Saturday, February 18, 2012

We're Back!! Suzette is Going Home & Part one of our Trip!!!!

We're BACK!!! 1000 miles later only $13 buck left in our pockets and several shops visited! It was a good trip!!! Now, I fought a cold all week... UGH! Started coughing yesterday and I've spent most of today on the couch. SO OLM is a bit sickly, but it was so WORTH IT!!! Hubby and I had a GREAT TIME!!!! I have so much to tell you, that I will need to spread it out a bit...So I will do it over a couple of posts... AND because it's us there is a story or 2 !!!LOL....

But, first I heard her right when I walked in the door... PICK ME A NEW HOME!!! Suzette is a bit bossy.... I used random generator... there was 54 entries and the lucky number is 38!!!!! Who is the winner one might ask??? Well it's Susan from Glen Oaks Primitives... Congrats to Susan and I will be emailing you for your address!!!!! Thanks to everyone who played along, told me their favorite post and such! It was a trip down memory lane. Thanks for being such great friends!!!!

So the first part of our trip took us to Springfield. I can't believe Hubby and I have never been to our Capitol or visited Lincoln's home. Off to the Lincoln museum first, very interesting! Then off to Lincoln's home. The whole block is like stepping back into time. His home is pretty much just has he left it, when he was elected President...

Still the same colors as it was back in the 1860's. Since it was snowing and cold, we were the only ones left to tour the home, so we had our own private tour! No pictures allowed..... It's amazing how many of the Lincoln's original belonging's are still in the home! so cool, and a few I would of liked too!

Here's hubby walking around back of the home looking around. At this point we didn't know if there was tours of the home, so we were just walking around.

After the tour, we came out the back again, the outhouse if I remember correctly is not original, but is exactly how the Lincoln's would of had it.

yup, a 3 holer!!!! Oh my! Now that is sharing!

AND... Of course Hubby horsing around a bit! Always a clown! Now for our first story......

So after we leave there, we walk back to the parking garage where our car is.... When you go in, one gets a ticket. Before you pull out, you take that ticket to the machine and pay, no attendant. you will get another ticket to get out of the garage.... So I wait in the car running, after all I am not feeling great and I am cold.....BUT... hubby is not coming back, and not coming back!?!!?? I am like should I go after him? Did he get mugged??? Springfield is a big city.. but I know nothing of the crime rate.... I really should go check, just as here comes hubby... AND he doesn't look happy!?!?!?!? He comes to the car and says "he will be right back"... and I hear "He's SUCH A IDIOT".... well he had another word mixed in there... I will let you guess... LOL...BUT he won't tell me what happened.......

Once he comes back, he is pissed, but at himself...SEE... the machine has 2 slots... one for CASH, one for CREDIT CARDS... Do you want to guess which slot hubby put the credit card in??? NOT once but TWICE!!! LOL...So it ate his credit card...See he thought he had the right slot... stuck he card it, it spit it right back out...SO what does he do again??? Stick it right back in, BUT this time it kept it! UGH! AND of course the night security doesn't have the key, so we have to come back in the AM to get the card, DOUBLE UGH! (Now remember everything happens in 3's... At least I think so) I am telling him it will be fine, no one can get to it, we will get it back tomorrow. It will work out.... Bit later at the restaurant, we need a cocktail, especially the hub's! So he orders a "shaken margarita" comes in the shaker for him to pour.... Here's #2.... Does he hold the lid while he pours???? NOPE!!!! So what happens????? lid pops off and half of his cocktail is all over the table! NOW, YES I AM LAUGHING! Poor guy, at least there was still plenty to drink! In the AM, off we go to retrieve our credit card and off the southern IL we go.....He comes out all smiles, we have a few laughs... I might of teased him a bit, just a little! So we are backing out of the convention center parking lot, but before we left, hubby thought maybe, just maybe he should BACK THE CAR INTO A POLE! Now that's 3! LOL!!! thankfully, no damage, but I have teasing material for the whole trip! We had many laughs during our trip over this!!!!!

So in my next post I will show off some of our shopping and places we visited. BUT, if you would like a little teaser..... I was so lucky to have it work out to met Tammy from A Primitive Place. We were not that far from her and she was willing to drive about 45 minutes to met up for a bit, before we left for Iowa.

So here is the link to her post on our visit. Thanks Tammy! It was great to met up!!!! Walking around a primitive shop, bonus! Have a great night everyone, I am off to the couch again! OLM


Carol Stuck said...

Congrats to Susan for winning little Suzette. Hope you feel better soon!


Rugs and Pugs said...

Congrats to Susan!
I look forward to seeing what came home with you!
Hugs :)

Tins and Treasures said...

Good evening, Marie,
It looks like you had a wonderful trip...can't wait to see more pics.

Sorry you weren't feeling well. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. ~Natalie

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh - major bummer you're feeling punky. Hope you get better soon. Love the stories....yikes, sounds like you and your hubby best not ever travel with me and mine...Lord only knows what would happen! And congratulations to hoo for me. Joyce was truly hoping Miss Suzette would be joining her here in Nod....seems like, secretly, Joyce likes having someone boss her around. ???? ;o) Happy night to you my friend - and thanks for another wonderful giveaway that kept me hoping.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

TheRustyThimble said...

Oh Marie it sounds like you had too much fun. LOL on the card, the drink and the pole tell MR OLM we are enjoying his mishaps LOL

Congrats to Susan on winning

And I read Tam's post sounds like a wonderful visit.


Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, Marie:
I was shocked and happy again! I want to thank you for Suzette.
I love her. She's going to be very happy in Massachusetts.
I'm sending you my addy.

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

I had to come back and leave another comment. I loved seeing the Lincoln's home. I would have loved to be inside like you were. Your husband is a riot. I can imagine the goings on by the way you wrote the story so well.
The drink with the lid got me. Did he get it on you? LOL What a fun trip. You two seem like you enjoy everything together wherever you are you make fun things happen.
I'm off to read Tam's post.
Thank you again for the giveaway,
I loved Suzette the minute I saw her.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Congrates to Susan!

Love the pic of Lincolns home.
Sounds like you had a wonderful trip ~ even with your honeys mishaps. LoL ~ love the one about the credit card!!!
How exciting that you got to meet up with a fellow blogger and go to a prim shop!
Hope you feel better soon!
Prim Blessings

bettyj said...

What a fun post to read. I couldn't help but laugh out loud, as I could identify! Love visiting Springfield and all the Lincoln sites. My great grandson calls him Neighbor Ham Lincoln.
Congrats to the doll winner.
Can't wait for the next edition. I know you enjoyed Tammy. I love her blog.

A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

Welcome home!
Your body probably just needs rest after all the FuN!
Oh, poor hubby. :(
At least he was able to laugh it off and still have a good time.
I'm not sure Brett would have. Heehee!

I so enjoyed our visit.
Maybe this Summer I can head north and we can hit some shops up by you.

Get some rest and feel better soon!

Congratulations to Susan for the win.
And congratulations to you for the win on Misi's blog.


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Uhhhh, so what was wrong with that trip! lol
Goodness you have made it all quite humerus...I loved it...Your poor angry he must have been at himself! Poor guy.
Glad you both had lots of laughs!

CONGRATULATIONS TO SUSAN for winning your adorable creation.


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

We've been to Lincoln's home, museum and library--rode the trolley--it was in summer. Good time....
did not spill my cocktail, though. Gotta say-Bummer. Hate losing any part of a margarita!
In Iowa, were we? Didn't call or drop in.....
Congrats to Susan! Lucky gal!

Angie Berry said...

Yay Susan! Congratulations!!

Wow, what a beautiful home and I love Lincoln's choice of colors! =] What a trip, lol! Good thing you both have a good sense of humor, that could have been the most miserable trip ever! I saw Tammy's post about meeting you (that's what brought me here to your blog). Looks like you guys had a great time but of course any time spent shopping with a prim friend is most definitely going to be a good time, haha!

Have a wonderful week~

Prims By The Water said...

Oh my Marie, so glad things worked out for you in the end. Sounds like you had a fun time and cannot wait to hear more about it. Hope you are feeling better. Stay warm and take care, Janice