Thursday, March 15, 2012

Did Ya Think I fell off A Cliff??? I'm BACK!!!

So, really I have been MIA for quiet awhile... Not feeling great for 2months didn't help. I really was beginning to think maybe I had Mono? Totally exhausted then toss in the cough that lasted for about 7 weeks, that was great for the back! BUT, finally, I am feeling better, more like myself.... AND... I have been busy!!!
First, this happened very quickly....sigh... I really didn't think I would go into another shop to sell some antiques and such... after that last experience... I am gun shy, I didn't see this coming...BUT... I found a antique shop... nothing over the top, all renters, CHEAP RENT! No work day, no % of sales, it was a no brainier! So I jumped back in...and I will go to my first estate sale in over 2 months looking to collect a few treasures.... THOUGH... I have been cleaning and thinning a few things here in the homestead... So there is a pile of things that can go at some point. BUT, my space is VERY SMALL... no floor space... just shelves, so I am limited to what I can put in there... So I have a few bigger items that I would like to part with, just don't know how... SO, if you live around the Chicago land area and might be interested in a dough box on legs or a great handmade primitive wagon with all different wheels... Email me... I will send pictures. The dough box I am asking $90, not real primitive, it's stained, but could be painted to look prim.. and the wagon, I love, just to big where I have it.. asking $60. BUT, they are to big to ship.....
Anyway, are you getting this great weather??? 80+ yesterday! We slept with windows open on March 15Th!!!! YIKES! So of course Steven and a few of his friends where playing with Knuckle's and his big ball. I gave him my exercise ball because he can't bite it and break it! He loves it, will chase it all around the yard! So I have learned, don't ask how... It might scare me! LOL! BUT, the boys got it stuck in the tree! Steven seems to think he has made a field goal, which leads me to believe my son is the one that got it stuck, but Sean climbed the tree to get it out... OH these boys! Got to LOVE THEM!
So in my last post I talked about the metal kitchen set I saw on my trip... I couldn't stop thinking about it...Where do you ever see the whole set? Why did I walk away from it?? STUPID, STUPID!!! SO I called...they still had it and would ship it! HEHEHEHE.... Came last week... OH my that box is heavy and BIG! MMM... Now I had a plan... I knew right where they were going to go, UNTIL I pulled out the stove! OOPS! These guys are big! Well... no super big, but bigger then the one I had gottten... I said a few words, because they are NOT going to work on top of my cabinets like I hoped... Few more words...don't' know where I am going to put them..... So I finally think I am going to have to break the set up.. Keep 2 pieces and sell the stove and sink... THEN, hubby came home... First...LOL... Is like WHAT DID YOU DO!?!?!?!? If you wanted them that bad, we could of gone back... I am like I didn't realize how much UNTIL, I got home! So I tell him my dilemma... going to break apart the set.. HE is like NO, they need to stay together and we will figure this out???LOL....sigh..... Got to love that man!!!

So he feels they need to be in the kitchen...BUT there is no good space... He wants them on top of the pie safe... UGH! I like to change that out for the season's AND what am I to do with everything that is already on it? This is being a mess!!! So I clean them up, ick they were DIRTY! Took everything off the pie safe on Tuesday... AND this is how they looked if I am standing on the step stool.... You can't see the top of them without the step stool. They are too tall up there... DON'T LIKE THIS LOOK AT ALL!!! DOUBLE UGH! This was half my day.... No wonder I get NOTHING done! LOL.....

So I moved things back, change them up a bit again... and I have this... much better... Now what to do....

Then I get to looking at the Jelly cabinet... Took this "before" picture as I started to take it apart....

To this... It's better... the best it's going to be... Love the step back! Now that's a keeper... put the little stove and the refrigerator on the one shelf... not great, but workable... BUT, more things "displaced" I have a bigger mess! So I have made up my mind, I am selling the stove and sink.....UNTIL hubby comes home from work... This is to funny, he is telling ME to keep something??? LOL...more work....thinking, I feel like Pooh Bear! THINK THINK THINK!!!!

So, they are not in the kitchen, but under the pie safe in the front room... Looks OK.... but again more displacement... One might, just might say I have too much???? NEVER!!!?????

So in the mist of all of this I cleaned up the shelf above the patio door, because for a bit the small stove was up there... thinned out a few of my tins...they will go to the shop at some point....

So in cleaning... this is where the dough box, WAS.... moved my old this better.. BUT, dough box MUST go! LOL!

Some of the displacement mess... The ugly side of all of this...LOL....I should of take a picture of the kitchen table, no one is eating there at the moment... LOL... well that is #1 on my list today!

Then lastly, just for the 'QUEEN" LOL... her crow... enjoying the sun and warmth in my birdbath!!!! LOL

So there is what I have been doing the last couple of weeks... Busy and crazy, but truly it always is, and I won't have it any other way! Enjoy your day, off to make homemade sauce for dinner tonight and mail off Henry from Lemon Poppy Seeds to Gail! Thanks Gail!!! I am hoping to FINALLY have a new update on my selling blog this weekend! OLM


Carmen and the Primcats said...

Wow! You have really been moving things around. Love that little set!

Glad you found a space to sell in.

Have a great day!

Carmen and the Primcats

Robyn ♥ said...

Everything looks EXCELLENT! I love moving things around!
I would love to check out this space you are selling in...I haven't been prim shopping all winter!
Glad you are feeling better!

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, Marie:
Oh you've got to keep the metal kitchen set. It's priceless, I've never seen them around here, much less a whole set.
Please find a home for them, I liked them on top of the pie safe.

Janet-Olde Crow Primitives said...

Glad you are feeling better. Sounds great you have a selling place for your antiques etc.
Love the metal kitchen set.
Enjoy the warm weather. We are getting that warmth up here in Canada too. I haven't had to wear a coat all week :)

BumbleBeeLane said...

Good your getting back to yourself,no fun being sick.I've sold probly 6 of those kitchen sets but have NEVER found the step back piece.I'm with your hubby on this one you'll never find the complete set again and you wanted it bad enough you had to check back.You'll figure it out.Yes might have to rearrange some more or heaven's for betsy get rid of know hard! Loving the little childs/salesman sample blue enamel tea set.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Betsy's Basket Blog said...

Love the entire set and you definately have to keep it all. I have a small toy electric stove and would give my eye teeth for companions to it! You don't know me from Adam but I'm going to throw in my 2 cents on placement. I would love to see all 4 pieces on the shelf above the window ... did you do that yet? Good luck, they are just precious.

A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

Oh, What a busy little Pooh you have been!! :)

I had to giggle at your story of the stove set. Isnt that how it always is.
Plan something out in your head, sure it will work, then NOPE!
Happens to me all the time.
Then of course, finding room for it somewhere else leads to whole house tweaking. Yep, I understand that. Heehee!!
Oh well, you wanted a fresh new look for Spring, didnt you?? No?? Well, you got one anyway. LOL!!

Poor "Queeen" will she ever rescue her crow?? Truthfully I dont think he wants to go, he is having too much FuN at your house.

Tust me GF, if I lived closer I'd be right over for that dough box!!!

Congrats on finding a shop. How wonderful how it all worked out.

Yes, the weather as been GORGEOUS this week. Too bad I had to work and spent most of it in a car. Until today, and of course, Today it Rained!!

So glad youre feeling better. Youve been missed!


Firecracker Kid said...

Whoo... am I ever tired from all your movin' and shakin'. LOL. Next time let your man move things around for you while you stand back and supervise... lol. Don't forget to tell him what a good job he's doing though :o)

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Marie, wow...2 weeks you were gone.
You must have felt awful - hope things are getting better for your back.
Mine is back to it's old painful self...shots again next month.
I think you placed them quite nicely. Sometimes we see things in our minds and the sizes change in reality....LOL
I love all your tweaking kiddo and CONGRATULATIONS on finding a new source to sell from. Sounds great.
Glad to see you back.

earlene said...

Glad your back!

I like the way you moved the set around.

Great pictures!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh bother....wouldn't a spot of honey help??? ;o) Ahhhh....I have some MAJOR catching up to do here I see....YIKES! What happened?? And I wasn't even tweaking, moving, or shopping!! That set is so sweet - don't think I've ever seen one before...but, yeah, hey - you need to keep it together somehow somewhere. Wish I were closer - would love to see that dough box....and now you can bust out laughing - cuz, like - where the heck would I put it??!!! Glad I stopped over - sorry I've missed so much....Be prepared - I'm going into operation catch-up mode.... ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

O.K. I'm exhausted after reading all that. To much moving for me!LOL I think you should keep the set together some how ~ I know you will think of something. Such a wonderful treasure.
Love all your tins ~ I see you have some of the same ones I have!!!
You still have the crow???
Glad you didn't fall off a cliff ~ nice hearing from you again!!!
Prim Blessings

Shirlee said...

I love all the photos you've shared! So glad you're feeling better! Best of luck in the new shop!

Mary said...

Glad you found a space to sell at Marie..where are you at? Mary

frontporchprims said...

I am so glad you got the set like you wanted:) You will find the perfect spot. I know you will. Sometimes, when I get something and have to rearrange to fit it in, I don't like it right away either. I leave it for a few days so my eyes and mind can get used to the change. And, if I still don't end up liking it, I will change it again. Maybe you will end up liking it where it is.
Ha Ha, my exercise ball is in the back yard too. Put it out there for the kids. I never used it. Go figure, I hate to exercise. Good luck with selling things in a shop again. -Steph- p.s. -Still love your playlist. Especially Simple Minds. They are my fav.

frontporchprims said...

P.P.S. I saw a butter mold, like the one you have by your flowering plant, in the antique store a couple of weeks ago and they were selling if for like $80 or something. Oh, I wanted it soooo bad. I love yours too.

Trace4J said...

Glad your feeling better. You sure were missed. You always make me laugh :) Love how you switched everything around.
Happy Friday

dee begg said...


Sorry you haven't been not feeling well for a while now. Me and the hubby have a darn cold that was hard to shake...I don't need to tell you what the hubby has been like..taken to his sick bed...worse than an old woman he is! LOL! Love the little kitchen set and I'm with your hubby on this one...keep them together as a set. They are worth more. Good luck in your new shoppe adventure.

Have a great day.


Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Marie, I am sooo sorry that you have been so sick, I am glad you are on the mends. I think you will do awesome in your new shop! Who wouldn't like your things!!! I love knuckles looking at that ball, he wants it sooo bad. he he
Love all your prim decor. That little kitchen set is awesome! You won't regret getting that! I love it, have a great weekend. Hugs, Lecia