Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where Have I Been Disappearing Too???

Where is this summer going?  Time is flying by....It is HOT, HUMID, and DRY!!! Here!  We are in a bad drought... I have not seen corn crops look this bad since 1988, I think....many sighs.... Anyway... I have been popping in... never enough time... few comments left... Like many so little time to get everything done....
So where can you find me??? On the softball fields on Sundays...  This past Sunday hubby's team had a double header... At least it had cooled off...but with it being so dry, UGH, ball field dust blowing everywhere... My poor hair... Remember the movie "Something about Mary?"  Remember the hair scene? LOL!!!  That was my HAIR!! BUT it was ball field dust that did it! UGH! Really it was sticking up!
 Steven  hasn't been playing ball this year.  He has a torn Labium in his shoulder.  He needs surgery at some point, he has to decide... BUT, he misses it...couldn't take it, and played  this past Sunday... I snapped this after their games... Truly the picture doesn't show how dusty and dirty they are!

Then last week, Hubby and I were "empty Nester's" for the week mostly as the boys took off with their friends on vacations in WI... Steven up by Cable, Wi, and Alex in Musatene, WI.... Steven found hubby a present!  and came home with a new stock of Grain Belt and Nordeast Beer... We can't get this down by us, and as many know one loves most what one can't get......LOL
 This should keep them for a bit... Hopefully until September when we go North again to spend a week on the lake in MN... by the "Queen"!

Then the boys thought it would be funny to see what Knuckles would do with a pizza box! LOL! Really!!?!?!?  What did one think he would do... YUP! Lick it to death!!! LOL

 With it being so warm outside... almost to warm to even want to be outside for any length of time... I have been at the sewing machine... creating!?!?!?  PUMPKINS!  Crazy, I know... but I have many requests already... I have even been selling some on face book.... I think with all this heat everyone is sooo ready for FALL!  I know I am... BUT, it doesn't need to be this hot to make me ready, I just love Fall the best!!  I have a secret about my pumpkins too... I will be sharing soon.... hehehe... don't ya love a good secret??? Any guesses????
 I snapped this many nights ago... My moonflowers opening... It's taking LOTS and LOTS of  watering going on...sigh... we are soo dry... My flowers look, OK, but not like they usually should... by now I have vines everywhere of Morning Glory's...They are struggling to even start a vine...sigh... My fall Aster, keeps blooming in small batches... sigh..... All our grass is like straw.... sigh... I think I need to go out and do a rain dance, but I might scare my neighbors! LOL

Then Lastly.... I have.....
Finally..... It seems everyone is moving over to face book, over blogging...sigh... they say it's faster... unless you get sucked in....LOL.... I still love blogging and don't see giving it up anytime soon.  But, yes it takes time, but it all does really, and in our busy just doesn't happen as often as I use too... That saddens me...... With that being said, I am on Face book, have you "liked" me yet?  Do you even want too???  LOL.... I am currently selling  few fall creations on my OLM page... I will mix things up on my different areas... But here is the link if you want to  "like" OLM on face book...!/PrimitivesByOldeLadyMorgan  .  Right now I am working on my update for Early Work Mercantile.  I will have that done Saturday evening.  I hope you will take a peek.  Stay cool, pray for rain, though in many parts here in IL... it's not going to help the crops, they are beyond help from what I am hearing... So sad.  We need at least 12" of rain to end our drought....many sighs.... OH the poor farms... and later this fall, our pocket books as all food prices go up....
So there you have it... a whole lot of nothing!!!!  Stay Cool!  OLM


TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh yikes, Girlfriend....where have I been??!!! Too long gone! Somehow, it looks like I've missed several posts....Say it ain't so!! Pumpkins??? Pumpkins!!! And that amazing WITCH??!! OH STOP....You enabler you!!! I said I have to stop with the Halloween more room for even this pumpkin hoarder and witch harborer....and here it is only July and you have me lusting.....FB??? Oh....another "please say it ain't so!" I'm FB stupid!!! But I'll try....A crow's gotta do what a crow's gotta do....

We're frightfully dry here too....It cooled down a bit to somewhat "normal" this past week, but is on its way up again....Some of the farmers have plowed under their soybean crops because they failed so miserably already. And yet, a few miles away, they've had rain....I'd do a rain dance, but last time I did, I think I flooded Pennsylvania.....Hoping you are well....sorry for the missed to take a gander at what I missed. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

Hi Darlin',
I know this summer has been horrible, huh!
My heart breaks for the farmers.
Corn and soy beans, that's what most of IL puts out, right.
I don't know how the soy beans are doing but the poor little burnt corn stalks!
I never thought I would wish for rain, because I hate when it rains but, I have been wishing for it this Summer.

I have a FB account but I'm never really on it, except to post about something for sale.
I just can't get into it.
I enjoy blogging, I dont see me ever leaving to go only to FB.

Good to hear fom you.
Stay cool!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh....I forgot to guess about your "pumpkin secret"....could it possibly be that they will be in PRIMS????!!! Just a really, really, really WILD guess! ;o))))) Robin (PS - I am really loving that painted face one on the far bottom left....and the tiny little mummy-looking one on the far right....oh...and the black one....and the one top center with the crooked sculpted grin...and....ok.....all of them.. :o(

alltheseboys said...

We have the same cruddy hot humid dry weather here. A lot of the local fireworks shows were cancelled because it's just to dry! We did have them in my little town...but I worked that night, so we missed them. I heard about it for about an hour on the 4th because that was the ONLY reason Kaden was excited about the 4th...fireworks. He's seemed to recover fully, lol!!! K had his last ball game sunday. I just have to spend three hours in the concession stand saturday night and then baseball will be over for us or another year! Katie

BumbleBeeLane said...

Dry and hot here too.Im always dreaming of fall.Need to get started on some fall crafting.Just to darn hot for anything.Love the witchy girl and pumpkins took a peek at your facebook but I'm just not ready to take the plunge and start another time consuming addiction.LoL.Hugs!~Amy

Trace4J said...

Morning Marie
Ya know I am lovin those Pumpkins.
It is so hot and dry here .I have begun the FALL countdown. It truly is my fav time of year. I am voting for Fall all year long.
And the poor Farmers..:(
Lovin Knuckles with the pizza box.
Have a great weekend.

earlene said...

Hi Marie!
My order came in the mail yesterday and love it! It will be my post picture today. I will be ordering from you more...I love your style. Ladies her things are wonderful and great service.
I heard Facebook is out there but not for me.
The drought is very sad. We had spurts of rain here and ther but not enough.
Laughing at the dog licking the box!
Thanks Again Marie!
Please dont't stop blogging!!!

Ann said...

We too are in serious drought conditions. I remember the summer of 1988, it was hot and dry and the summer before we got married. I remember having our engagement pictures taken in August and worried about my hair staying in the big curly '80's hair due to the heat and humidity.

I know EXACTLY what you mean with the dust from ball fields in your hair. It's even better when the dust and sunscreen mix together in your hair!

I just liked you on facebook, but please don't give up blogging!

Janet-Olde Crow Primitives said...

Hi Marie.
I like my facebook, but will never give up my Blog.
I love your pumpkins, they are wonderful! We are really hot and dry here in Ontario too. I just wish it would rain. Bring on Fall. I am starting to think about pumpkins and gourds. I love the fall.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

Love the pumpkins!! We got about 4 days of rain in the evenings but then it went away. Tons of rain where its not needed and no rain where it is.

~Sara said...

What fun fall creations. Everyone is rushing fall, me as well, but I just love it!Good luck with Facebook. I have both, blog and Facebook and like them both differently. Going to check you out on fb now. Blessings ~Sara

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

There you are....and truly love your blog posts...haven't quite warmed up to Facebook yet.
My pumpkin & gourd vines are taking off...autumn is around that corner! Love your pumpkins!!!

lilraggedyangie said...

OLM finally makin a much needed stop in blog land wanted to say hi glad the boys got some beer to hold them over till fall! its so dry here corn is tassled and barely 4 ft tall with mini ears its sad looking the dust is awful ! stay cool hugs lil raggedy angie

The Moonlit Stitch said...

LOOOOOVE your pumpkins! Wish fall was 4 months and summer was one...well maybe two. I am having a hard time with the move over to fb too, Marie. Seems you can do a lot more with a blog. I'm trying to build my fb connections...I'll try to find ya there! ~*~Lisa