Sunday, February 21, 2010

so here we go again

OK, Now I love all 4 seasons! I can't image not having each of them, though I am very ready for Spring. To get out in the yard, start the repairs that are needed from the construction in the fall. Most of all no more SNOW!!! Yup, it's coming down again, just when there was bare grass to be had. By morning we should be looking at another 4-6 inches... Knuckles, our dog will be very happy, he loves it! I on the other hand want color in my yard, flowers everywhere. Well, we have a bit to go I guess... OK, no more venting... I have been a very busy girl today, sewing, tea staining , and designing. I also started giving some thought to what color I am going to paint our bedroom. We have decided to update this room too. Like we don't have enough going on! HA HA. We ordered new furniture. We have never had new bedroom furniture, all hand-me downs. So might as well paint it before everything comes in. I am excited about this. 2 years ago I got a old door that I wanted to make into a headboard, finally going to do that. I think I am going to a accent wall in a dark orange color. Now I just need to fit that all into the schedule. I am crazy! off to start dinner, have a great night! OLM

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Girl Time

WOW! Has it been over a week since I posted? I have had a busy week. I had my prim friends here last night for a "before"house tour.. I cleaned for a week, I dusted things that haven't been touched since the addition in October. My thought was with all the dry wall dust still to come with the family room, do it once. Well I am glad I did it, it needed to be done & I start taking a hard look at some things that needed to be parted with. I made 2 trip to goodwill for drop offs! So much more to do. Now as Ed works on the family room, I am going to start our bedroom. I really have wanted to paint it for a while. I was dreading taking down the border, but it needs a fresh look, so here I go! On to the visit-- it was so much fun, we laughed, ate of course and just had a good time. I think sometimes you just need to get together for a gab fest and this is a good reason. Also, keeping me busy is crafting for the shop & one of my online friends who saw my doll on here wanted one, so we did a swap. She does great extreme prim. She sells on eBay as OSWALD4326, check her out. Here is a picture of the doll I made for her and my special doll. I love her. She has a face only I can love!! LOL! My mom called her hideous, I always take that as a prim complement! Whenever I am making something & I show it to Ed & I get the face or he tells me no one should pay more then 50 cents for that. I know it will do well! Great morning here, off the walk knuckles pull the sewing machine back out! Enjoy! OLM

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

snow and earthquakes!

WOW!!! OK, I live outside of Chicago, so all the snow we got yesterday, no big surprise. Getting woken up at 4am with the house shaking and realizing we had a earthquake, different story! What a crazy day. Nothing fell, no hurt, I just thought someone had driven into the house. Funny how many of my friends slept right thorough it!!

I took my mom to her chemo treatment in the snow. I haven't mentioned it before but my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer in August and I have been taking her to the treatments. I get crafting done, we are there for better part of a day so I always take some work with me. Worked on dolls yesterday. I will stay in today and play and organize more of my "stuff" I have a week until my prim friends come for the "before" tour. They want to see the before & after when the family room is done. I am going to have to give a hubby a deadline. He can do just about anything, it just takes him soooo long... He had our upstairs bathroom ripped apart over a year! It looks wonderful & he did a great job, this time I need the family room back. With adult boys running around, I need a space they don't invade!

I will add a picture of my pie safe that went in the kitchen addition. When we started planning this in the fall, I made sure it was big enough for this piece to have a home! Love this pie safe & it's color. I still have some snowmen out, I just can't bring myself to put them all away. though after this last snow, I am done! Bring on color! OLM

Saturday, February 6, 2010

beating my head against the wall! LOL

OK, I need blogger for dummies or go to a class. I am not that computer savvy. I am trying & learning. Trying to add the counter on my blog, could only set it as a posting & not where I wanted it to go. I will need my son to help me later.... UGH!

OK, on to fun stuff. I got to tour one of my prim friends' home the other night! OMG!!! It is WONDERFUL! It inspired me to rearrange and freshen up as much as I can with having parts of the house still torn apart. They are coming to my home in 2 weeks to see all my prim goodies. They want to see a before & after so I have 2 weeks to really fix up what has been neglected since the addition was started in Oct. or lose my mind in the process! LOL Hubby is laughing at me, doesn't think I should get so worked up about them coming... HE did not see their homes! LOL. I know it's not worth getting crazy about, though everything does need a good dusting, so it's a good thing!

So here's a picture of my counter freshened up & clutter cleaned off of it. I have a thing for old jars, I use them everywhere... OLM

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The last couple of days has been crazy here. The other night our neighbors car caught fire in their garage. No one hurt, and the house was saved. The garage and the completely over hauled IrocZ not so much.... The main thing was no one was hurt!

Here I have been crafting and creating bunnies and eggs for the Easter season. Always rearranging. We did a bunch of remodeling in the fall. Most of it was done right before thanksgiving. So I really went right into Holiday decorating. So now I am having funny playing with all my everyday stuff and getting into place.The hubby can't believe how fast I filled up the addition on the kitchen. I got this great prim dry sink from my favorite little shop. It will go in our family room once it's done. Can't wait for that to be done. It is the last piece to really getting the house back in order. Then hopefully spring is here & I can start fixing up the outside from the mess too... Off to grungy up some bunnies... more later OLM

Monday, February 1, 2010

still learning

Well, I have been out playing and learning. Don't have everything figured out but learning.

Once I get organized I will post some pictures of our home. It has been a work in progress. We had given some thought to moving last fall, but decided instead to add onto the house and finally update our family room. We added a larger eating/dinette area to our kitchen. Added onto our garage for the hubby. He now has more storage and a larger work area, since we both can be pack rats at times! Then we had the old brick taken off the front of the house & had river rock put on, WOW that was huge! I think I figured out how to add a before & after picture of that..

Anyway I have still been decorating moving things hanging all my prim treasures. I am hoping the family room should be done by spring! Now off the the fabric store for "stuff" for creating. OLM