Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Display Chain!!!

It's week 2 in Misi's month long fall theme's for the display chain! This week... Pick your color, chose 2... black, orange, green, or white.... One display...... So I thought about this all week... looked around... what did I want to do...??? Trying to plan ahead a bit... I am leaving bright and early tomorrow.... So I was trying... again...trying! to be organized!!! So.... Here it is.... BUT.... really I have all 4 colors in one display!!! ??? Did I break the rules... or get bonus points??? HEHEHE.... just kidding....

I was hoping this would of turned out better last night... Top of my pie safe in kitchen... I have a little "white" tree I got a couple of years ago...Love it... I leave it out all year, change it up for the season's along with the lights....So the orange lights not showing up as nice as I hoped....

So here it is in the daylight.... few witches tucked in both "green" and "black"....

Orange goofy Jack... I have said it before, I really don't keep my own work... Much rather have someone elses. Why I don't know..... BUT this guy spoke to me... so I kept him!

Then the far end of the pie safe... Love this little child's chair I found this summer!!! So it's a simply display... many of my favorites and all the most perfect colors of fall!!!

I also wanted to thank everyone for all their WONDERFUL comments they left about my dolls being published in PRIMS magazine! It meant so much, thank you! I didn't realize how bitter sweet it would be with mom gone. BUT that's life and I know she was smiling!

So on that note.... I am OUT OF HERE!!!! Bright and early tomorrow morning! Meeting the "QUEEN" and Darla in Tomah, WI!!!! Looks like we will have wonderful weather! I am sure I will have a few stories to share... and a few that I can't!!! LOL!!!

Here we all are last year in the Marketplace in Tomah....

Our Jacket... we always add something every year that happened on the trip.... Only time will tell what that will be this year! So pictures and goodies to share next week! EVERYONE! have a wonderful week! OLM


Rachel said...

Your display is gorgeous! Hope you have a fun & safe trip!

Sheila said...

Your displays are awesome!
Someone better worn the towns folk you guys are on the loose again-looks like trouble is heading their way! LOL
Can't wait to hear about your adventures! Have a great time.

Cheryl said...

Love you display. HAVE FUN on your trip, take pics and hope to hear lots of stories.
Safe travels,

Beckyjean said...

Lovely display Marie!! Have a great trip!!


Carmen at Primcats said...

Looks Great!!! Love all 4 colors! I give you Bonus points! LOL!

Katherine said...

Love your displays as always. Have a great trip!


lilraggedyangie said...

O your display is gorgeous! Love it all and your lights look great! Have safe travels my friend and drink a few for me , and you wouldnt keep any of the good dirt from me would ya ? lol I wish I could be a fly on the wall ! HAVE TONS OF FUN! HUGS LILRAGGEDYANGIE

basketsnprims said...

love your display! I know I don't need to say it but I will anyway ~
Have a blast!

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

hi, Marie~
Prim perfect display~ love the chair!!!
You girl have a fun~ filled trip~ bring home tons of goodies & enjoyable memories~

Misi said...

lovely use of all colors.. loving that tree! Have a safe & fun trip Old Lady Morgan!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Great display Marie - love, love, love that lil chair! Have fun - but don't wreak too much havoc on our state!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Penny said...

Love your 4-color display!! The little tree all decorated up for Halloween is great!! And the little chair is adorable....

Hope all you BAGS have a great time. I keep thinking that I should be an honorary member in your group -- I may not be the kind of BAG you gals are referring to when you call yourself the BAGS, but I am definitely an OLD BAG myself...... Looking forward to hearing all about your time away!

frontporchprims said...

What a lovely display. I love Jack. I also love the white tree you keep up all year. Everything looks great.

earlene said...

Your display is primtastic!!!
What a great time you ladies will have!
Now I call that FUN!
Can't wait to read about it.
Happy Fall to you.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

PERFECT DISPLAY CHAIN...now I know you aren't going to read this for quite some time but everything is wonderful even if it's 4 colors! Over the top girl!!!!


Darling last years photo


Robyn ♥ said...

Extra points for you!! ;) Love your tree!
Have a wonderful and safe trip! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Kerri Arthur said...

Hey Marie

Great display! LOVE the tree, I have been wanting one for a few years now, gotta get on that.

Thanks for sharing!

Kathy said...

I am a first time visitor and love your site. Great display and wonderful finds. You girls look like you have a blast. If I wasn't so far away I would meet you but since I live in Lower Al. I will just wish I was there.
Happy Halloween Drop over to my site I love halloween. Kathy