Friday, May 3, 2013

Latest Creation For SALE!

I am slowly, ever so slowly trying to find my way back to creating...It's a good thing, keeps my mind off "stuff" and keeps me busy....
So here is Moses,  Love him!  What a hoot he is.  I created from a Netty LaCroix pattern.  He is part of the dis and dat family of hers.  
He is a BIG boy!  33" long!  Created from my grungy muslin, mostly rag stuffed. Pinched nose and mouth. Scrap feed sack for his eyes and vintage buttons.
 His britches are from a wool blend fabric and homespun for his shirt. All have been grungy and sanded as well.
 He is holding his faithful cat that is a Netty pattern as well.  He is created from osnaburg, grungy, painted grey and given a good sanding as well.

Kindly asking $68.50 and travel fare for Moses and his cat.  Please email me with any questions or to adopt him!
thanks for stopping by OLM!


jennifer768 said...

Love Moses!It is so good to see you back to creating.Big hugs my friend.Hope that you have a wonderful weekend.Hugs,Jen

Karen said...

Well isn't Moses a gem...I love him.
Nice to see you creating's good therapy.

bettyj said...

Happ your creative genes are flowing. BTW do you live close to Trace?

Trace4J said...

Oh how I love love your Moses and his cat ..
Great job getting your mojo back.
Woolie Hugs

Teresa said...

che meraviglia il tuo blog, interessanti i tuoi progetti, complimenti.

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

All I feel the need to say is, "you go girl"!

Primlish ♥ said...

Moses is awesome!! So happy to hear from you my friend! LOVE your dolls!!!