....

AH, my bathroom, this took hubby 2 years to do. Worth the wait. Maybe I shouldn't be complaining the family has only been torn apart 9 monthes... LOL

going to craft now....

OK, so I am going to super glue my butt to a chair and craft, but before I do I thought I would share a few of my favorite things in my home.... So many of them are in the garage, my son's room who is away at college (only til this weekend then he's home.. YIKES) and everywhere else until the family room is done. We are getting there... but it really was the hub of the house & I want it back and to have all my prims things back in their place!! Good things come to those who wait? I know it will be worth it. It was SOOO ugly before!! I will so much more to share later!!! Have a great day! OLM

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Here is a my giveaway!!!!

Hey everyone, just a quick note today. I have the rainy day blues. I finally got all the WEEDS pulled and my flower beds are looking pretty good right now! Well until the next round of weeds invade! It was my beast. I was out there almost everyday for a week, working cleaning, re-edging. I am glad it's done. I need to get back to crafting for the shop, but I am struggling right now, just not "feeling it", I better start "feeling it" soon! I got my giveaway the other day from stick, stitchesnboards... Love it!!! This was so much fun & nice surprise!! So I think I will give some thought on few designs I have going on in my head & maybe finally pull the sewing machine back out... have a great day!
PS... when I get my first 25 followers I will do my first giveaway!!! OLM

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

A few plants made it after being crushed by the old brick coming off....

Just a quick look at everything getting crushed last fall. All the brick came off at once, OOPS....

Another bucket waiting for it's flowers....

My center flower bed with a old wheel barrel, see how tall everything is already....

my picket fence by my front door.....

Happy Mother's Day to everyone! I went and saw my mom last night for a quick visit. This was a chemo week , so she is tired and resting today. During one of her chemo days or as I call them Voodoo Juice Day, she talked about wanting a old crock. That is pretty funny since she is not into antiques at all. So for Mom's Day this year I was able to get a 12 gallon red wing crock at a good price for her! She was surprised! Hubby and I got a surprised combined gift from both our boys, a new blue ray player! Another reason to get that family room done and have a family movie night whe Alex gets home from school.

I spent the day out in the yard working on yard again! Usually I'm not even starting til today because of weather. Though this year with such a warm spring, many flower's are even starting to bloom, tulips are already a thing of the past. It's amazing how fast the weeds and grass have taken over. So Steven, my baby at 20, helped me outside for awhile. I got more edging done and a few summer bulbs planted. Not doing to much more planting til later in the week, we had frost this morning. I am hoping it's the last one of the season. My annuals won't be here for another 2 weeks, I ordered them from my nephews in a Boy Scout fundraiser, but I will have everything ready to go once they get here!

So today I am sharing a few pictures of the front of the house. Not everything has been completely cleaned up, my fingers hurt, not the mention the back so I called it a day. There are patches in the front of the house where the flowers where killed when the old brick came off the house, so I will need to add more perennials there. I will do that this week. Everyone enjoy you day! Hubby is grilling steak for us 2nite! OLM

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just a quick post to show you the wagon I was sealing today. I had found this last year in my father in law's barn after he had pasted away. I had hubby bring it home & it's been sitting in the garage until now. I forgot the bottom is even wooden. Almost hate to use it outside, but have no room for it in the house. Hubby remembers using it as a preteen. So I will fill it with flower pots and it will go on the side of our humble home! OLM

so many weeds, so little time.....

YIKES! What a week. I started out on Monday with round 2 on the colonoscopy. After the February mishap and broken nose, I am glad that is done and everything is OK. I am on the 5 year plan because of the family history now. Took mom for her treatment on Tuesday for Colon Cancer. Cancer really just sucks, there is nothing good about this. This is her 2ND round of treatments starting. We will do 5 & another CT to see if there is any improvement. The cancer appears to be gone in the Colon, it's the spots on the liver we are dealing with. Her outlook is great & she asked for the extra treatments, so here is to hoping for the best!

I started working out in the yard. Last fall I didn't do the best clean up because the addition work and all. So I have extra work just waiting for me! In my 20's all these flower beds I created was great, no big deal. I could pull ALL the weeds in a day...Now in my 40's and a torn disc in my back it is just a on going battle all summer long. I love all the flowers and how it all comes together by mid July looking so full and colorful, but right now I could use a hot tub! LOL!

So today picture is one of my favorite pieces of yard art as I call it. It's a great old post I found a couple of years back. I hung a welcome sign and wrap the post in seasonal lights. It's the first thing you see coming up to the house along with a great old chair & a old enamel bucket just waiting for it's flowers. Still need to wait a little long, frost is still possible. Have to love spring in IL! Off to seal a old wagon I want to use for flowers this year. Have a great day!

P.S. Don't forget we I get to 25 followers I will do a giveaway for a original OLM Doll. OLM