Sunday, March 28, 2010

Great Day!!!

This has just been a great Sunday. It is not super warm yet, though it's sunny and I feel like spring is coming! Mr. weather man is saying we will be in the 70's by the end of the week! I can't wait. I have spent most of the day creating a few new dolls. I love being able to tea dye them and get them in the sun to dry. So much easier then baking them in the oven. I am sharing my latest creations, these are all my own designs. Hubby gave me the look of "ICK" I call it. Usually that means they are good & ugly and he can't image anyone would pay any money for them. So they should do alright! Got to love the ugly ones too! Here is a couple of pictures, and enjoy your Sunday. OLM

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just like that....

Well. Just like that he was gone again. This is what Ed & I say each time our oldest son Alex leaves again to go back to school. He was on spring break last week so I spent the week making all his favorites. Now it's quiet again. Yes, Steven is home, but hardly. Between his classes at DeVry & work, Ed and I are almost emptynesters. I don't know if I like this yet, though Ed loves it! I like the less cooking part though. I was teasing that I was going to need another dog, though knuckles is enough and VERY spoiled!
So I got a few new things done for the shops this week. Took mom to treatment and it's along day so I always get a few things done. The nurses are even asking me when I come in what I have in the tote to do for that day. I have been going thorough my patterns and trying to do some of them. I have so many that have never been touched, so I got to a few more. So I will share some bees from a sweet pea primitives pattern and a teddy bear from a veenas mercantile pattern.

Then there is a doll I designed just for my friend Sandy. Today is her B-day and I am so lucky to have met her and it's at her shop "Poppy Seed Primitives" I am able to sell my goods! I have been lucky to have a outlet to sell my primitives and the followers I have gotten from her shop. Well hubby just came home, later then I thought, more later. OLM

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Well they said we would get some and we are. It really isn't that big of a deal, until one realizes it was 65 degrees yesterday and I was sitting on the patio enjoying the day. Today who would want to go outside, it's in the 30's and we have at least 2 inches of snow on the ground. The only good thing about this is it will be gone super fast! We always get some type of snow in March, it just stinks after such a nice week. The trees are budding, flowers coming up, birds chirping, yes spring is in the air, except today. So I work, took things off the bedroom walls, made a pile for goodwill. Next I will start patching the walls so I can paint hopefully sometime next week.. Off to drop off at goodwill. OLM

Thursday, March 18, 2010

the new look

So here it is! What do you think? Hunter green was the old fabric. The New Holland Coin in honey from Johnston bench works is the new look. I think it is a great new look! OLM

March 18th already!?!!

Wow, it has been awhile since I posted. So much going on. Our computer is fixed, though we are still having some issues with email. We needed a new hard drive so we lost everything. What a mess. My oldest son Alex is home on spring break, Steven (my baby at 19) has come home from his trip to San Francisco so our house is full again. Though for a week we got a taste of empty nesting. I did not cook once! The nose is healing slowly. This is the first bone I have broken, I was surprised how it even hurt to chew. Though did I lose weight? Not really!:(

I have been busy crafting as always, getting ready to start repainting our bedroom. So many things a mess at once! It was not the smart way to do things! I feel like I am beating my head against the wall... We really need to buckle down & start getting things finished! As we started all this remodeling, I really wanted new gathering room furniture. With everything we have been doing, hubby would not go along with that. Plus he really still liked what we have. I wanted a more updated look...So we re- upholstered. What a difference. I will upload some before & after pictures later. I have to rearrange just to get in since the family room stuff is all upstairs too! So today was a good day to pick it up, we are in the 60's with sun shine. We are getting such a nice taste of spring. Though winter is showing up supposedly this weekend again with another chance of snow! UGH! Well for now, I am adding a few pictures of my latest works. Hopefully now that the computer is back I can get to work on creating a selling blog. Also, I am adding a picture of my small farm table I found last week along with my french bread board! It was a good day! Have a great one. OLM

Saturday, March 6, 2010

What a great day!!!!

The sun is shining, it will get to almost 50 today!! Snow is melting I heard a woodpecker today, along with other birds chirping, yes spring is in the air. Not to mention my nose is healing. I still have black eyes, but they are getting better. Now I just need our computer to get fixed and all will be right!?!? It is amazing how important these things have become in our lives. I have been using my sons laptop, but can't upload pictures on his. He dropped it & it's broken.

I have been crafting and would really like to start a selling blog. Not sure how to do that, so anyone who can point me in the right direction would be a help. Then once our computer is fixed I can upload some finished goodies. I have a basket full of extras the shop did not need. It's time to finally figure out another outlet to sell some of them. It keeps me busy and out of trouble most of the time. Otherwise, I am out looking for prims for the house. So speaking of this, I have been wanting a very small farm table. I have one farm table but, I wanted one that could be like a small desk for a entry way. Of course I found one yesterday. It's in great shape. It will look great once the family room if finished, either as a little desk or end table. I will add a picture once our computer is fixed. Off to enjoy the day. Have a great one. OLM

Monday, March 1, 2010

this has been the week

WOW, this has been a unbelievable week. Almost hard to tell this story. I must tell it with some humor. First our computer has crapped out! Not even a year old. Hopefully we will get that up and running next week. Ok, so I have mentioned before my mom has colon cancer. I take her to treatments. Stay and keep her company, she is doing well and very positive. OK, so here I go, because of this I had my colonoscopy scheduled for last Thursday. I have said no one should die of this if at all possible. So even though I wasn't looking forward to this, it needed to be done. So on Wednesday I got up walked Knuckles, ate my Jello and at 2pm like a good little girl took my 2 pills. Now all I need is to wait for well... you know... then I get to start drinking the "good stuff", NOT! Well.... I was not feeling that good, cold, stomach cramps.. get up to go to the bathroom, Now I am really not feeling good... mmm... might throw up? Yikes, I think I could pass out! Well.. next thing I know, I am on the bathroom floor, and I am tasting blood? Yup, blood!OMG, my teeth hurt, oh s----- I broke my nose. OK this is extreme to get out of the colonoscopy! Go to urgent care, yup it's broke.. everything hurts and the only I can think of is there WILL BE NO PICTURES!!! Yup my friends will ask, and you can bet they have tried everything to get one.. So here come the jokes, the nicknames, but I am holding true to the no pictures...
Really and truly I have been lucky, yes I have 2 black eyes, but it doesn't look as bad as one would think. Went to the nose doc today & it's a clean break, so no need to set it just be careful. So yes this was an extreme way to get out of the procedure, well not out of it just postponed. Now I get to have that hang over my head until the end of April, when we try this again... Oh so lucky me! You really just have to laugh! OLM