Wednesday, September 14, 2011


WOW! Now today feels like a fall day... Cool...rainy, overcast, FALL is in the air!!!

I have missed you guys, I have been away from the computer so much! I peek in, read a bit, leave only a few comments here and there... Please forgive! I haven't worked this hard creating since my days when I had a small shop and I painted folk art... I have been a busy and the only thing I seem to be making is pumpkins....LOL... If I am counting right, I am up to about 90+ pumpkins of all kinds and shapes....LOL... I think I might be sick of pumpkins??? Here's a few of my latest and probably LAST pumpkins...Most just went up on and 2nite.... With all this creating it leaves little computer time, cleaning house time, decorating time.... AND at my favorite time of year no less... Now I am not complaining one bit! For everyone who eamiled me interested in my goofy pumpkins, this has been wonderful for my ego and made me FINALLY believe to trust my inner creativity when creating my prims.... BUT sadly I need to start on Christmas and winter for the shops.... So to everyone who has given a OLM Goofy Jack a home, THANK YOU!!!!! AND know you helped put a little extra $$$ in my wallet for "BAGS" my girls trip in just 21 days!!! YIPPEE!!! can't wait... 5 days, of laughs, shopping, eating, antiquing, rummage sales, and eating!!!

SO today, since it's rainy and I can't paint pumpkins outside... I decide to take a much NEEDED day off... Started decorating and cleaning... Cleaning coming along SLOWLY as is decorating... What a mess... Why is it so much work? LOL.... Love it once it's done... but I need to put away so much... It might be time to thin things out a bit... Now I have been thinning out some a bit... I love lots of "stuff" it's my thing.... but... it might be a bit out of hand??? DON'T TELL HUBBY I SAID THAT!!! he would never let me live it down!!!! LOL

So just a few shots, a work in progress... See the "give thanks" ditty bag... I got that just in time from Pam over at basketsnprims... before the "skateboard" accident! Pam, hope you are resting and healing! thinking of you!

Few Bethany Lowe goodies... Love her vintage look, when one can't find the "vintage"....

My new light up tree... put it by the front door... Got it 2 weeks ago... FINALLY took it out of the box today...see too busy! LOL

Farm table with a great runner from my swap with Becky over at stitchinandprimitives! LOVE THIS!!!

I got this bowl at the all night flea market hubby & I went to last month... Finally put it to use today too...Love it's size!

OH... the ugly side of decorating for the next season.... SIGH! where to put everything that needs to go away to next Spring or at least maybe until after Christmas......

Pile of goodies waiting for me to find a perfect spot for them......

So much more to do...... BUT, I think instead, it's getting late, I will go make some pumpkin bread, perfect weather for it.....

Couldn't resist...Knuckles at the door...watching, hoping, HOT DOG MAN, might stop by for a visit???? LOL

So there you have it... I am still here... I hope all is well with everyone! More decorating to do... BUT... I think I am going to make that bread! have a great night! OLM


lilraggedyangie said...

Glad to see you stoppin in for a visit ! I too am bout sick of punkins ! I could never get sick of yours though they are so AWESOME! Lovin Knuckles at the door !I dont have time to decorate yet, maybe next week! Cant wait to hear all the dirt from your bags trip,lol ! The decorating is cute , enjoy your day off! Its supposed to be down to 39 here this weekend overnight , THATS CRAZINESS! HUGS LILRAGGEDYANGIE

Angela said...

Girl, I haven't seen anything yet you have created that I haven't loved. You are one talented woman. Love the fall decor you have done already. Glad my one and only craft fair is behind me but I still have to clean the craft room. UGH, that's gonna take some time. Enjoy your day from stitching, do I smell that pumpkin bread????

Cheryl said...

I do so love those pumpkins you create and your fall decorating looks very nice. Knuckles looks pretty relaxed where he is.
Pumpkin bread sounds good!
Dont' work too hard at cleaning.

basketsnprims said...

marie, love what you have done so far, love your pumpkins! when i can craft again i'm starting right on Christmas. glad you like your ditty bag. knuckles is so cute.
hugs ~

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Marie, I have missed you, I haven't had much time for the computer either. And I love your pumpkins, you make the best pumpkins. Love your fall decorating, it is awesome! You are such an inspiration. Hugs, Lecia

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Goodness Marie - You must be dreaming pumpkins too - do you see them when you close your eyes? They are so adorable - each one seems to have it's own personality!

Your decorating is lovely - thanks for sharing some great ideas.

~Blessings dear~

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Goodness Marie - You must be dreaming pumpkins too - do you see them when you close your eyes? They are so adorable - each one seems to have it's own personality!

Your decorating is lovely - thanks for sharing some great ideas.

~Blessings dear~

Robyn~Primlish said...

Yeah!! You got to start your decorating!! Everything looks great and it was the perfect day to start! Hope you are able to relax a bit and enjoy it! ;)

cynthia lee designs said...

Wow...that's a lot of pumpkins to make! But I do love prim and cute!!
Your Fall decorating is looking great!
Pumpkin bread sounds so yummy!! Makes me want to make some or pumpkin cookies with cream cheese icing.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Marie ~
Are you meeting yourself coming and going? You've made my head spin (and it's not the wine -HONEST!).
Pug hugs :)

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Ive decided I am going to start calling you Wonder Woman!!
Or maybe the Energizer Bunny!!

Loved all the photos!!
Everything looks amazing.
And wow more perfectly prim pumpkins!!

It rained all day down here too.
I love not sweating to death but not quite ready to be freezing cold either!


TheCrankyCrow said...

So, is it done yet??? The bread I mean....And hmmmm....maybe a glass of Lauren's wine....Yes...they go together! Haven't you ever tried it?! ;o)

Oh bless your dear heart Marie - so glad you show the "ugly" side of us festive folk. Every year the decorations mushroom and they never did go back into their boxes and totes as neatly as they came out. I still have remnants of Valentine's day round here some place. Yes, time to thin....perhaps time to let go of some of the '80's ya think??? Love what you've done so far - and you're still ahead of me!! Scratch Knuckle's ears for me....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh pumpkin still my heart..sounds soo good..and I bet your home smelled your fall decor..yeah I agree so much stuff and takes for ever to put up..and about 10 seconds to take down.;) have a great all your pumpkins;)

Trace4J said...

Loved all your decorations.
I just can't ever get sick of pumpkins but maybe if I made
What kind of vitamins do you take?
Oh I think you have inspired me to make some pumpkin bread. YUM!
Oh sweet Knuckles.
Have a great day!

Bittersweet and Ivy said...

I just love those pumpkins! Your decorating is definitely getting me in the mood to finish mine! Everything looks great!

Thank you!

Beckyjean said...

Hi Marie~

90+ pumpkins!! Holy crap!! But you must have quite the stash of $$$ for your bags trip. I was wondering who got Pam's Give Thanks pocket. I so wanted that. Love all your fall decor. Nice to see the quilted runner. Makes me want to get busy & make one for me. I really want to get out my fall decorations, but have a big show this Saturday & have to get this old hiney creating.

Have a great day & stay warm~Becky

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

My sentiments exactly about blogging - I start out checking on them and then realize time has flown by and I need to start THINGS! So I don't get to all of them like I want.
BUT I THINK WE ALL ARE THERE AND UNDERSTAND...we get to them eventually.

Gosh you are talented and I am so inspired by you although I can't machine stitch...don't like the monkeying around with bobbins and threading the machine. Silly huh???? But hand stitching is so relaxing for me.

Your Fall decorating is beautiful and I want everything you have - how fun!!!!!


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

P.S....enjoy your BAGS getaway!


Roberta (Cottonwood Lane Primitives) said...

Oh my goodness, 90+ pumpkins! That would take me all year. Hope you raise more money for the BAGS trip (not sure what the acronym stands for but it sounds like fun). Love seeing how everyone has decorated for fall--seems like its everyone's favorite season. Great goodies, especially love your primitive shelves. ~Roberta

frontporchprims said...

Blogging is hard work and it takes a lot of time. Don't feel bad if you are busy!! I love all your fall decor. My favorite is the bowl filled with gourds and pillows. I just love it. -Steph-

Green Creek Primitives said...

Boy Marie you have made a lot of pumpkins, I have loved everything you have made, still love my misfits pumpkin, he is currently residing in my sewing room. Finally finished all my fall items and delivered them, now it winter items I am sewing today, hard to create winter this time of the year. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hugs Vicky

Maggey and Jim said...

Just love those big pumpkins.