Sunday, January 31, 2010

I am finally doing this

Hey everyone, I have been wanting to give this a try for sometime, I just did not know where or how to jump in! I have much to learn and I'm not very good with the computer thing! So here it goes! I have become addicted to reading other prim blogs, love seeing every one's home & getting some great ideas! I have always been country but really starting going more prim & changing furniture about 6 years ago, I love it! it's my niche.
I though I should explain my name in my first post. It really started out as a joke with a group of friends. There is 6 of us and we go away every fall for 5 days of eating, laughing, shopping and most importantly, ANTIQUING!!! we call our group " the bags are loaded." I am the youngest in the group I would like to add. We were goofing around having a good time, maybe being to goofy(never). I started pretending to have to discipline them...well they starting calling me"olde lady Morgan" and it stuck! I've had a craft business for 16 years and 6 years ago I even changed my name to this. It's been a lot of fun & it's catchier I think. So there you have it. OLM