Thursday, August 14, 2014

Early Work Update....

Oh My!  
My day did NOT go as planned today...
BUT... I did list my first Goofy Jacks of the season on my early work page.
The link is on the left
here for you!  

Hope you peek if you have a minute! OLM


Kari from Meadowview Farm said... are SO talented!
Your pumpkins are just fabulous!

Karen Martinsen said...

Oh he's adorable and probably sold the minute it was listed...wishing I was the one.

I read on back to your other post (I've been MIA too!)
I'm so happy for your father to have had a visit from a cousin - it must have made his day.

Oh my friend, as much hassle as all the things that have been going on are done and Steven has moved out you are going to feel the let when that happens you know what to do...go shopping!

Glad you got away to visit hubby up north again, and to get to shop at A Simpler Time - one of my all time favorite shops!