Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Creating, new messes...and thoughts for a swap? feedback??

First, I hoping everyone is safe from Irene... I hope everyone was out of harms way and had no damage!!!! I am seeing pictures on the news and it's heart breaking, all the flooding.... I am thinking of you!!!!

So as for me, it's more of the same... I have not crafted this hard in years! LOL! Not since my folk art painting days and I did a couple of shows... WOW! Thanks to everyone for their support and wanting a few of my fall prim goodies... I am planning on having a little blog sale, for my followers, not sure the date yet... I am thinking the end of this week... but I don't know... I am having one of those weeks, and it's only Tuesday! LOL.... BUT, I will give at least a day's warning before I do anything or if it's next week.... I want to have a few special goodies done!
SO yes, I have been creating like a mad prim craftier!!!
Having a bit of work done outside before winter... I should of take a picture, but forgot....when we added onto the house and put the patio in, really it was a bit to small.. and we wanted a walkway to both service doors on the garage. We have had the pavers for over a year. Got most of them for free.... Hubby was going to do it last fall, but then mom took that turn for the worse...sigh... this year time has just gotten away from us.... SO I have been "working" on him that it wouldn't be to much to have someone do the work since we have the brick... Finally got a estimate, he was shocked... So they WERE to start today, BUT came yesterday...LOL... hubby a bit upset, wasn't ready, but I was like, roll with it! It's looking great... they will back tomorrow to finish! YIPPEE!!! One BIG thing off the honey do list for fall!!!! Speaking of fall.... pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins... oh my!!!! Changed things up a bit...here is the "fab" 6 done as of last night! few more need faces... then I am not sure how many more I am going to make... I really want to do a few more different fall things, then start , oh my hate to say it..... Christmas.... so much I want to do, and last fall, really nothing got done after mom passed away... I really want to get a good start on Holiday....sigh again!
AND... I have been playing a bit with my new camera... nothing fancy... I really struggled with what I wanted.... looked, comparing... Megapixel.. vs sensor size.... ugh! I am a SLR... film gal... Love film, studied photography a bit in college... developed my own photos.... HATED digital when it first came out....BUT, now, can't do anything on the computer...without it.... so FINALLY, I said to Steven, who worked at Best Buy for 3 years, before his corporate job... I want simple to use... take good clear pictures of my work, etc... and will fit in my purse.... and go buy it for me! LOL!!!So I got a Cannon Powershot Elph 100hs... Love it... I haven't even read up on it yet.. .no time... BUT even with my brain, lol... i have figured out how to take a few pictures... All of these with the new camera.....

Few gals in the works... testing the camera when I got it last week....

Here they are ALMOST done... my "almost witches.." details on the blog sale.... LOL....

Knuckles hanging out with the hot dog man last Friday.... so many ways to go with this...BUT in blog land, yes, it's truly a hot dog in his pocket!... You can kinda see Winston on the left looking for his share!!!!

Boy, I was going to make a quick post....LOL...need to run a few errors and finish some 'wee witches" make a do heads.... I guess I had a lot to say, I have been MIA to much! So 2 weeks ago, Alex decided he needed a "vacation"...LOL.... he went back to college to visit... yeah right, more like party for 5 days straight before school started for his buddies.... BUT, going back to Western, he has to go through Mammouth... when Maple City Pottery is... Made him stop.... been wanting one of these crock paper towel holders for a while... You see them in Country Sampler, but at the factory there is 2nd quality.... So he picked this one up for me... and a Snowman cookie jar, I forgot to up load that one... They are always in C.S... it's huge!!! I will show it next time!

OK... Now for a thought I had for a hosting a swap!?!?!?!!? I have NEVER done this before, not sure if I am up for the task... So I am asking for some feedback, email me at folkart94@msn.com on your thoughts, if you are interested... I will decide next week if I will do it or not.... So here it is... Ornament Swap! Here is what I am thinking,

handmade ornaments ONLY... You can make it, or buy from another craftier if you wish, PRIMITIVE of course.. Must be a follower and have commented on my blog before. and I am familiar with you and your blog... US and Canada only.... Yes, I need to work more details out.... but here's how I think I would work it...

You can make one ornie or up to 6 ornies, all same or different...wrap them up cute in a cellophane bags with your info on a card or tags....Then you will ship them to me, with enough money enclosed to have you goodies shipped back to you, I know that's double shipping, but I did one similar to this last fall, it was fun.... So once I have all the ornies, I will divide them up, and you would get 6 different ornies from 6 different bloger's/crafters... What do ya think??? are you game... Now if you send me one, you get one... send 4, get 4.....and so on... I would put a deadline of ornies to me by say November 2nd... so it gives me a few days to divide them up and send them back... Thoughts? Would like to do it? email me!

Have a great day! OLM


Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

wow OLM you've been busy!!! I'm up for the ornie swap!
will email ya later...gotta head out to work now.

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Hi Marie,
First off... Always love seeing your amazing creations.
But you always make me feel so Lazy!! LOL!!
I swear I dont know how you do it!
It takes me days to finish one thing.

Im wanting a new camera.
Mine quit on me quite awhile back, so I have been borrowing my Moms.
Which I am grateful for.
But I want one that takes really crisp photos. And her doesnt.
I just have no knowledge on what it is good camera and what isnt.
I need to do some research and find out what is the best for inside photos.

As for the swap.
I think it is a great idea.
I joined in on one like it through a forum last year.
Everyone made up 6 ornies, mailed them to one person. (Including the return shipping also.)
Then she sent back 6 ornies all from different people who had joined in.
I think she divided us into groups of 6.
And I think it worked out where there were 3 groups.
You could choose to be in more than one group if you wanted to.
You just needed to send the additional needed ornies.
Hope Im making sense. ???
Any who...
I think it is a wonderful idea.
Count me in!


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Girl your pumpkins are the bestest~ seriously love the one white one on top~ look at the stems~ sooo cute!!!Then the dolls~ oh, my~ you are making me tired all your work~giggles~
Use that camera~ want to see pics of the new walkway~
Maple city~ pretty~

Lee Hill Primitives said...

Love your creations. They are awesome pieces. Count me in the swap, it looks so fun.

lilraggedyangie said...

YOu forgot to breathe in that post ! Makin me feel and look like a slacker for sure ! am thrilled business is good for you ! You make the bestest prims ever especially them punkins , cant wait for the sale , I have a bday comin gonna whine my mr into some OLM goodies yet !:0) Id be up to the ornie swap for sure sounds fun! Have a good one ! hugs lil raggedy angie

basketsnprims said...

Hi, Marie ~ I love your pumpkins & those big old nosed witches. You get so much accomplished in a week, how do you do it? when I craft like that my house ends up looking like a sty, lol. I'll give some thought to the swap, I did one like that about 3 yrs. ago.

Sheila said...

You make me laugh! I'm out of breath from reading the post but so worth it!!! You have been a busy woman that's for sure.
I'd love to be included in the ornie swap ! Sounds fun.
Are you seeing pumpkins in your sleep yet?
Have a great rest of the week.

Kimberly said...

Hi Marie, Thank you for thinking of us New Englanders. Irene was and still is very scary! I just can't talk about it, too, too sad. My eyes are swollen from crying. We keep busy, very busy, it helps. your creations are wonderful, keep sewing. My Best ~Kimberly


Hi,I would be interested in the ornie swap, I did the forum swap last year and it was fun. Thanks

Ellie's Country Accents said...

Hi! I would love to be in your ornament swap. I sounds like a lot of fun, but a lot of work for you. Love your pumpkins.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Marie ~
You make my head spin! You have accomplished so much. I am SOOOO jealous! Love all your pumpkins and witches.
Hugs :)

Primitive Echoes said...

Wow you are sooooo busy it makes me feel lazy. I would love to do the ornie swap. You will post details?

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Well lady you have been BUSY....all your sweet Halloween creations make me giggle...they are just the best.

I may get in on your swap...depends on my workload - it's picking up again...so I'll watch for the update....AND THE SALE!!!!

Started a set of shots again yesterday!!!! This time for the lumbar - and today had a Cortisone shot in the hip! That hurts worse than any kind of procedure or shots to date!!!! I can barely move my right leg...lol


TheCrankyCrow said...

Glad you can mass produce Missy Marie - cuz those punkins and "almost-witchies" are some kind of fabulous....can't wait to see your blog sale - hope there's something left by the time the crow hits they keyboard! I wouldn't be able to do one in a month....Yikes....you are Super OLM!! The wiener man looks like he's having too much fun....Shame! ;o) Love your new paper towel holder....cool, cool, beans!! Glad to hear from you Girlfriend....Take Care! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

renee said...

Loving the new creations! I will have to pass on this swap, I am in to a few already! LOL!
I am glad you are getting so much done!
Knuckles is having too much fun with the hot dog man!
Hope you have a great rest of the week~ and don't forget to BREATHE!
Love ya girlfriend!

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Marie, you have been one busy gal. I love all of your creations, but I have to agree your pumpkins are the best, they make my pumpkins look sick. He He
Guess what my moon flower bloomed, it is so pretty, I love it. And the swap sounds like a good idea,
You have a great day! Hugs, Lecia

frontporchprims said...

Those pumpkins made me smile this morning. I love how big they are. Those witches will be cute when they are done. I love their noses. I don't know anything about swapping but it sounds interesting.