Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Decorating, Gathering of Friends, Linda Claus, AND don't forget VIRGINA!

WOOSZERS!!! The most busiest time of the year! Not enough hours in the day to get everything done....running, running....BUT, I took a few minutes to slow down, have a few gal pals over for my 10Th annual ornament exchange! 10 years, I can't believe I have been doing this for 10 years! So much fun, to get everyone together for a little holiday cheer before everything gets so crazy.... So this past Sunday there was 13 of us for fun and laughs and a ornament exchange! LOOK OUT! LOTS OF PICTURES OF EVERYTHING! OF course Knuckles first had to check out the packages to see if there was anything hiding in there for him. Sadly, no, not today Knuckles!

I need a bigger front room! LOL!!! Everyone is good sports and all want to gather around the tree....

So, we play the steal game... have you ever done that? Everyone draws numbers... the higher the number, the better... You can steal from someone who has already opened a "ornament" but they can't steal after they have been opened a ornament or been stolen from...That person has to pick from the unopened...Every year there seems to be one person that is stolen from multiple times! LOL.... This year my SIL in Michelle! LOL

Teri opening her gift...Sharon looking on...MMM.... my number is higher, I might want this! LOL

B.F.N. Nadine, she is married to the Hot dog man Knuckles loves so!!! Showing off her goodies... Now every year I have a "theme" I want everyone to think a bit! LOL... this year's theme "WORD" So somewhere the ornament had to have a word on it....
SIL...Michelle...opening her second box... This will be stolen too! ornies handmade from old book pages... very cleaver, Nadine!

So I like to think everyone has a great time... They leave with a ornament for their tree...and one I created too!

AND... Then there's VIRGINA!!! She is looking for a home... Don't forget to enter my giveaway by Friday... I will pick a winner Saturday morning... Go to my post below for details on how to try and make her yours, if you haven't already!

Few pictures around the homestead... This is our 1st year having a real tree for our main tree... Bit smaller then my artificial one, so that means less ornies on the tree... But it looks great, I think.....

Then Saturday I had a few surprises in the mail! OH my... Few blacken beeswax ornies and a stocking from Lil Raggedy Angie! So sweet! I love blackened beeswax! Can't get enough of it! Love it! Thanks Angie!

Also... Linda Claus sent me a gift! Look at these sweet little stitched pillows! Love them! perfect!!! Linda is a doll, and so generous with everyone in blog land with her creations! thank you Linda!!!!

Now, I have a bit of a story... Every year during my ornament exchange... it seems a few of my to do things to the homestead... The last year my mom was alive and here... she got everyone to "steal" something to see if I could tell what was missing... YES! I can tell!!! Mom loved to start trouble!

So look can click on the pictures, make them bigger to see here is a before everyone got here....

AND...AFTER... see a problem?? not really....


After!!! See it... YUP!!! SOMEONE...went around and turned many things upside down! Everywhere I look, something is upside down....Last year...gingerbread confetti everywhere... I actually still finding it in places... Got to love friends! They are the best!!

Gift from Shelia from country impressions... Love it!!! Thanks Shelia!

Back corner in the kitchen.... see some little pillows....

Display of blacken beeswax....AND my bonus bowl of goodies from Angie!

So I have more to share... but I will save that for another time. Still have lots I should be doing today. I am getting there slowly!

Don't' for get about Virgina! She wants a new home for this Holiday season... I don't know why, she doesn't like it here! OLM


lilraggedyangie said...

You know Im LMBO ... all too funny we do the steal game for our Christmas presents at my Aunts except all of us bring a Thrifty item ...lovin that your friends turned everything upside down . I just love the tree in the big bowl , and your huge snowman in the kitchen ! Lots of great goodies from great blogging friends! Good luck to all on winning Sweet Virginia ! have a great day !hugs lilraggedyangie

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Marie~ Great fun with friends ~ love them turning things upside down~ giggles over your Dear Mom getting them started on stealing things~
Pretty tree~ bet she smells good~ I haven't had a real tree in years~ one of these years I will again~
Great offering on Poppy seed love the stockings~
have a wonderful day~ always love visiting you~

TheCrankyCrow said...

Looks like - and sounds like - a fun time with friends....somehow, I think you probably manage to make most things fun. Love the upside down twist....such sweet gals you have for friends! ;o) Your decorating is looking great - you're ahead of me! Love your wonderful gifts from Angie, Linda, and Shelia - wow - you must be on someone's "nice" list!! ;o) Happy Wednesday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Shirlee said...

Oh Marie ... what fun! That's a great group of friend you've got there ... & your home looks lovely! Blessings, Shirlee

basketsnprims said...

What fun you gals must have, stealing ornies, upside down prims, thanks for sharing.

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Thanks for sharing with us, lots of love there.
Merry Christmas

Jean @ Prim Crafts said...

Hi Marie,
I've played the steal game a few times~ always had the low number. Your friends are a hoot! Sounds like everyone enjoyed themselves. Harmless fun is always good fun.
Well I have my fingers and toes crossed in hopes Virginia comes to live with me, but I'm sure she truly is happy in your home too.
All your decorating is beautiful~ I miss the smell of a fresh tree, but don't miss the pine needle mess to clean up.
Linda Claus is so sweet! She's a very thoughtful soul.
Lil Raggedy Angie is too!
Have a great evening,

Sheila said...

Marie, it sounds like everyone had a great time and I might have to get a few together next year and play the "steal" game, miss doing those kind of things with good friends and having harmless fun! As far as the friends moving things around, it made remember when my kids were teens they would have friends over and someone would ALWAYS move something out of place. They thought it was a huge joke because of the way I always had things displayed, perfectly! All in good fun.
So glad you like your arrangement.
warm hugz to ya,

jennifer768 said...

My kind of a get together! It looks and sounds like a real blast.It is always fun to have a little(lot) laughter mixed into a gathering of friends.Love your tree ,it is so pretty.Hugs,Jen

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Sounds and looks like you had a fun time with friends!!!
Gotta Love them!!!
Such wonderful goodies you got from your blogland friends too!!
Great Christmas decorations!
Prim Blessings

alltheseboys said...

Oh that is too funny about moving things around. I often get the.."Hmm...what can I take from your house that you won't notice!" too. My five year old has inherited his fathers "design" gene. mine too..but seriously how many guys really care that much! He would often comment on peoples houses from about two on. Yet he never gave me a problem. One day I noticed some of my stars where propped up. I was sure I had them laying down. I laid them back down..only to find them propped back up. It was Kaden!! From that day forward he and I argue about decor in our home!! NEVER did I think I'd be having these conversations with a five year old!!! Katie

Trace4J said...

WHat fun!! Sure wished I lived closer and could of popped in for the steal game.
Your home sure looks CHristmas WOnderful
Hugs Trace

frontporchprims said...

My sister used to come into my room and turn all of my knick knacks upside down when I wasn't looking. Drove me crazy. How funny that people do that to you. Your real tree is beautiful and oh so full. Looks like you had such a great time with the girls. I am happy for you. I love the steal game. We play it every year with our get together. Can't wait to see who gets the lovely Virginia. Merry Christmas. -Steph-

renee said...

Fun times! Poor Knuckles, no goodies for him! I like all your decor, but LOVE that big snowman! So cool!
I hope you have a good night.

Beckyjean said...

Hi Marie~

Looks like a fabulous time with friends!! Such fun!!

Great goodies from wonderful online friends.

Enjoy your weekend~Becky

nancy huggins said...

What a great get together...makes me miss my friends..Love all your goodies ...Isn;t blog land a great place? We have all made so many friends :)