Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'M A Big Girl NOW! Traveling Tales.....

So I got up early last Saturday, gave Knuckles a walk and hit the road!  Time for a little R&R with the hubby in Oshkosh Wi....!!!  He had a couple of days off from working the air show.  This is the farest I had ever driven all myself!!! Piece of cake!  At least going up!
So We had no real plans... except on my way home I was meeting up with Becky from Primitive N Stitchin blog!  We have done a real fun swap with each other last year and it was time to met up!
 So here is Becky and myself in the antique mall, yes a treasure or two was found here!  We had a great time!  I needed to hit the road by 4pm to get home and get ready for babysitting on Wednesday...sigh... we didn't get to do everything we thought we could, but still a great day for sure! Thanks Becky for doing the driving!!!!

Now mostly, sigh, I forgot to take any pictures, I know bad blogger!  I did get to stop and leave a little money at  A Simpler Time in Ripon, Wi!  Oh my what a fun store! YIKES!  Hubby left me alone too long in that shop!!!! HEHEHE.....more later....

But first, sorry pictures are a bit out of order... Stopped at this fun little Antique Shop in Princeton, Wi...Name got me... The "Queen" would love this for her house???? HEHEHE
 Anyway.... here is a couple of treasures I found and a little gift from Becky too...  She made me that little doll quilt!  Love it! Also the potpourri spray, smells great!!!.... Then there's the child's blue enamel ware pot that has the little wire baby bottle holder for sterilizing... so cute! Little child's wheel barrel with a wood wheel!  And yup another Holiday plastic decoration!
 I put my little quilt on top of this chubby in the kitchen!  kinda hard to see it here..... THANK YOU BECKY!!! Love it!!! 
 Then from A Simpler time... one of my goodies.... The hand made candle/taper holder... I put a battery taper in there for now and tucked it on the counter.....
 AND.... Oh my!  I had said no more crocks... no room...BUT..... the one on the left was only $15 bucks and such a great color! a must have!  THEN!!!!  The bee sting!  6 gallon, $80 bucks... spendy yes, but for a bee sting, cheap!  home it came... Need to find a good home for these guys... I also found, need to clean it up another metal child's step back cabinet.  One like I got back in March... I never have seen them... now I have two...LOL... but this one I probably will sell... if anyone is interested email me... asking $39... pictures to come later....
 Last... tucked in front anther great pair of baby shoes... excellent condition!  No rips, tears, and all the buttons!  Great deal at $20, YUP! they had to come home with me!!! LOL
 So yesterday my brother had knee surgery, all went well!  So I kept a eye on the kiddo's!  They kept me hopping!  LOL... actually they were really good!  Here they are trying to tip each other out of the hammock...
 Lastly... leave it to hubby to find a doggie to love! Maize took right to Ed... finally he popped her out... His white t-shirt looked like he was just playing with knuckles.... giggles!
So, there is still a few goodies I didn't show.... Need to get my butt in gear and make the last of the pumpkins for a wholesale order I took.  Almost there... Shipping even if it kills me on Monday! 

So the one thing I learned in my travels... NEVER TRUST THE GPS!!!! LOL!  Coming home, it wanted to detour me everywhere... in a weak moment I let it, UGH!  Extra hour of driving for me... and sadly not in the best of area's too...YIKES! 
So off to water my flowers, yet again.... sigh.... we have gotten some rain, but no where near what we should have... AND, oh so sad driving the back roads with hubby, the corn crops!  I don't know if I can ever recall seeing crops looks this bad, it is so sad....OLM


Orange Sink said...

You are one brave child out there on the roads all by yourself! I'm glad you didn't trust that Gps too much or we may have never seen another post! LOL!
Your goodies are sure wonderful! I love those bee sting crocks too ( looking for a 7..... just kidding....LOL!)
Seeing the corn in that part of the state had to be really tough to look at..... not good.
Hope you get all those punkins made by Mon!
Cathy G

Orange Sink said...

....... forgot to say you and Becky look like sisters! Blog sisters you are for sure..... very pretty ladies I might add!

bettyj said...

Love the crocks and shoes. Can't believe the prices. It is so much fun to meet up with fellow bloggers, isn't it?

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Marie, I am just so thrilled that you and Becky got to meet!! What a wonderful time you had, love all of your treasures esp. your crock and little shoes, adorable! bunches of hugs, Lecia

Bittersweetfolkart said...

Glad you had a fun time ..wonderful treasures .
Well you sound like me . I get lost in the mall

TheCrankyCrow said... close, and yet so far!!! Glad you made it to and fro safely - and so fun to have met up with Becky....sweet photo of the two of you....she looks as sweet as she is.... And so, so, jealous of your new treasures! That little wheel barrow...and those shoes (wanna sell them?) and that bee sting crock....and such great prices...YIKES! You know better shopping places than I do! Hope your brother's surgery was a success...we're gearing up for Round No. 3 for Lil' Crow. And many, many, many 3-1/2 hr drives.... :o( Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS - still no rain here....we're desperate....we had an 80% chance forecasted for Wednesday, and nary a drop....speaking of watering plants, I best get scooting....)

Theresa said...

I am loving all the great stuff you found. The crocks are amazing. I absolutely LOVE the way you have your various cubbies displayed on your counters. You have a real knack for decorating.

Will you be selling some of your pumpkins on your selling blog?? I think they are awesome.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Marie ~
What fun to meet up with Becky. Your little quilt is too sweet.
Great treasures. Especially love the baby shoes. That was a very good deal.
I'm glad you put on your big girl britches and made the journey alone. Not so bad, is it?
DSO made it home safe and sound from Oshkosh. Whodda thunk at age 69 he'd be off on such an adventure in an airplane he built?
Hugs :)

earlene said...

Very cute picture of you and your friend. You could pass for sisters Marie.
Love your goodies and the crocks are awsome.

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Marie, glad you had such a great time with Becky, what fun. Love the little shoes, so sweet,as is everything you bought. Blessings Francine.

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Theresa, couldn't find your email... yes very soon pumpkins are coming! Stuffed 7 more today! it's a patch over here! pumpkin patch that is! OLM

Trace4J said...

What a wonderful time.
Treasures and fun. You are turning into the pumpkin queen.
Glad to hear your brother is doing good. What cutie patooties!

Mary said...

Cute picture of you and Becky! Love all your treasures..especially the crock. Did you meet Judy at the Simpler Time. Isn't she a sweetie? I need to get up there one day. Glad your brother's surgery went well.

Karen said...

You had a very profitable getaway and meeting Becky to boot! Best of times.
I met Becky a couple times at a craft show in Milwaukee...she's so very sweet and makes some wonderful treasures.
Good ole us into trouble a few times too!

renee said...

Hey Marie,
I am proud of you! I am glad you had a fun time! Love your treasures! I also have the little blue bottle cleaner thingy. I like the little wheelbarrow you found! Fun times! I am glad you got meet up with Becky, she is a real sweet lady too!
Thanks for visiting me, glad the house was in one piece when you all came home! LOL!
GPS, they aren't always that good! They ALMOST get you there, and then it's like, hey, let's screw around with them! LOL! Not always fun!
I always love hearing from you anyhow!
Hugs, and God bless.

BumbleBeeLane said...

I just love the beeskep crock.I sold the same plastic santa at roots market tuesday.Yes I don't mind using the GPS and getting a little off track but the hubs gets so aggreivated.I think it's what starts most of our fights when on road trips.LoL..Amazing it knows roads the locals don't even know ours usually takes us down dirt cow path roads that you think Oh no another wrong turn movie in the making.LoL.Glad you found some goodies and got to spend time with Becky.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Janet-Olde Crow Primitives said...

What a wonderful trip and some great finds. I love the pumpkins. That was so nice you and Becky got to meet and have a day out together.

alltheseboys said...

I need to keep up on blogs! You were in my back yard!!, I use to work in Oshkosh! We could have gotten together and I could have taken you to a few of my favorite prim shops! I am so sad I missed you! Katie

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

hi, Marie~ funtimes~ and meeting up with Becky, joy!!!
just love your crocks~ great prices~
We welcomed the rain in Ohio~ my yard & fields are greening up a bit~ so happy~ Feel so bad for all the farmers that are at a total loss~ I am counting my lucky stars & feeling blessed~
enjoy your day

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Marie--Glad you made it home safely--our GPS (Ethel) likes to take us to remote areas too just to PO my hubby! :) LOVE all your new goodies-AND THE BEESTING!!! OMG!!! The little blue sterilizer is the exact one I have from when I was little. I don't know how it survived because I was a tomboy and beat up all my girlie things like dolls. My older sister's dolls are perfect...mine are all bald and missing limbs. I even have the baby bottles and insert! This area is not as bad as far as crops--the corn is salvageable, but I know other areas are really bad, I feel so bad for the farmers. :(--Jan

Beckyjean said...

So glad you made it home safely~even though GPS took you on a little tour. Had a great time. Jealous of that crock!! Thinkin of taking a road trip to Indiana soon. May have to detour to your neck of the woods. As you can see, I'm way behind in my blogging. At the rate I'm going, I'll blog about our trip in another month or two. LOL...