Sunday, January 6, 2013

FESTIVUS For The Rest Of US!!!

YEAH!!!  I can post pictures, what did I have to do?  Download a NEW browser! UGH!!!   See it's hard to teach this old dog new tricks, and it takes me FOREVER to catch on... LOL.... but this was a was "fix".

Last night was our neighborhood "festivus" party!  Hubby started this 4 years ago after the Seinfeld episode FESTIVUS..... It's been a big hit and lots of goofy fun..... We have several of the neighbors over for cocktails and dinner....
Here the Hot Dog man has just come in and Knuckle's is VERY excited!!!
 Busted!  Doesn't that look like a "guilty face"??!!!   Never mind I caught him at 9:30 in the morning giving Knuckles a hamburg over the fence.....

Then hubby shows everyone the wonderful box of surprises waiting for them...LOL... ( Now I hope no one is easily offended... I will show gifts at the end... some might be a wee bit in poor taste for some?  But all in good fun!)
 After dinner... and a cocktail or two begins the "airing of grievances"  Oh my... this can get ugly?  We all need to be careful we all live within egg throwing distance...  Well, except for my brother here... voicing his first grievance...  thankfully his is against the village... won't go into that ugly story,
 Jeff AKA the hot dog man, saying he good, doesn't have ANY... We are all so excited for him, after 2 LONG years, he finally has a job, sadly it's in WI... so they will be moving away... one of hubby's grievance's???  That they get to move to the "promise" land before him... Though they claim they will NEVER become Packer fans.....I wouldn't say that ANYWHERE in public in the state of Wisconsin....or wear that sweatshirt for that matter, unless you want your butt kicked hot dog man!!!
 He is John AKA the "King"  I don't know how it started, but John& hubby each call each other the "King".... So here he is reading the Miss's grievance's, sadly she was not feeling well and kept her cooties at home.....
 YIKES... several pages.... and many against OLM... and she not here to take her licks...
 His only grievance was that he needed to take off his glasses to read them...LOL
 The "General" also with many pages...sigh...LOL... and as it seemed many against the Morgan's..yikes no loyalty, we just feed all you guys! LOL
 OOPS...King still reading one,  a fun surprise for my brother!  HEHEHE... Got to love good neighbors!

Finally all has been aired out... and it's time for "feats of strength"......
 Table top bags....
 OOPS... out of order... don't know how that happened... Alex airing his grievance of a ticket to his buddy the "doctor" ...nickname from his time in the Navy.... They swapped cars, Doc to Alex's truck to school to move in... Alex's car got broken in and GPS stolen... AND... while driving Doc's Jeep... got a ticket for expired registration...OOPS!  See they are laughing, all is GOOD!
 Feats!  Hungry Hungry Hippos!!!
 Husband against wife Rock in Sock em Robots......
 Then I think the funniest game of the night... Ring around the Nosey... yes, they are games for little kids....Though image the conversions with the way these look...sigh... this is why this a adult only party....
 Wasn't going to show this one... yikes, I have put on a few pounds...sigh... but look at hubby right behind me.... I didn't even know this was happening...LOL
 Boys getting into the game!

 Two years running now... Mr. Alex is king of the ring around the nosey game... LOL

Then comes "prizes" for the winners... We collect a few "gag" gifts over the course of the year.....
 General excited to get a prize....
 This got many laughs... can't even say where this came from... had it in my closet for years... re-gifted it!
 Book light.... some were kinda nice....
 hubby bought this so long ago, he forget we had this t-shirt... so funny my SIL Michelle got it!!! giggles...
Lastly my brother with some VERY important reading... there is more I could share... but thought to spare you some of it... It's a great fun night... so many laughs!  I think a good time was had by all!

Sadly, all the decorations came down to have space cleaned up for playing of games and such... sigh... I always find it so dark and blah after the tree comes down... but soon will come Spring colors and new season to look forward too!  Thanks for peeking! OLM


SharonDoesBaskets said...

LOVE IT! Ring around the Nosey pics are BY FAR the BEST!! :D LOL Thanks for sharing! :)

Orange Sink said...

The ring around the nosey game looks like a hoot! You guys do have the fun!
I would tell your friend to leave the sweat shirt in Ill... and to never say that in WI! LOL!! A cheesehead may come looking for him! LOL!
Great pics!!!
Cathy G in WI!

earlene said...

Rings around the Nosey!?**? That is so funny...I wouldn't be able to do it I would be laughing too hard...pardon the pun:0)
well anyway it sounded like a blast Marie.
Glad you can post pictures again.
Have a great week.

Primitive Stars said...

Oh my stars, looks like so much fun having Festivius always loved that episode to........What a great game Nosey is, to funny.......Now that is how to have a great time, food, fun and games and good peeps......Loved all the pictures, thanks for sharing, Hugs Francine

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Marie, I love to see family and friends having a good time and lots of fun. Wonderful pictures, I bet you are still laughing! hugs, Lecia

Raymond Homestead said...

Looks like you all had a fun evening! Enjoyed the pictures!

Janet-Olde Crow Primitives said...

What a great time!
Your stomachs must be from laughing so hard :)
Great pics!

Trace4J said...

How fun.
I loved all the smiles and pictures.
How cool it must be to be your neighbor.
My grievance..Im not your neighbor :)
Woolie Hugs

Hillcresthome Prims said...

I LOVED this post. You all looked like you had a SUPER, GREAT time.
If hubby and I lived near you I would have been there with bells on and my hubby too!
I lauhged through this whole post. I sure did need to laugh!
Thanks for the laughs.
I told you, you are AWESOME!!!!!!
Have a great day,

frontporchprims said...

The ring around the nosy game looks like toooo much fun:) We need some fresh fun in this neighborhood!!! It's nice to have good neighbors that are friends as well.
Tree still hasn't come down here. We just can't seem to find the time. No one's complaining though;)

Beckyjean said...

Looks like a wonderful time!!

Have a great week~Becky

Kim said...

OMG, I want to live in your neighborhood. You guys know how to have fun!!

Kim said...

P.S. Now following :)

bettyj said...

Oh m goodness, what fun! Those games! RockMSockM robots sell quite hgh now! I canonly imagine the laughter. I am just not the Colts fan I was, with Peyton gone. Not quite the Peyton fan since he didn't come back to Tn. Know what, he didn't even consult me! I am so glad I found your blog

nancy huggins said...

Looks like it was a fun night for all and lots of fun. I wish Billy would do something like that..Oh..wait..can't do that here..we dont know anyone to invite and wouldn't have room for more than 2 :)
Where do you live? In WI?