Saturday, February 11, 2012

Few Extra Days to Sign up for my Giveaway...!!!!

It's a cold Saturday here in IL.... We got a bit of snow yesterday and more coming on Monday...SIGH... Now I would never complain! We have had hardly any snow all winter....BUT now that hubby and I are planning a little road trip to celebrate our we get snow???
I should be cleaning up the homestead...then I thought I am leaving 2 20 some thing's and dog for several days??!!!!! I'll wait until I come back! Truly I have not been feeling well all week... Don't know what it is, but I just feel like crap...UGH! Great time to take a trip....Hopefully this trip will cheer me up! Of course a primitive shop or 2 will for sure and time with the hubby!

Anyway... when I set up my giveaway, I didn't know we would be going away already.... So we will be gone on our anniversary, I really can't pick a winner, can I? So that gives anyone who hasn't signed up a chance to do so... Suzette is not to happy that she needs to wait a couple extra days to find out about her forever home.... OOPS... so if you want to signed up... click on her picture on the left and do so!!! I will pick a winner as soon as we get home! Then, of course... one more teasing picture of that darn crow of the "QUEENS"... It just keeps moving around!

I just never know where it will show up next! I really think he likes it here! So have a great week everyone! I will be taking pictures as we go... One thing I know for sure is, we are going to Wanda's Gathering's in IA! Oh the eye candy from her blog! I can't wait... I have a little hidden stash of $$$ for that shop! OLM

PS... I wanted to welcome my new followers! Thanks for taking a moment here and there and popping in on my humble little blog!


nancy huggins said...

Enjoy your trip.I also live in IL and is very cold here and plans are to relocate to WI right over IL line this summer. Keeping fingers crossed that we make it. Nancy

Penny said...

Feel better, Marie, and enjoy your time away!! Sounds marvelous to me.... I'm sure you'll get some great things at Wanda's, and I hope you find some other places along the way to get some other goodies....
Stay warm!!

Cheryl said...

Have a great trip and hope you have good weather for it.
Hope you get to feeling better for your adventure and find lots of goodies.
Have fun,

Angela said...

Marie, Hope this road trip would be just what the doctor would order to help you feel well and give you a burst of energy. Sure hate you leaving Suzette home all alone. I would have been more than glad to have her visit with me while you were gone. Hope she and that black crow don't get into mischief while you are away. Enjoy your trip, visit all the prim shops you see, and be careful. Happy Anniversary!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh....Could thing you can't see me, cuz I'm turning a nasty shade of green here - getting to see Gatherings in person is something that keeps me up nights! And poor, poor, Suzette....I'm certain she would have been so much happier spending some time here in Nod than with 2 20-some year olds.....And about that crow...I'm sure it, too, could find some find company here in the nest.... ;o) Enjoy your trip - safe travels - and happiest of anniversaries!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Never So Simple said...

Hope you feel better. I really hope you enjoy your little trip. Looking forward to seeing what you buy. :)


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip!!!
Happy Anniversary!!!
Prim Blessings

Jean @ Prim Crafts said...

Have a great time on your anniversary get away OLM. Sure hope you feel better too. Love the teasing!
I hope Suzette gets to come live with me, gotta an old childs chair she would just love! heehee.

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

This is too funny with the 'Queens'.
I signed up for Suzette, she is so
sweet lookin'

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Hey none of that feeling crummy..You have a trip with hubby planned...and prim shopping and well relax, take a hot soaking bath and get ready for your trip!!
Sounds like fun and I do pray that you feel better and have a great time!

Angie Berry said...

Hi Marie! I just came from Tammy's blog and saw where you two had a great time together shopping! I have seen you around blogland and thought I was already following you but I wasn't. I fixed that and now I won't miss any of your posts. =]

Nice to meet you! You are very talented and I'm excited about following along your blog!

Have a delightful week~