Friday, July 8, 2011

Blog-Sale part 3!!!!

Afternoon all my blogging buddies! I did not think I would get this post up in time! LOL... But that will be another post of show and tell... Hubby and I went to a Estate Sale this AM... One thing's for sure, hubby and I shouldn't go together! LOL....
Anyway... there is still some goodies available in my last 2 posts, if anyone is interested. In my first post has all my shipping thoughts... Please email with any questions and emails to me first come to my email for any of the listings... These are my last goodies for this sale... thank you everyone who took the time to look and those who are giving good homes to these goodies! Details later this weekend on my giveaway too! I have finally decided how I want to do it... Trying to think on how to change things up a bit... Hopefully everyone likes my idea... Details to come.... SO..... here we go..... Here is BEA... She is my last doll that I will be selling from the PRIMS dolls. (Lucy Lemon Pucker in the previous post still looking for a good prim home)... BEA just like the other 2 is a OLM OOAK and travel to CA and back! She is a romantic and would love a good home....not that she doesn't have one here....LOL

Close up of her heart shaped head.... BEA is $28-- $4 travel fare....

Fun pumpkin in a boot... I did NOT make this guy... I believe it came from eBay from the seller needlinaround... $9--$2 travel fare...

I love this little pillow tuck. I had stitched several of these up. This is part of the Pineberry Lane Pattern Providence Olde Acre.... it says "you need not be afraid of me I'm just a grown up pumpkin seed" $14--$1 travel fare...

12 prim nails and 3 prim hooks $8--$3 travel fare.... SOLD!!

Fun little bee pillow tuck that I stitched as well.... I think the pattern was Buttermilk basin...$7 --$1

Longaberger small crock.. Have you ever tryed their pottery? it is my fave! It is great stuff... anyway, hard to tell it is eggplant, so it's a deep purple, I know it looks black... again from my old kit...$5--$3 travel fare.... SOLD! thanks Shirlee!!!

Longaberger sage mug, again these are great coffee mugs!!! Holds so much!!! $5--$3 travel fare

Longaberger Horizon of Hope breast cancer fundraiser basket $20 for the set--$5 travel fare..

Longaberger star dish $7-- $3 travel fare.... SOLD!

Crazy eye's... sweet little shelf tuck doll... OLM OOAK... $16 $3 travel fare.... SOLD!

Prim shelf sitter snowman I created from a Sunny Knoll folkart pattern $12--$3 travel fare

So this is the last of it... Well.. not really just all I am going to do... I could keep going, especially with the Longaberger... But it's to much.... Again, thanks so much to everyone taking a moment to even look and considering making a purchase! Watch for details on my giveaway... Probably Sunday night! Have a great day! OLM

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lilraggedyangie said...

Goodness Gracious woman are you trying to kill me slowly and painfully! I hope someone snatches all your beauties up and at such a steal! i cannot wait to see what y'all dragged home today! I think we need to swap in the near future! Have a great weekend! hugs lil raggedy angie