Saturday, October 1, 2011

OMG!!!! Got IT!!! FINALLY!

WOOSZERS! Two posts in one day!!!! BUT I had to share!!!! FINALLY! I got my PRIMS magazines! Don't know where the first set went.... BUT here it is!!! YIPPEE!!! Did ya hear me scream in excitement at the my postal gal??? Hubby claims I laid a egg in the front yard... from excitement...Funny, funny man???!?!!?!?!? I have to say I have had only a couple minutes to go through the magazine... So much to see! I will read it cover to cover tonight! I like to read before I go to sleep!!!
I am so HONORED and BLESSED to be a part of this! To think a few of my "goofy" gals as hubby would say, made it into the magazine... AND after reading the letter to the editor and all the dolls on "hold" waiting to get in...I am lucky to have made the cut! I was part of that "hold" this has been almost a year in the the day... when I was contacted to send the dolls to be juried. WOW! It was one of the last "fun" things I told my mom before she passed away, that I was going to be in the magazine... Thought of her today, wish I would of been able to share this with her....sigh....

OOPS... I have never had that happen before... sideways... sorry about that!

Thanks so much for peeking... Now decisions on what to do with the "gals" I have already sold Libby... to Robin at the Cranky Old Crow... Do I keep them or send them off to other homes??? Decisions.....

If you love all things primitive... It's not always the easiest magazine to find on the newsstands, and a bit spendy at $15... but so wonderfully put together and so much eye candy! Worth every penny! Happy DAY! OLM


renee said...

I am squealing right along with you! That IS cool! You SHOULD be proud! That is a big deal! I am most certain your mom would be proud too!
So~ you are one of those gals that doesn't keep their creations? I USED to do that when I first started, but now, if I make more than one, I try and keep one. I think you need to tell hubby that the egg was a green egg~ because of all the green cash you will be making once word of your creations reaches to more people! LOL! I will have to look for this magazine, I am certain you told me before, but I have issues with retaining information, so I will go back and find that hopefully.
Have a great night!

Penny said...

Congrats for being included in Prims Magazine!!

I have looked and looked for it, but we don't seem to have it in these parts. Maybe I'll see if I can find a place to purchase it online.....

I'm sure your mom is smiling down on you today -- and very proud of your accomplishment!!

Have a nice weekend....

basketsnprims said...

Marie ~ congratulations, it's a well deserved honor! Your prims are the best. Way to go, girlie! Have fun with the bags!

Jacqueline said...


Janet-Olde Crow Primitives said...

That is awesome.

Cheryl said...

Congratulations! I'm sure your mom is very proud of you, too.
I have not been able to find that magazine so I am going to do some serious searching. Have fun with your "bags" trip! Take lots of pics to share with us.
A safe trip to all,

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Congratulations Marie!!!
I must get to B&N and pick one up.
I love this magazine!!
Now that I know you are featured I an even
more excited to see it!

taylors*farmhouse*attic said...


TheCrankyCrow said...

So, THAT was what I heard over here in Nod! ;o) Congratulations Girlfriend - a truly awesome and well-deserved honor. And I am honored beyond belief to have Ms. Libby in my home.....She will be a forever treasure. Now if I can only get my hands on that magazine!! :o) Smiles & Big Egg Hugs ~ Robin

Misi said...

Congratulations Marie!
Be so proud girl!!!!~
Believe in special delivery~ I just know she is kicking back with a copy and saying a few choice (her)words for her girl!!! {{THE BIGGEST OF HUGS TO YOU }}

Farmhouse prims said...

Congratulations Marie, I am soooo proud of you!!! Way to go!!! I just have to find that magazine!!! You goooo girl!! Your prims are awesome!!! Hugs, Lecia

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

Congrats Marie!!...It's a great feeling to be published!! You should be very proud!! I'm going to get my copy tomorrow...can't wait! Have a fun weekend! PS your Momma is sharing this with ya from above!! :)

Orange Sink said...

How awesome to be published in such a top notch magazine! Congratulations! You do fabulous work and now you can triple or more your prices!! Sending big hugs from WI!
(p.s. Thank-you for your visit and kind comments on my blog and to answer your question about selling the leaf pillows I do intend to get some made for a craft show I'm participating in this Nov. So we'll see if any sell!
Congrats again on your accomplishments........ and I know your Mom's spirit is celebrating too!!
Cathy G

frontporchprims said...

Yeah for you. I have to laugh at you. Congrats for your wonderful dolls. I am so proud of you. -Steph-

Lee Hill Primitives said...

Congratulations! Be proud.

lilraggedyangie said...

You should squeal cause you deserve it ! And you definately make the bestest prim gals ever ! Know that your mom did share the joy and the day with you ...even if from Heaven ! Im happy for ya , but I wanna see pics of this egg ya laid ...cause now thats talent :0) Big HUGS lilraggedyangie

Green Creek Primitives said...

Hi Marie, I was getting goose pimples just reading about your fantastic creations getting into Prim magazines, congrats. I have never seen that magazine around here, just seeing your dolls there in the magazine makes me want a copy. I know your mom would have been so thrilled. Big Hugs, Vicky

cynthia lee designs said...

Congrats on being in Prims Magazine!! Your work is awesome!!
Have fun on your bags trip!!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

CONGRATULATIONS proud you must be and rightly so. What a wonderful spread!!!! Watch out will never be the same...


BumbleBeeLane said...

Congrats sweetie! So deserved but truely a honor for you.Warm Blrssings!~Amy

Cottonwood Lane Primitives said...

Very exciting news! I received my magazine last week in the mail and just glanced through it, but am looking forward to sitting down and reading your article. I'm glad you were able to share this with your mom. It must have made her so proud. ~Roberta

Rugs and Pugs said...

Marie ~
Congrats to you!
$15. OUCH!!!
Hugs :)

A Primitive Homestead said...

Such an honor. Congrats to you. Blessings!

Beckyjean said...



Maggey and Jim said...

You deserve to be in that mag,, your creations are fab.. I love each and every one. Hard decision since these are the ones from the magazine.. Congrats to you

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, Marie,
It must be such an incredible feeling to be chosen to be published. And a whole year you waited and now when you opened
the magazine and actually SAW your work
I can imagine your thrill!
Well done!!
Warm Regards,

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Congrats to you!!! so what color was the egg? giggles

But girl the magazine is so lucky to have found your wonderful creations!! You are a talent & your wonderful personality just shines through each creation, which makes them so much fun!!!!
Hugs to you~

Bittersweetfolkart said...

Congrats to you !!
Your dollies are wonderful ..and what a great magazine to be in !!