Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The time has come...The Giveaway Revealed!!!!

I have been a busy girl!!! Trying to stay off the computer... I pop in read a few blogs...Please forgive, I am slacking on the comments, but know I am reading a few at a time!!!!....I wanted to get my giveaway finished and working like crazy on pumpkins and such...... BUT FINALLY today I finished up the "girls"..... It seems, maybe I have teased long enough??? I wasn't going to show everything... Then I changed my mind....... SO, Just in case I hit 75+ on the comments/entries and heart skips a beat posts..... I made 2 dolls... Just for this giveaway.....

So here they are!!! Now they need names... Any thoughts???? Each will come with their own little pumpkin creation..... All OLM original designs.....

Their hair washes out against the cushions outside where I just finished them up about a hour ago....SO tired of staying in, in this heat, that I took the crafting outside for a bit... At least today there is a bit of a breeze.....

So what do you think??? Was it worth the wait??? So as the plan goes.... Here is the link to enter my giveaway.... And there is details on how to get a 2nd chance in the drawing......
http://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=7199884373336929331&postID=5386390737798240251&isPopup=true If the link isn't working again... Go to Sunday, July 10th post to leave the comment and see the details on how to possibly win one of these gals!!!!!

Ugly side of crafting....LOL... Thought I would show... Hubby was gone all last week for work in Osh Gosh...So no need to clean up??? LOL... oh the mess... It's not to out of control...but it's getting there... Later this week, I will have to show and tell what Hubby brought me back from A Simpler Time in Ripon!! Can't even believe he went into a primitive shop........I a lucky gal!!!

See the pumpkin sitting on the floor... they just need faces....Tomorrow... I am going to do some witches for a change of pace......

I also received a fun little box in the mail today from Lil Raggedy Angie!!! thanks Angie!!!! Super fun!!!! She "claims" she not trying to get on my good side with the giveaway... What do you think???LOL.... I didn't even consider brides!!!! Darn!!!!

Click on the picture to make it bigger and see her note on not trying to butter me up??? YA RIGHT!!!! HEHE

Some great fabric that you bet will get put to use ASAP!!! Adorable little prim doll and a small little pumpkin.... OH getting the itch for fall.... Don't really want to rush it, but I do so love the colors... Wish it just lasted longer!!!.....Oh well, it truly will be here before we know it......Off to cook some dinner.... Don't forget, I am picking the WINNER or WINNERS August 1st!!!! SO if you haven't entered, I sure hope you will!!!! OLM


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...


The Moonlit Stitch said...

LOVE! LOOOOOVE the dolls! A clean table is boring! LOL. Love Angie's goodies - a sweet gal for sure! ~*~Lisa

The Moonlit Stitch said...

LOVE! LOOOOOVE the dolls! A clean table is boring! LOL. Love Angie's goodies - a sweet gal for sure! ~*~Lisa

renee said...

So fun they are! Your table looks like mine! LOL!
Great surprise from Angie, but I think she's trying to butter you up~ just a little! LOL!
Names~ well~ the first thing that pops in my mind is Ima Dimple one and Ima Dimple too. They have the cutest dimples!
I am looking forward to cooler temps not quite ready for fall yet. That's the gardener in me coming out! LOL!
That Ed~ he's a keeper Marie, you better make him something special for dinner and give the man a Grain Belt or two!
Have a good night!

LibbiesHome said...

I saw those girls and I thought, "Maybe if I send her some peanut butter snickers she'll give me a couple extra chances..." Then I read further to find out that would do me no good. RATS!
When I saw the girls I thought their names could be Prunella and Persnickety - They look like the Punkinheimer sisters to me.
Thanks for another great smile. :)

Shirlee said...

Oh Marie, the dolls are wonderful! If I were into witchcraft I would go get some herbs, kill a chicken (sorry Trace), have John build a big bonfire out in the yard after it gets dark & then I'd dance naked around it tossing herbs into it & swinging the chicken around my head & chanting spells that you would pick my name when the drawing gets here ... lol! I guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed instead : ) Incidentally, my dining table looks like yours most days : ) Blessings, Shirlee

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I am soooo loving your dollies..and the names that just popped into my head were Millie and Maude...I love the card that Angie wrote..I hope Knuckles has my back too..and picks the winning name and I am one of them..lol..can't wait to see what Hubby got for you and those witches you will be making.)

Angela said...

Oh Marie, You don't disappoint us. They are definitely worth the wait. So cute and original. I like Renee's name Dimple. That's my best faraway friends real name, and I think Dumplin' for the other. They are precious. When I posted today on my blog, I used "made my heart skip a beat" in my text and referred back to you.. Guess you have done really good with this giveaway, I seem to find more and more that makes my heart skip a beat. Have fun with the witches.

lilraggedyangie said...

Now you know to accept bribes next time..would be entertaining to see what you get and it would be like a huge christmas in July for you ! lol Lovin them dolls, but I am a fan ya know! lol I cant pick a name because them crafty girls before me sure chose some good ones! Have a great evening , too bad I forgot to put knuckles another bone in this box! :0( lol Have a great evening hugs lil raggedy angie

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Adorable creations, as always!!
I need some of your energy. I haven't accomplished anything the last few days.

What a sweet surprise package.

Stay cool!
Tam ;)

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Oh Marie-they are ADORABLE! Pick me Pick me! As for names, I think they should be Millie and Maude. I don't know...that's the best I can do at 11 pm. Anyway...can't wait to see who wins!

~The Boyd Homestead Farm~ said...

So well worth the wait Marie!! I'm not so good at picking out names, lol. Love the surprise goodies from Angie too, how sweet of her! Can your husband give my husband tips on stepping into a primitive shop? hehe. Hope you are having a wonderful week,
Hugs, Trish

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Love the dolls! I got my fingers crossed!!!
That Angie sure is a sweet gal!
My table looks like yours all the time lately!!!
Have a wonderful week!
Prim Blessings

Christine said...

You dolls are great!!! Love them....to me they look like "Prudence and Prunella" !

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ahhh...yeah...definitely worth the wait...and worth a lil' raggedy bribe!! ;o) For names, I'm going with Ira and Immogene.....That's what I suggested for those poor, underfed, and underdressed chilren' of Karen's that you so kindly took in, but, alas, Karen (or Random Generator) felt otherwise....I still think some of your lil' ones need to be named that!! (And, yeah....I'll be up all night with a steady roll of name running through my head like when Karen asked for names...Thanks a bunch for THAT!!) August 1st can't come soon enough...my fingers and toes are cramping up something fierce!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Trace4J said...

Mornin Friend!!
As I said before you are so much fun. Bestill my heart your girls are so prim beautiful. Too funny.
I thought Prudence & Penelope. P's for prim and pumpkins! Love love love them. You take bribes? hehe
Hugs Trace


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

OlM~ Love the dolls & pumpkins~
names~ Hmmm~
on the left~ Bertha the doll & Fred the pumpkin
on the right~ Agnus the doll & Eddie the pumpkin
Wonderul job Marie!!!

Angie is sucking up~ yep~ way to go Angie~ giggles!!

Jean @ Prim Crafts said...

Oh, I really want one of these cuties to come live with me! Marie, you are just so talented. I love your creations!
As for names, hmmm, not good at naming things~ maybe Thelma and Tilley.
Can't wait to see who they go to!

Prims By The Water said...

Your table is neat compared to mine...and I currently have three that are being used for crafting...LOL. Love the dolls. Take care, Janice PS. can't wait to see what you got from Simply Primitives.

Kimberly said...

You sure have been busy!!! Great job! Happy doll making :) My Best ~Kimberly

Beckyjean said...

Hey OLM~

I really want one of those dollies!! I guess I better hurry & do my post for an extra entry~I'm runnin out of time. Love your goodies from Angie!! That fabric looks awesome.

Did hubby get you that lamp??? I can't wait to see what he bought you. I know it's gotta be good if it came from Simpler Time.

Have a nice night~Becky

TheRustyThimble said...

OH My goodness OLM, wow love the pumpkins kids just great

George and Gertie
What a Sweet hubby to go into a prim shop for you.
wonderful treasures from angie

And if you could see my mess right now yours looks so Neat!!


Margie from Hungry Hook Primitives said...

You make me laugh so hard...Which is sooooo welcome these days ! Thanks so much and boy, am I glad I am not alone in the messy crafter department. Some of these gals are just too neat...so glad to see you're human !