Sunday, November 4, 2012

Where Have I Disappeared Too???

WOW!  It's been a world wind around here since my "bags" trip... Busy, trying to get things done.... thinking, back acting up a bit...ugh, and planning for the Holiday season that is coming WAY TOO FAST!

 So Last weekend hubby & I watched William and Joey while mom and dad went to a Halloween party... They of course were very good!  BUT, they wouldn't go to sleep... LOL.. too much to do here I guess.  When my brother & SIL came to pick them up after midnight...LOL.. shocked they were still awake... Hubby and I , BARELY! LOL... So here's Will with some popcorn... see my mess in the background... snowmen are in the works!
 Knuckle's hoping Joey will drop some of that popcorn... see all the toys she has collected to "play" with... She loves my vintage toys!
 Sneak Peak at one of my make- a- do's... OLM OOAK...
 Halloween brings Trick or Drink to the Morgan homestead... breezy, chilly, but we did have a big fire!!!
 Steven and Will as Peter Pan... They always do a family theme.. this year was neverland.... Forgot to get a few more pictures... oops...
 Hit a Estate sale on Friday... Lookie what I found... they still wanted a few pennies for it, but it's a bigger size that I didn't have......

Then.... this picture is a bit dark, couldn't get the flash to go off ...ugh...  So for a long time now.. I have wanted to do something with our front window... Really would like to take the blinds down, but we need them for some privacy.  Being in a sub-division and the main path to the park and bike path.. At night I like the blinds closed... no window peeking here... LOL... BUT....what to do... So I had cheap little valances in the windows under the blinds... for years... was OK... but I wanted to "soften" up the look some how...and it is a big window....HMMMM.... Thoughts, that I really didn't think would work.... but then again maybe?
 So I had one family heirloom weavers new farmhouse swags... wanted it in the kitchen, but it really was to big for the window over the sink and the boys wanted to use it as a kitchen towel... So that isn't going to work.... Then brain fart in late August, I think.... if I order one more swag and a valance and put them OVER the blinds, and pull them up during the day so you can't see them..........You would get this!!!!
 I like!!!!  But it really needs a second valance in the middle... need to order another... and if you have ever ordered FHW you know you have to wait! ugh, but worth it...
Then here it is at night with the blinds down... Not too bad... a good compromise I think... ( see the one blind that stays up just a bit for Knuckle's, so he can always peek out.)
Now onto the next project... See the Christmas tree branch on the floor?  We have a BIG tree... it's a real nice artifical one... but so big... really to big for this room... So I would like to "down size" our tree... But it needs to look are realistic as possible... they have some really good ones out there... Found one today, BUT... I think I still bought too big...UGH!  So back to measure better, or return it before it even comes in for the next size, more of a slim line tree...UGH!  Hate this part...  So hopefully that will be all fixed tomorrow.... and then, sadly I guess I will be as ready as I can be to start decorating in a couple of weeks....  Sending thoughts and prayers to everyone on the East Coast and in the path of Sandy, sigh, she sure did leave a mess! Hugs! OLM


A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

You're window looks great.
I need a new tree too.
My main one is too puffy.
I want a thin tall twig tree, but won't be this year.
Hopefully next year ill be settled and can get some new stuff.

I'm loving your snowman make do !
Great job!!

BumbleBeeLane said...

Love how your window looks.. I have that same delemia 3 windows on the front of the house so at night if the blinds are open we are the entertainment.LoL..Isn't it funny when kids visit how long the can stay awake and if they stay over how early they can rise and still be bouncing off the walls.Looks like Halloween was fun at your house.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Jennifer said...

I have that same problem with sliding glass doors..ugh LOL I do have to say I love my 8ft slim german twiggy tree...i have small rooms so it helps ...or maybe i should quit buying stuff?? LOL I love halloween too

jennifer768 said...

Love how your window looks! Would love to get a slimmer tree for this year but we will wait and see how it goes.LOL! Sweet snowman makedo!Hugs,Jen

Beckyjean said...

Love your window Marie!! And that!! I bet the kids had a great time.

Have a wonderful week~Becky