Sunday, January 6, 2013


Is anyone one else having problems up loading pictures to blogger????... I did see a report of a issue on Friday about this on blogger... but... still not working.... Now I do everything through blogger, up load pictures, etc....I would get  my browser box to flip through my pictures uploaded on  my computer.......sigh... I am not getting the browser box so I can up load pictures... sigh.... nothing I do brings up the browser box....UGH!
Is anyone else having difficulty???  I know I should try live messenger, but it's like teaching a old dog new tricks... I know this well and Usually works fine for me....ugh....  OLM


BumbleBeeLane said...

Instead of going under compose hit the html(beside the regular tab on your posting screen) then hit the pic box at the top add your pics then click back on compose.That's how I got pics posted and it worked for francine too.~Amy

Angela said...

Hope what Amy said works for you. I tried all evening yesterday and couldn't find browser either. I saw Amy's comment on Francine's blog this morning and tried it and it worked for me too. Good luck

bettyj said...

What do you mean find the "browser".(I am showing my ignorance) Is that where you hit upload for pictures? The symbol picture at the top of your blog. I couldn't do this and Libby had me hit my zoom(view) until it came up. It worked. I went almost 3 weeks and blogger kept telling me I had to pay for moe space.Lynne kept telling me not too. Then one day lo and behold I could post pix again. I know I am no help, probably confused you even more. If so I am sorry. LOL