Friday, June 21, 2013

Everything is Zooming By!

WOW!..... I don't know if you feel the same way, but this year is zooming by...Now for me, that is not such a bad thing, since sadly here... it's been a rough year... but I still don't wish things to fly by quite this fast.  It's barely felt like summer, and it's almost the 4th a July soon.... big sigh... No time to sit on the patio and just enjoy.. oh I want everything to slow down a wee bit...  As always it is what it is....   I am trying to settle in on helping my dad and nephews as much as a can.  Helping dad navigate through some things and such... So I don't have lots of down time...but these are all things that need to be done.....
BUT, I did manage to go to the Sandwich, IL flea market for the first time a couple of weeks ago.  They had re-vamped it, brought in more quality dealers... oh my!  Lots of wonderful eye candy....
 So that brings me to this picture... I had started on trying to "thin" some of collections/ less favorite things way back before dad had his fall in late January.... Still come up with ideas, and one was that I wanted to get rid of or change up this hanging pot rack over my stairs.  This has been there for oh I bet 15+ years.. It's been changed up... but I now wanted a simpler look.. Decided on a large old basket would look great here. I got that idea after going to the barn sale in May, and seeing one hang in Chris's home from her ceiling... So in my little "Pooh" brain, I started thinking... and thinking, how could I do that?  I don't have high ceilings... then Light bulb, down should come the pot rack... So now I have something to "hunt" for... Surely I wouldn't find it on my first time out "looking"?  YUP!  Sure did in Sandwich....
 Great old work basket with fabric that had been wrapped around it... love it!  Simple, prim, I can change out some flowers for the season.... I took down the scale too.. and hug some dried grounds in it's place, since this picture... I am still loving this basket!
 Then our Nephew Trevor left for basic training for the Army over a week and a half ago... We are so proud of him!  Here he is with my dad.  He will come home in late August to finish up his Sr. year of school, then go back for the rest of his training.
 So I tortured them with some pictures.  Here is Tyler, from the left, Travis, and Trevor.  yes, Tyler and Trevor are twins...
 Group shoot of us at the recruiters office where we dropped him off...With my SIL Michelle, and Joey, the blond hair demon, LOL, Rosie, and William holding the tote bag they gave them!

Last Sunday, Father's Day all the boys were playing softball, and I took a few pictures... Here is the hubby and his best bud, Chuck, they have been friends since about 9... Chuck suffer a major heart attack on the softball field about 8 years ago, very scary, but THANKFULLY, our town has the paddles in police cars, it saved his life!!!  He he claims he is only "8" now... yes, I forgot what Steven was doing in the back ground... My son is a brat!

Then lastly my boys.  Still playing softball together... Though hubby is thinking it might be time for him to call it quits... BUT we will see if that really happens...
I have gotten back to creating some, and it sure does feel good, I have to say.  YIKES!  I have even started on some pumpkins too... it will be here before we know it, especially with the way time it flying...
Otherwise, days are just busy here... Working on getting use to have a second household that needs help and attention, not the end of the world, just a learning curve and adjusting... OLM


Primitive Stars said...

Happy Summer Marie, I know these months are flying by so fast, your display, looks great....wonderful pictures of loved ones...glad your getting bad into creating, and with pumpkins, my fav....Enjoy the weekend, Francine.

BumbleBeeLane said...

Sounds like life is moving forward for you. Think of you often. The basket looks nice, weird how it works out sometimes. We think of something then find it. Probly right in front of us the whole time just never noticed it . LoL.. I'm off to try a new Flea tomorrow. Hugs! Amy

A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

I completely agree the days are flying by.
I thought Summer was a time to relax but my life right now seems to be in hyperdrive.
Love your basket and the way you displayed it.
Please tell your Nephew Thank you for his service to our country.
Hang in there sweetie, Surely life has to eventually Slow down!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh I can so relate....It's almost the end of June and I don't have flowers planted (likely not to happen at this point), pool isn't cleaned (not that it's been even remotely warm enough for the fact, if I look closely enough, there's probably still ice in there...), and haven't sat outside on the patio even once (well, snakes have something to do with the latter....) Hope your summer slows down a bit - you have bunches on your plate Girlfriend. You know I love your basket - didn't realize that was fabric around it - how very cool is that! Glad that scale came down... ;o) Happy weekend GF!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

I, too, think the time is just flying by! Hope you have a chance to really enjoy the Summer, now that it is officially here!

Orange Sink said...

Hi Marie,
I can hardly believe it's going to be the 4th of July already! It's been such a slow start to summer that it's almost disgusting that it's half over! LOL!
Enjoyed seeing the pics of your good lookin' family even the brat! LOL!
I like the changes with the great basket! You have such neat pieces to decorate with!
Hope your fall creating gets off to a good start... professional crafters like you are always a season ahead! I just can't seem to get in that groove... I am learning though!
Cathy G

Shirlee said...

Great photos, especially the one of Trevor & your dad. I'll bet your dad is so very proud of him!

bettyj said...

Great pictures of family. It is wonderful your guys can play ball together. What a joy. You must feel great getting those creative genes flowing. I have been very lazy the last couple of

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Marie,
Love your displays and prim touch as always! Your dad looks so good. Love all of the family photo's! Wishing you a wonderful summer! hugs, Lecia

renee said...

I agree, things are whizzing by!
I know you are enduring much lately, I am sorry for you. I am sure your dad appreciates you.
I like your new basket and enjoy seeing your creations as well.
I pray that your nephew will be safe during this new transition in life.
Thank you for always being you.
Have a Happy July 4th.