Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I hope everyone has a chance to do sometime of 'girls' trip!  It is good for the soul!  I am so lucky to have these gals in my life!  We laugh, have each others back, it's a wonderful thing!
Now I believe this was my 11th year as a "BAG", but the original three have been doing this for 20+ years!
Now, since I have joined the group... Darla and the Queen always have a theme.  They come dressed up one way or another... Always a HOOT!  
For the last 6 years we met up in Tomah Wi. at the Market Place store.  It's gotten to the point they recognize us... see our craziness and "help" as needed...LOL 
This year we too decided to have a little "theme"
First in honor of October and breast cancer month, we got the "booby" scarves!  What a HOOT!
Mary found the blue hair....

 So what to you think?  We are getting close to TOMAH... Time to get ready!  Punk is always ready to get into "character"!!! LOL
 Poor Kathy, she is a bit more reserved compared to us... When we gave her her booby scarf, wasn't so sure she would wear it proud! LOL... Add a  the little crown and we have a look!  What do you think?  Would you walk the other way in the store if you saw us?  Or want to be with us? LOL
 Now, Mary was going to make her scarf... but she didn't get to it... She was to busy creating things to torment me!  Those I am sorry to say I am NOT going to show!!  they come back to haunt me every year!
See my wonderful... or not so wonderful husband in this case... Helped Mary and the Queen with a "few" pictures of me that are well... not in my most flattering liking let's say.... and she has come up with more ways to put them to use...UGH!  So she is the odd ball out... No scarf! Get with the program MARY!!! FOCUS ON WHAT'S IMPORTANT!!!!
 Oh me and that head of hair!  Wig wouldn't even fit on my stupid head!  So I have the layered look!
 Here comes the Queen and Darla!!  Yes, they walk down the street like this!
NOW, notice the QUEENS bag... I thought it would be fun to have a little challenge this year... IF and ONLY IF they wanted to "create" a tote for bags...WELL... this back FIRED ON ME!  as you can see with this one... NOW, I will NOT show you Mary's...sigh... Got to love friends like this!
 Here we are all together and I am showing the Queen's tote the love!
 There just is no words for this, except maybe Christmas card?
Lunch! and Margaritas!!! YUMMY!  Now if we are friends on FB... you might of noticed a few blurry pictures after this lunch... and well.. not so great typing.. LOL... These were the strongest margaritas I have ever had... and being a bad girl, I think I had 3... soo... yup... I was "cutting lose" as they say, after all I could.. I wasn't driving!
So there you have it... This is the first 2 hours of bags!!!  hehehehe... OLM


Heather Wise said...

Oh, my! Baahaaahaa! I would walk up to you until I saw the scarves. You crack me up. Oh, and I DID see your pictures on FB and was wondering why you posted blurry pictures... I was thinking a little... Glad you are back safe and had a good laugh... You sure needed one dear friend!

Love, Heather

Rugs and Pugs said...

OMG! What fun. Love the booby scarves and that tote bag...lol!
You are lucky to have such wonderful friends.
Hugs :)

Cindi said...

Omg so much fun! My sister and I were just doing the shopping thing in Tomah on Friday...to bad I didn't see you there...I would have yelled "hey Bags how ya doin?" Can't wait to hear more!
Be blessed

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Marie, I had fun and didn't even go along. You girls are a trip, I love, love it. It is so awesome that you have friends like that and can get out and have fun. You needed this trip, you will laugh for months. Love your scarves, blue hair and outfits, I bet people driving down the streets, had to take a double take. What a wonderful trip!!!! he he Hugs, Lecia

Trace4J said...

What absolute fun.
Nothing like making new memories and lots of laughs with our friends.
WHo always lift us up!

Primitive Stars said...

Oh my, you gals are such a hoot!!!!! Way to much fun....I would walk up to you and cop a feel of that booby, tee hee..... So happy you let loose Marie, gals need to do that every once in awhile....great pics, made my morning, Hugs Francine.

Jean @ Prim Crafts said...

Sounds like so much fun OLM. Can't wait to read more. I'm way to shy to do something like this or even walk up to you on the street. I envy people who can and do.

Thanks for sharing!

Raymond Homestead said...

The scarves are too funny! What fun!

Shirlee said...

Love it!

Karen said...

Absolutely too funny...that's a side of you I have never seen before...lol

SharonDoesBaskets said...

You gals are "special"... ;)

...I've seen LOTS of "sides" of Marie! ;)