Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I keep disappearing....Here's What I've Been Up Too...

                                    UGH... First I hope everyone had a most WONDERFUL Easter!!!  I didn't mean to be away so long....sigh... I grounded myself from the computer a bit... Trying to get things done.... THEN I see Blogger changed or upgraded as they would call it... how we post... My first time doing it this way... Of course the pictures upload in a different order then before.... SO .... This is backwards from how I planned it.... I HATE CHANGE!!!  Facebook now this.... I have a few choice words at the moment.... AWAY.....

 First up is a bit of creating I have been doing... I found my MOJO for a bit at least!!! YIPPEE!!!  One of the reasons I grounded myself... time to create several new dolls.. All but one are OLM OOAK Original designs!!!  So they will be up on my selling blog tonight as well as a few other goodies too!  the link for my selling blog is on the right....
Then, last week was Steven's birthday, my baby is 22!  My baby!!! ???  Where did the time go??? Double ugh!  So there was a small gathering of some family and friends for cake.....Of course....
 Here's a couple of Steven's friends teaching William our nephew those "boy" hand shakes....
 Joey finding my collection of vintage baking pans I have collected to sell... Though for this night they were part of her "tea Party"... Look at that face?!?!!?!  Her horns are hiding beneath that blond hair.. She is a stinker...  BUT we love her!!! AND she is going to give my brother & SIL a run for their money....Oh my!
 Yes, cake was consumed as was some wine!!!!
And...finally Steven with a rare smile, why, because he got cards!!!!  I can never get that boy to smile for the camera!!!!  If I did it right too... I have included the link of where to get the crock pot molten chocolate cake recipe from Alex's birthday too... It has a couple of steps, so I thought it's better if it's printed out, other then me typing it out and probably forgetting something!!! LOL!  this one is a keeper, so yummy!!! enjoy!!! If it doesn't link up right... with this new blogger... I just figure out the "old"...ugh...  google fix it and forget chocolate molten crock pot cake......... OK... many choice words being said now... I can't get the link thing to work.... I will have the play with this and try next time.... sorry.... BLOGGER!!!!
So nothing too exciting here on the OLM homestead....I hope if you have a chance later to peek at my creations... let me know what ya think....OLM


TheRustyThimble said...

Hello Marie, love your new dolls.
Late Happy Birthday to Steven


frontporchprims said...

Glad you found your mojo!! Looks like a wonderful time with the family.

Firecracker Kid said...

I say good for you disciplining yourself from pc time. Just look at all those sweet grungy dolls you made. Seems Henry was a big hit. Love your design! Belated birthday to your baby boy :o)

A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

I've sure missed, ya!
I figured you were busy having fun.

Happy belated birthday to Steven.
Kelseys bday is on the 24th.
They grow up too fast, huh?
I was looking through my photo albums the other evening, and asking myself, where did all these years go!
Seems like yesterday they were running around playing with their toys, now they are all grown up.

Love all your wonderful new creations.
So gad you got your mojo back!

Have you started hookin' yet?

Rug hooking that is! :)
Be sure to share when you do.
I still haven't made it up to Lebanon, maybe this Summer.
I really want to try to find time learn.


TheCrankyCrow said...

Cake and wine....wine and cake... Hmmmm....You know the way to this crow's heart. ;o) And gotta scoot over and see your new birthlings! I'm grounded from spending money until I can come up with a something sneaky to justify it....but I'll keep trying! Just right now with taxes and a failing toilet, I guess I rather behave than plunge, if ya know what I mean. ;o) Happy belated birthday wishes to Steven. Really? That's a smile? It looks like that's a "You wanna a smile, I'll GIVE YOU A SMILE smile...." ;o) (Real) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Janet-Olde Crow Primitives said...

Looks like a good meal. Cake and the wine mmmmm.
I don't like the changes on blogger either or facebook. I just wish they would leave things alone.
Have a good day.

Misi said...

Who knew such a fun loving gal could be so disciplined... You did it and just look at those fabulous creations. Hats off to you OLM {{HUGS}}

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

I guess you have been away for a bit huh?...lol
Lots has been going on for you I see.
A very late happy birthday to your son. Why is it they just don't like smiling. Do they think we will get the idea 'they are happy'? And that the picture will tell all! LOL
Our grandson doesn't like to smile for the camera for some reason. But they grow out of it.

Love little Joy - I love how they take our things to play house with. Our grandson uses my Pewter as his play toys when he's here. Gotta love their creative thinking.


Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

I love your new dollies too. Virginia said to say "Hello" to you.
What a nice celebration with your young man.