Friday, March 22, 2013

A Change, A Giveaway, FINALLY, And Where Is Spring?

WOW!  it's the middle of March!?  Wasn't it just a holidays a couple of weeks ago?  I will say, 2013 has been a world -wind... I am exhausted already.... It's been a long stressful couple of months, I won't go into all of it... It is what it is, and it's called life...sigh...sometimes it seems to hit one all at one time... I haven't been feeling well for a while... I am hoping Spring, if it ever comes, and less stress will help this.  
Dad is home, settled into his "old" routine...sigh... but doing well enough... the rest. I will spare you! 

I am trying to get my crafting mojo back.  I am getting a few things done and keep your fingers crossed... I won't share now, but a few hopeful things in the works too... 

Yesterday was my baby Alex's birthday... I didn't post a picture...bad mom...LOL... he turned 25...double sigh, how is it possible that I am the mother of a 25 year, when I am BARELY older then that myself? LOL, I wish....

Anyway.... For awhile now, I have wanted to change out the Terry Redlin print I have in my front room... I wasn't sure if hubby would agree to that... After all it did cost a few pennies when we got it... But it's just not my taste as much anymore... I envisioned a big old tobacco basket on the wall...
When we where at the Arthur shows, couple of weeks ago, I saw one, great shape... Told hubby what I would like to do... He didn't think it would work in the space, I did... anyway, we didn't get it, but I knew where TO get it...HEHE..
So, when we got home, I emailed the dealer that I have become friendly with... Sweet Peas Primitives and Such in Sandwich IL, asked her to measure...
Yup it was going to work... Then Alex spoke up and said how much he likes that print and he would take it with him when he moves out!  YEAH!  A home for the print!
Off I went to Sandwich couple of weeks ago to get the basket then...
 So here is the before... I know, I know.. .the sconces need to go... sigh... I will at some point.. Since this picture I have put smaller yellow ware bowls on them.  Works for now...
 After... Oh much better!  Oh so much more prim, at least I think so!

This is what I originally got when I asked hubby to hang the basket up for me...sigh I forgot to mention, hang it on the wall... So, when I went into the room to him and Steven laughing, that should of been my first clue, they didn't do what I wanted or meant... Yes, I am surrounded by smarty pants!
 Oh, in the mist of all the craziness the last couple of months, I had my 3 year blog-versary at the end of January.  It was my plan to do something then, but dad crafting mojo went MIA, and other things too...  So I was thinking of a "theme"... What to do... Then I came across Poor Mis-Matched Florence.  I created her last year and she never found a home... So I thought I would offer her here today as a my gift to you my followers for simply reading my blog!

So here is my thoughts... All you have to do is be a follower of my blog, new followers welcome, leave a comment here that you will like to be entered and it's done!  That simple...  I will pick the winner on my son Steven's birthday April 5th.
I will have this open to US and Canada followers, because of the shipping cost.

So as in my past giveaways... You know I like you to work for it... IF you would like a 2nd chance to win Florence, all you have to do is a POST on your blog about what is the first thing you will do once the grip of winter really FINALLY breaks and we all can get outside... What is the first thing/ things you want to do?  Do you have plans?  What are they?
If you are like me, it's been cold late in the season with late season snows that has left us inside longer then normal.  We are all going a little stir crazy...SO once we can FINALLY go out and play what will you do?
THEN, after your post, you HAVE TO come back to this post and leave me a 2nd comment that you did it!  That simple!  If you don't leave a 2nd comment HERE, then it doesn't count...  mis-matched Florence is a OLM OOAK design!
 Here's the teaser and /or the kicker, this time last year we had  over a week of 80+ days.. which broke records everyday... It was way to early for that... BUT
This is what happened then... My weeping cherry tree bloomed WEEKS early!  It sure was pretty!  Not even a hint of a bloom right now... still have snow in parts of the yard and it's been FREEZING cold here this week!  

So I can't wait to see what every one's plans are for Spring!  I hope everyone wants to play along with my giveaway!  Have a great weekend! OLM


Lori @ applegrovetreasures said...

That cherry tree is so pretty! I got a chuckle out of where your hubby hung the basket, that is totally something my hubby would have done! I would love to be entered to win poor Mis-Matched Florence. She would love it down here in Florida...nice & warmm;) Thanks so much for the chance, have a great weekend:)

Primitive Stars said...

Evening Marie, glad to hear your Dad id doing well........The Cherry tree is beautiful, no sign of Spring here.....The Tobacco basket looks so good there, wonderful choice.....I would love to be entered in your great giveaway, would love Florence so......Thanks, Francine.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Glad to hear dad is doing better.
Your tobacco basket is perfect ~ so much better.
I promise if I win MMF will have a good home.
Hugs :)

Theresa said...

I love your work. Please enter me in your give away.

Your husband and sons sure keep your life interesting :)

bettyj said...

How funny with the basket "hanging". One of the things I am going to do is paint my back porch. It is yucky! Don't know why I painted it the color I did. I have another trip coming up around the corner. Then I am so motivated after Williamsburg, I don't know what I will do!!!One of the things I have to do before the beach trip in June is get a bathing suit. You WILL hear me screaming way over there. 3 years blogging. Don't know if I can make it that

TheCrankyCrow said...

Hey, hey, hey GF!!! Good to see a post from you....good to be able to pull up blogger and have 15 minutes or so to catch up. Yeah...I so hear ya on the SIGH part!! LOVE the new Tobacco basket...Perfecto!! Funny how you can live with something for several decades - go by it each day and then one day it snaps and you can't stand it another minute. (Don't ask what happened to the door bell box today....) ;o) Anywho...I would love a chance at Missy Florence!! Wowsers....I thought she was long, long, gone....I remember her fondly as a kindred gal....if ya know what I mean.... I'll see what I can do about that "post." Eeeek....that would mean I would have to actually POST something! Off for some shut eye now....Hope things level off and your find a good new normal...Have a great weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Marie, I think you and I need to go on an extended vacation, to get away from it all. I am so glad your dad is doing some better. Hope he has a full quick recovery! The basket story is so funny, your hubby tried, but that is something my hubby would do too, have to laugh at them sometimes.
Wishing your handsome son a wonderful birthday, you are like me, we grew up with our kids. he he
I am still growing up.
Love all your decor!
Love your giveaway doll, please add my name to your awesome giveaway. Take care of yourself and hang in there and just take one day at a time, I know it will get better. hugs, Lecia

Raymond Homestead said...

Mis-matched Florence is adorable, would love a chance to win her! I think your tobacco basket looks great there!

Allison said...

Happy 3 years blogging anniversary!!!
I do like your basket on the wall. I have two similar pictures above our fireplace that I had to have and they look good there just not prim. I'm been think I need one or two larger samplers to hang there. I would have to make them :-) and that hasn't happened yet.

Don't those kids grow up too fast! My birthday is tomorrow and my 21 yr old said 1 year away from a half a century, thanks kid.

Please enter me in your giveaway. I might be back for the 2nd entry.

We're expecting more snow tonight. I'm planning on having a giveaway for my birthday, so hopefully I'll blog it soon.

BumbleBeeLane said...

Good to see a post been awhile for love the Basket it looks wonderful.Of course I'd love to give florence a home..Warm Blessings!~Amy

Gayle said...

I'd love to win that sweet little dolly since that is something I don't really make myself. I'm anxious for spring to hit just so I can get outside and dig in the dirt - not too exciting, but it makes me happy! I'm a follower.


Hi Marie,
I would love to give Florence a home...she is beautiful, so please enter me. Glad your Dad is better, and I agree, it has been some year so far. I can't stand to be cooped up, so I am anxiously waiting on warm weather. Have a wonderful week. Blessings,


Hi Marie,
Just posted on my blog for a second chance on Florence. I love your weeping cherry tree. Hope it blooms as beautiful this year! Thanks. Linda

Danice said...

Glad to hear that dad is doing better. Florence is so unique! I'm a follower. Please enter me in the giveaway. I'd love to give her a home :)

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Hi Marie-Florence is adorable and I'd love a chance to win her. I'll be making a post this morning for the extra chance!

Green Creek Primitives said...

Hi Marie, Love the tobacco basket, you were right just the perfect place for it, I have always wanted one of those also, yes I know where I can get one also. It just been to cold and windy here to be outside, is suppose to get better, my iris's already have buds on them. I am ready to dig in the dirt. Love your doll, please enter me in your give away. Have a great day, Hugs Vicky

Margie said...

Sorry you haven't been feeling well my dear...hopefully you will get a case of spring fever..wait, that IS a good thing right ? I am forever mixing my metaphors, lol. Hope you feel better the pics of you house...always inspiring...Hugs my friend !

Norma Conway said...

I am a happy follower of your blog and so this will stand in for my first ticket stub for a chance to win your lovely giveaway. Your question about what I myself plan on doing when the going gets 'good' weather-wise, gets me to thinking about what I really want to do. It's an interesting process. My heart goes out to your for your loss; I will pray. Norma, x

Heather Wise said...

I am a follower! I am a follower who loves your new basket on the WALL (husbands are silly). I am going to try to post this week, but if not, I want to say I am interested in being entered. She looks a little bit like I feel as I come to the end of this school year. I am not just looking to warmer weather (that means gardening), I am looking to summer vacation. Is that terrible? I will come back if I am able to post. If not, please enter me once! Thank you for your sweetness and generosity! (Our weather was in the 80's last year too. So sad.)

Love to you!

Karen said...

Hi Marie,
Well I was so happy to see you extended your contest as I tried to post here last week but I was on my Ipad and it did not let me do much in the line of kept freezing up so I thought I'd do it later when I got home and then forgot.

Shirlee said...

I would love to win Florence! Please put my name in the hat : )

Lynn said...

So sorry to hear of the passing of your sister. I will keep you in my
I would love to be entered in the giveaway drawing. I am a follower.

Angela said...

Good evening Marie, I almost missed entering your giveaway. Hope I am not too late. What are my plans for Spring? Sitting on the front porch, "just a swinging" and listening to Darbee Rae sing her sweet little pre-K songs she has learned. I am so sure Florence would just love to sit and swing with us. What do you think? Have a blessed evening.

TheRustyThimble said...

Well I may of totally missed the cut off to sign up
Wow where have I been at? not reading blogs, shame on me!!

I love love her Marie

can I please be entered if I am not too late