Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dog Days of Summer! Meeting Karen too!

YIKES! August 1st!  It's coming fast!  We all want fall after this HOT summer, it will be here before we know it!
I have been running, trying to play catch up after being gone just for a couple of days last week.!
Monday I finally met Karen from my Colonial Home blog! YEAH!  She is such a sweet heart! How lucky for me, getting to met two fellow bloggers in a week!

 We met at chili's in Crstal Lake.  The plan was Applebee's, but it is no longer there..... We had a great lunch and great conversation!  Boy I sure do take a crappy picture! LOL!  That is why I like to be the one taking the pictures! LOL
 Few gifts where exchanged!  Karen with one of the lil pumpkin I created!  She gave me this wonderful prim box she painted up for her upcoming craft show!

 Tucked in were some lantern candles, love them and pantry towel she made too! Love them! thanks so much Karen!
 I hung the towel off my tobacco stick in the gathering/family room!  See all of Knuckle's toys? He's NOT spoiled...LOL.... So I didn't plan it.. but the homestead need a bit of picking up... craft mess everywhere...THEN, I couldn't help it... Just.... a wee....bit..... OF???
 YUP! I did it... barely a hint... few goodies that I have acquired... no reason to put them away.... So put away was my big Ms. Liberty doll.. for scarecrows and Gardening witch, Fancy Blackett... I created her from a Pineberry Ln. pattern... she stays out all year
 then here... well everything in this cabinet stays out all year... but I took down the Spring floral pick for a more fall looking one....
 THEN... Look at this bad boy! Oh my!!!  I saw this on line, called my GF Sandy that has a shop... said you NEED to order me one!  LOL!... they came in this week and I picked it up yesterday... LOVE THIS! PUMPKIN!  AND!  it's HUGE!  There is Lu Lu thinking really did you need one this BIG??? LOL  Once I do my fall decorating in a couple of weeks, I probably won't keep it here... but for now.....hehehehe

Then, Yes it's still around this HOT, HUMID, and DRY homestead... I spend lots of time watering...
 My flowers, look ok, really, not great.... with the back acting up on and off... and everything so dry, very little weed pulling is getting done... some of them are bigger then flowers now...UGH!.... BUT, can you see it???  it's not a weed... Sweet Annie growing up behind my chair.... a rouge plant!

Lastly... Love my new prim cabin!  I got this off face book... But, I think it's a bit to heavy for my welcome sign... One good wind and snap, it's all over... So I think I will have to find another place to hang it...

So I have been busy making pumpkins, shocking I know! LOL.... Though most have been divided up.. sent here... sent there... time for a new batch... I am planning on having a blog sale, along with a few other goodies sometime next week... Shooting for Tuseday or Wednesday... More details to come.

Tomorrow Alex has a interview finally!  YIPPEE!! For Lake County Sheriff for a corrections officer's.... Everyone, keep their fingers crossed for him!  Trying to become a police officer or in this case a correction's officer, in these times is very diffucult...Stay cool! OLM


myomyohi said...

Everything looks fab but I LOVE that pumpkin!

Primitive Stars said...

Hello, love the goodies from Karen, looks like you both had a great time. Love your fall decor, great pumpkin to. Fingers crossed for interview, good luck wishes. Shall check out your blog sale, Francine.

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Where ever shall I all your goodies & your hint of autumn! My best to your son!
So much fun to read your posts.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Marie ~
Even though it's been hot, humid and DRY, I am so not ready for summer to end. Time is just a flyin' too quickly for my liking.
Isn't Karen a sweetie? I had the pleasure of meeting her a couple years ago in Ohio.
Hugs :)

Janet-Olde Crow Primitives said...

Hi Marie.
So when do I get to meet you??????????????????
That was great meeting two blogging friends in a week :)
You will have to get down to the Simple Goods show in Ohio. Lots of Prim friends go there. It is a great show.
Love your pumpkin.
Have a great night.

alltheseboys said...

My oldest son works for the DOC as a social worker! I have a good friend whos husband went to,school for,police science. He's having a horrible time finding a job! So good luck! I love the pumpkin! Tel Lulu to relax, lol!

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Isn't it fun to meet fellow bloggers!?! Love your big new pumpkin as well as the cutie you gifted Karen with!! Hope everything goes well for Alex.--Jan

Cottonwood Lane Primitives said...

Your flowers look so good. I've just pretty much given up on mine--all the heat has been so discouraging! Looks like you had a grand time meeting up with Karen! ~Roberta

Cindi said...

Love that you started some fall decorating, I love fall! Very cool to meet blogging friends. Praying for the job interview.
Be blessed,

Simple Pleasures said...

Hi Marie,
Saw some of your lovelies at Poppy seed this weekend! I'm so glad you got to meet Karen, she is so nice. Love the gifts you exchanged. Good luck Alex.

Raymond Homestead said...

That pumpkin you made is so cute! I love fall decorating!

Robyn ♥ said...

Yes Marie, I'm with Cranky Crow Robin...when do I get to meet you!!? ;)
Oh, I am so ready to decorate for fall after receiving my great pumpkin from you!!

Pendleton Primitives said...

Enjoyed all of the photos, thanks for sharing.

basketsnprims said...

You and Karen are so lucky to meet each other, would love to meet you both. Your house looks wonderful and love your pumpkin. I love my Fancey you made me last year, I keep her out year round. Try and stay cool, my friend.

BumbleBeeLane said...

Great you got to meet up with Karen too.Such a nice gift from her.The pumpkin is wonderful looks so real.I'm always daydreaming of fall but a little to early to start pulling stuff down to decorate.I have been doing some projects though.Hugs!~Amy

Mary said...

You've been a busy girl..sewing and traveling. Nice you got to meet two blogging friends. Your flowers look beautiful..I've given up on mine. Hope your son gets the job!! Hugs..Mary

Prims By The Water said...

What fun to meet blogging buddies..I would like to meet all of mine! Take care...and I have putting out Fall Items too...Janice

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

How awesome that you got to meet Karen ~ still trying to get together ~ maybe after her show.
Love the goodies you each got!
Wonderful touches of fall ~ now I got the itch!lol
I've got my fingers crossed ~ hope everything works got for Alex.
Prim Blessings

Raggedy Creations said...

Everything looks great Marie. Love your flower and porch pics. It was nice you got to meet Karen. Good luck to Alex.


Karen said...

Good afternoon Marie,
Well I finally made it here...a bit late but was hard to get on the internet this week with so much going on.
Thanks for the nice 'mention'...and could my smile get any CHEEZIER! Yikes - what was I
I so enjoyed our meeting too...THANKS AGAIN.

I love your little bits of tweaking - and I'm so ready for Fall - even WINTER at this point.

I kept out the Pumpkin gift - he's too adorable to put away and who can resist his big smile.

I will say prayers your son Alex, although I'm sure he has heard by now being I'm so far behind on the news.


Trace4J said...

Pumpkin oh Pumpkin love!
Lovin that biggie and the one you gifted to Karen.
How nice to meet a bloggie friend.
I am green..hehe
Prayin all goes great for Alex.Fingers crossed.

myomyohi said...

Forgot to mention I love the beesting crock. I'm drooling.

Beckyjean said...

Well Miss Marie~

I'm amazed what you can get done with all the bumming around you've been doing. My goodies are still in the back of my truck. Amazing but true. Your flowers look fabulous.

Have a great weekend~Becky

renee said...

I like all your fall goodies! That pumpkin is way too neat!
Naah~ I don't think Knuckles is spoiled either! LOL! He has a good life!
I am glad you got to meet Karen, you have been having fun, and that is nice to see, I still think your flowers look great!
Have a nice weekend!

frontporchprims said...

What a fun time meeting Karen. It would be so fun to meet another blog friend. She gifted you well. I like the pumpkin you gave her too. I hint of fall here and there is so refreshing. I can't wait. Your home is lovely. All my flowers except the sunflowers died last week. It's just way to hot and dry around here. I can't say I am very sad though. I was getting sick of having to drag the hose around all evening every evening trying to keep them wet. I hope the interview went well. -Steph-

Allison said...

Looks like a fun time! I love the pumpkin you made. Cute flag pole!

TheCrankyCrow said...

You started it you know....That adorable witch of yours....and then that sweet little WAY I was NOT putting them out. And my Uncles Sams don't seem to mind one whit. ;o) Lucky you!!! You got to meet both Becky and Karen....Love the sweet box and pantry towel she gave you - and, of course, what's not to love about an OLM jack??? Your flowers look amazing....I'm struggling to keep my even alive....We did get a nice rain on Thursday, but an inch once a month ain't cutting it. It's overcast now, but really not supposed to rain, so I best be getting at my evening ritual.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS - How did Alex do on the interview??? Did I miss the update somehow??? Thought I was caught up, but these days, geesh, I can't keep track of my own tail. Oh, that's right....I don't HAVE a tail.....)