Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Bags are Loaded

The "Queen" loves the color orange.
After a good lunch the candy "cigs" come out! Wax lips, Priceless!!!

We might not of unlocked the door for the "Queen"

Hey this year we can use the rearview mirror going home! LOL

The Bags!

I thought I would talk about my girls trip I take every fall. There is 6 of us that get together for much needed laughter, shopping and eating. We call ourselves "the bags are loaded". Meaning we are packed & ready to go!!! There is 6 of us in our group. Starting with my sis in law, we call her the "queen" and Darla come from MN. There are 3 of us from IL, Mary, Punk, and me OLM. We stop in Wi. to pick Kathy in Brodhead. We all met in the Lacrosse area and just have a blast! Non stop laughing, horsing around, and jokes. Grow women should never? behave this way?! Along the way we always find a treasurer or 2. We usually in some way counting the days until we can do it again. Female bonding at it's best! LOL!

So as I look around my home and realize I haven't gotten a thing done today, my thoughts drift to bags and October can't come fast enough, well yes it can, spring it barely underway but this is the only time all 6 of us can get together and it's always something to look forward too. So here are a few pictures from our last years trip. Now I need to go do laundry! OLM

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I am soo excited

WOW!!! what a fun day so far! I found out I won the giveaway from Christine @ sticks stitches n boards. I am never that lucky. I can't wait to add that to my prim collections! thanks Christine.

No new pictures today, our computer is back in the shop. So I am on my son's laptop. We have had the worse lucky lately with our computer. It needed a new hard drive about 6 weeks ago, now there is 9 viruses on it from a game site hubby went to. He wanted to download his favorite military game. Didn't even download a thing, but it completely messed up our computer. The computer is barely a year old. YIKES! Do these individuals that do this have nothing better to do then wreck other peoples computers? It's so maddening!

So I thought I would explain where my name" Olde Lady Morgan" came from. I have a great group of friends...LOL, that we get together every fall for 5 days of antiquing, prim shopping and eating! We have a blast! One year in goofing around, they started calling me "Olde Lady Morgan", mind you I am the youngest in our group. They were acting like brats, I was having to discipline them, LOL. It was the joke of the trip that year, and it stuck, after about a year of this, I took on the Primitives by Olde Lady Morgan for my business instead of Marie's Country Collectibles. That was 4 years ago, now most of my friends just call me OLM. It works and I love the name.

So I am very excited as my followers are growing. I am honored you want to read my humble little blog... So in this spirit, I to will do a give away once I hit 25 followers. I am not sure what it will be, probably a original OLM doll. The dolls in the opening of my blog are my designs. I love making prims. I work from some great patterns as well and my own designs.... So more details to come and thanks for reading. OLM

Sunday, April 25, 2010

New home for the little farmtable

Even though today is a gloomy rainy day I am thinking of fun summer filled days. The trees are getting their leaves, everything is coming back to life! I purchased a great little farm table awhile back. I thought I would use it in the family room once it's finished. Instead I put it in the kitchen next to my pie safe. Added a few summer touches. I think it has found a new home. Not much more playing I can do really until the family room is done, there is such a mess to come with taping & sanding that there is no point to rearranging to much until it's done. it's killing me, I so want to play and change things around, I will just have to wait a little longer... OLM

Monday, April 19, 2010

It's up!!!

Well hubby with a little help from one of his buddies got the door on the wall today. Just thought I would share how it looks. I never can get the flash right so it's a little washed out. Knuckles made himself comfortable while I was taking the pictures. I am really happy with our room. It still needs TLC, but it's off to a great start. OLM

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring is here

Another week just flew by. Yikes time just goes by. Our room got painted with some BIG help from our neighbor the painter! He took pity on me when I told him it took me 3 hours just to do the ceiling! He saved me! Bedroom furniture came yesterday, played and moved everything around 4 times. I think we have it set & the olde farmhouse door that will be our headboard can go up. I am sooo grateful that I did not have Ed hang it last week, since our bed in not in the same place now. I managed to get a little crafting done and enjoy some our great spring days. We hit in the 80's earlier in the week, now we are more seasonal in the high 50"s. though we have lots of sunshine so I will take it. Boy I am just tired, I sure could use a nap! LOL. I have a few ideas for more Americana prims so I want to get the sewing machine back out too... I will see how the rest of the day goes, enjoy... OLM

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

What a busy week. Started by taking mom to her treatment. One more to go, then the C.T & deciding what we do next. She will still needs some type of chemo, just don't know what yet. I have been working in our bedroom, all the border is down!!! Started painting yesterday. Took me 3 hours to do the ceiling. Called my neighbor over to give his stamp on approval since he is a painter. Well he is finishing it for me, bless him!!! Not that I did a bad job, I am sooo slow & I have a really bad back, so he saved me!! I owe him big time!! Love the colors, Copper Glow on one wall & Ginger Root on the other 3 and the ceiling. Pictures to come after I get everything cleaned up & the new furniture in. Still plugging away at everything else. We are really at crunch time though. Alex will be home from school in a month & really needs to be able to walk in his room. It has become the dump area during remodeling. We have been at this for 8 months. I really need to be done.
I did get to a flea market last weekend, first of the season. I was able to get a few goodies. Always looking for those little treasurers... So here is a picture of my new treasures, once all is done and clean up begins, I will find the perfect place for them. Now I am off to the country store. Need new switch plates in the bedroom.. You see them advertise in Country Sampler all the time, how lucky for me they are only 25 minutes away! Have a great Sunday. OLM

Monday, April 5, 2010

I swear I only blinked!

I swear I have only blinked. I don't know where the time has gone, but 20 years ago today my baby was born. Steven Ralph is 20 today. Where did the time go? I no longer have any teenagers. One would think I would be happy to be out of the teen years. I just can't believe I have a 22 & 20 year old now, both in college with only a year to go. Time really does fly by and in a blink of a eye your babies grow up! So here a couple of goofy pictures of Steven. For all of us who know and love him, the only kind of picture for him is a goofy one. Happy Birthday "Cheek's" love MOM...

Friday, April 2, 2010

The end is near???

Well, it's a great day in the burbs of Chicago, breezy and in the high 70's! What a treat! Hubby took the day off & is hammering away in the family room! We got a little ahead of ourselves and have carpeting even picked out! He's hoping about another month we should be done?!?!?!
I have started taking down the boarder in our room to get ready to paint. I swear I am never doing wallpaper or boarder again. This part is such a pain! The fun part is I have had for the last 2 years a old farmhouse door that I have wanted to use for a head board in our bedroom. (ya I know I move real fast) yes 2 years just waiting to be cleaned up give a coat of varnish. With the weather having been so wonderful, that is what I have been working on too. There are some great colors on the door! I don't know what side to use. The side I am working on today has greens, some orange and even browns.. LOVE IT!!! I this side probably would work best once the room is done. The other side had browns, yellows and even a hint of pink, and of course white on both sides. Image if this door could talk? all that it's see over the years! I can't wait to get it up. Here are a couple of pictures of it in the garage. Have a Great Easter! OLM