Wednesday, November 23, 2011


To all my blogging buddies, Have a most WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING!!! I hope it is a wonderful day with family and friends! It will be a quiet one at OLM's. I am looking forward to a lazy day and starting to decorate with the family!

So here we go... If you are interested in any of my creations, just email me at . Everything is first come to my email. I accept PP, check and MO..All these primitive creations, but one are my own original designs. Thanks so much for taking a moment out of your busy schedule to take a peak!

1. Jackie Girl... Simple prim doll holding a primitive snowman. She has been put through my grungy process, sanded several times. She is about 21 inches long with dark brown wool for her hair. Simple homespun skirt and a old baby's t-shirt that I grundied up for her top. Just take the snowman out of her arms and she can stay out all year. (click on the pictures to make them larger, or email me with any questions! ) Asking, $44.00 and $5.95 travel fare 2. Jack the Snowman... Great primitive snowman for the whole freezing season! Grungied up, painted white, boots and mittens I painted black, then I sanded him several times. Wool behind little white buttons for his eyes, wool mouth and a fleece scarf and wool scraps bunched up to create buttons on his belly. Look at his nose, about 3 inches long made from orange wool. Jack is about 22 inches long and would love to come home to live with you for $33.00 and $5.95 travel fare

3. Simply Frosty, He is about 23 inches long from the top of his little black felt hat to his painted boots. He has a little pouch holding a battery operated taper candle. I hand-stitched on his facial details, long orange wool nose and a fleece scarf. Frosty can be yours for $40.50 and $5.95 travel fare.

4. Just a simple sweet primitive snowman. I created him from a wonderful Netty Lacroix pattern. He is meant to hang from a door, peg rack, etc... Long night shirt is made from grungy warm and natural. Black felt hat, orange wool nose and hand stitched facial details. He has simple little mittens on his twig arms and he is holding a twig star from a stick. he can be yours for $29.00 and $5.95 travel fare.

5. Simply Gingerbread man.. He is about 13 inches long, great to tuck in a bowl, hang from a peg rack or your tree. He has been painted brown, grungied up and sanded. Allspice for his eye's and scrap fleece for his scarf. Asking $14 and $2.50 travel fare

6. Simple prim snowman ornies.. I have 3, they are about 9 inches long from the top of their hats... asking $8 ea, $2.0o travel fare
1 SOLD... 2 LEFT.....

7. Oh I love her!!! Pictures just do do her justice! Hazel the night blinded Angel. Poor Hazel, she has bumps on her head from flying into to walls every night. Her eyes are barely hanging on, well she has lost one altogether.... It's hard to see, but she has wings attached to her back. She is holding a battery operated taper to guide her way, but it really doesn't help! She has a bit of raw flax tucked in between her two bumps for hair. Hazel doesn't scream Christmas, she can stay out all year. Hazel can be yours for $48.50 and $5.95 travel fare

8. Better NOT POUT Virginia!!! I so love her too!! Look at that goofy head!!! It is over 10 inches wide! Hand-stitched pouty mouth, eye's that are stitched closed as if she has been crying. She is holding a prim stocking with pipe cleaner candy canes and a little prim flag saying "better not pout Virgina". This can be removed so she can sit out all year! Her simple prim dress is vintage scrap quilt square. She can be yours for $52.50 and $5.95 travel fare...

9. Simple snowman head... Just a simple guy... Bit smaller then one's I showed a few weeks earlier...These guys each have a old pipe that I have cleaned up as best I can in their mouths... Love these guys... tuck them in a bowl with some greens for the whole season.. $29.50 and $6.50 travel fare...

10... last snowman head $29.50 $6.50

Thanks so much for taking taking a peek. All my creations but Hazel are made from grungy muslin. Hazel is a thick heavy canvas like fabric... and everything but #4 are OLM original designs. Any questions or would like to give one of them a home, please email me at



lilraggedyangie said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING OLM! LOVE EM ALL , CUTE AS EVER VIRGINIA AND HAZEL ARE TOPS ON MY LIST , wish the Mr would get out of bed and do all his shopping without ever leavin the recliner lol Im hoping to take it easy too , only stuffin goin on here is me stuffin crap in closet in case company shows up lol Big raggedy hugs lilraggedyangie

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Just stoping by to wish you and yours a very Happy and blessed Thanksgiving!! Big hugs!!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
Enjoy your day!
Prim Blessings

Bittersweetfolkart said...

Your dollies are all so cute :)

Happy Thanksgiving !

renee said...

They are all wonderful Marie!
I wish you and your family a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

Margie from Hungry Hook Primitives said...

Oh mY goodness...all your snow people are sooo adorable !!! You are so talented...wish I could sew ! Seriously, they are all adorabel and the names crack me up !