Wednesday, July 31, 2013

R & R Was Good For the SOUL!!! Antiquing BONUS!

Oh, the weekend flew by, sadly!  BUT, it was WONDERFUL!  Stress free for the first time in MONTHS!!! I wish I could of stayed longer!
But, I was out of money! LOL!
Before I even met up with hubby... I stopped at A Simpler Time in Ripon, Wi!  Such a fun shop!  So many wonderful primitives accents for the home!! Judy the owner is a doll!  But, she won't let me take her picture...LOL... I understand, I hate having my picture taken too!

 I only snapped a couple of quick pictures because the hubby showed up to met up with me and take me back to the hotel....
 So, I took a picture of Hubby and his side kick Mike... They gave me their "best" side! LOL

So while we were out exploring we came across this wonderful old home in need of much love!  I LOVE THIS HOUSE!!!  It has a story, I just know it!  it's for sale... oh if I could hit the Lotto, I could give it the love it so deserves!

 YUP!  I am peeking in the window... no one lives there...
 The porch makes my heart skip a beat... oh the things I could do to dress it up!  Maybe it's time to move to Green Lake... Wish we could...BUT, life needs me here.....sigh.....
This home would make a great B & B!!!
But...hubby humored me with some antiquing!  Bless his heart....
 He bought me THIS!!!  I am a lucky gal!  YIPPEE!  I love it! Spent the day playing with it, dressing it up, instead of doing things I should of been doing... like creating... So where to put it....thinking....
 This area in our kitchen is our old eating area... I seems to always be changing it up.... so I moved things around, AGAIN... Decide my little cabinet would look great there with some of my child size collection.

What do you think?  I love that it's painted red on the inside.  It has great old hardware too!
So my trip might of been short and sweet, but it was good! YEAH!
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Rugs and Pugs said...

What a sweet little cupboard & what a sweet hubby to buy it for you! Any other treasures?
Your little get-away sounds like what you needed to recharge your batteries.
Hugs :)

Earlene Landis said...

Hi Marie, It is so nice to get away from it all for a couple of days.
what a sweet hubby..the child cupboard is adorable..looks good in that area.
love Simpler Times..she is chock full of stuff.
that house would nake a great B & B
I wonder what happened to the owners?
Love my misfit pumpkin!!!!!!
Did my check arrive yet?

Raymond Homestead said...

Neat little cupboard! Would love to visit that shop. There are a lot of great old houses out there, I wish they could all be refurbished!

Karen said...

Me thinks you did well my friend...what a sweet hubby to buy you that gorgeous cabinet! And it's all decked out already - isn't it hard not to jump right in even though you know there's other things more pressing...but come on - what is more important than a new treasure!

Oh I love Judy's place - I go up around November and enjoy all the Christmas treasures she of my favorite places for that time of year.

Blessings to you friend.

bettyj said...

Oh I wish you could buy that house, let me come visit, and heck if we can't find out its story, we can write one! I grew up in a big old house like that with a wrap around porch. They are sweet! That cupboard and what you did with it is perfect. Good husbands are worth their weight in gold. Keep creating. I have enjoyed my goodies so much. You have no idea. I felt so blessed to get them. Really

Primlish ♥ said...

I think my next weekend trip is going to be in Ripon WI! I have been wanting to go to her shoppe for awhile!! Your cabinet is adorable and I love all your goodes inside!! Sweet hubby!! You deserve it!
I just love that house! And the garage shape is super cool too!!

Jennifer said...

What a great trip!! Love it all

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Marie, so happy you got away for awhile. Lovely prim that old house too, great possibilities.....Your cupboard is so wonderful, looks great where you put it and decorated, love the red inside too....Blessings Francine.

BumbleBeeLane said...

Just what you needed. Oh the house is lovely bet it has tons of character inside to.Your new cupboard is great. Thought of you last week I saw a antique bread sign but the guy thought it was a deal at $200. Yikes it was just little and nothing real special. Warm Blessings! Amy

Trace4J said...

So happy you got to get away and had such a nice time.
Just want a body needs sometimes.
Love the house and girl you look good on that porch.
Oh the stories I am sure it holds.
Love the gift from your hubby.
Such a fun new treasure.
Woolie hugs

Heather Wise said...

Glad that you had some R&R!

I LOVE your cabinet! And, so much sweeter that your hubby got it! Love it!

I agree with Trace'- you look good on that porch. And we'd all look good after a roadtrip sitting on your porch chatting! I think we ALL could fit! Awesome!

Hugs and love!

Cindi said...

My sister and I went to Ripon and Green Lake last summer, it was so much fun! I really like her place. Love the cabinet you got and what you did with it!
be blessed,

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Oh ~ A Simpler Time one of my favorite shops to visit!!!
Love the cabinet your hubby got for you ~ we were looking at a lot of cabinets at the antique show ~ they seem to be very popular!
What a wonderful and cool house that would be all fixed up with OLM's touch!!!
Glad you enjoyed your visit to WI!
Prim Blessings