Thursday, June 9, 2011

Swap goodies, a surprise for Knuckles and.....

All I can say holy.......batman what is up with this weather.... 96 yesterday, 54 today, YES 54.... that's a 40degree different.... I woke up thinking, is it time to put out pumpkins???? THEN the rain, oh the rain. Now we are blessed to dodge damage, but we are wet! AND there is more coming....UGH!!!

I was out running a couple of errands yesterday, and this was on my porch when I got home!!! SURPRISE!!! I participated in the secret sister swap that Tammy over at a primitive place hosted! Thanks Tammy for all the great work putting this together......I better get mine out.....running a bit behind..... So I pull out the "goodies" card says read me all is still a surprise who my partner was????

Expect....The first goodie I opened had her tag on there! LOL!!!GOTT YA!!!

My prim gal pal Lecia from farmhouse prims was my surprise! Lecia is such a doll, so wonderful and sweet when my mom pasted....Emailed just to check on me....

Now we have swapped before, this is how we met and became GF's!!! Thank you Lecia I love everything!!!!

So this picture doesn't show everything off great.... better pictures to follow... except for the great prim pantry towel and runner. I haven't put them in their home yet. I need one of the boys home to lift the little pie safe off the big pie safe to put the runner on top...Make sense??? LOL...

Lecia made me this great school house tote with slate... LOVE IT!!! How perfect on my new old school desk....

She knows of my love of fall and pumpkins! She had this made for me!!! This is tucked away for just another day or 2, well, according to today's weather????

OH MY!!!! A Lecia bonnet. the last one on the left is my latest! This had her tag attached, a giveaway on who the mystery person was! LOL!!! Now 3 of the 4 are from Lecia!!!! thanks GF!!!

These cute little cloth pin tuck dolls... Wait until my niece Joey finds these......I will have to hide them from her!

Then today, after the rain, I went to a Estate sale.... didn't take pictures of those goodies. Just 3 things, all going to the shop in Dekalb.......BUT on the porch again, a package.....BUT not for me, but Knuckles, really Knuckles, YUP! he has a fan club...... You have to hop over and read lilraggedyangies blog! She's a hoot! Anyway she emailed me on my Memorial Day's post, knuckles and the hot dog man, and the side kicks, Spencer and Winston.... Now Winston, might from time to time bite Knuckles, yes, in the peepee... He just want to play, he's a small dog, and this is what he can reach??? Poor Knuckles... Winston is getting better..... Anyway awhile back she sent me a goat stuffed animal.... Decided this will become the new mascot for the "bags" trip.... But I decided it needed to be grungied up a bit,,,, Knuckles wanted the goat... I wouldn't give him the goat.... then I decide to give it to him!! Still with me??? Problem is, he LOVED the goat sooo much that the goat is now missing a leg and I have re stuffed him several times.....SO I have taken the goat away again! LMAO!!!! Oh my......

So Angie said for me to give Knuckles the goat back.... NOPE, not going to do it.....SO.....

Here's this box today... right away Knuckles has his nose to the box....MMMM...what can it be... never mind the skunk by the stairs... another Knuckle's victims......

So the minute I open the box.... out comes this BIG sheep...OH MY!!! what a mess this will make!!! Thanks Angie!!!!

Knuckles looking a bit guilty??? Or he just wants what is left in the box..... (don't look at the mess in the back ground... )

OH YES!!! this is it!!! YUMMO! Bone!!! Didn't see Knuckles for at least 20 minutes, until it was all gone! LOL

Then there was a pull toy too! Boys will have fun using this with him! Great note that when with it... talking about how Winston hits below the belt.... How is Knuckles ever going to toughin up when he gets fun boxes like this????? thanks again lilraggedyangie!!!!

Then just a quick picture of these 8 gals... waiting for details.... grungied them up today... sanded them... put a few holes in... facial details tomorrow.... grungy again... then a outfit..... The tall gal in the back I am making in honor of my mom.. I will call her LuLu.... Mom would of been 67 this Sunday.....Life goes on.... Stay cool... stay warm, have a great night! OLM


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

What wonderful goodies you got.
I love Lecia's bonnets, I need to get one of those.
Knuckles sure is a cutie!
Our dogs love to get new toys too!
Cute story by the way!
Prim Blessings

Farmhouse prims said...

Marie, I am so glad that you liked your swap goodies. I sure didn't do a very good job of surprising you. He He
Angie is so sweet and makes awesome prims, Knuckles is so cute, I love labs, he looks so much like my Lilly. I could just give him a hug. He sure likes Angies things.
I love all of your prim dolls, you do such awesome work. I think that is wonderful naming one after your mom. Have a great day! I enjoyed "Tryin" to surprise you. He He Lecia

renee said...

LOL! OMG~ I just adore that little Knuckles! LOL! He is sweet! Any guy that takes getting bit below the belt is a HERO! I am glad he enjoyed his goodies from Angie!
You got blessed with some nice swap things! That Lecia, she's a real sweetie anyhow!
I like all your displays, and I can't wait to see the girls done!
Have a great weekend, and thanks for being such a great gal! Even though I have never met you in person, I just feel connected, maybe that's just how it is with prim pals! Anyhow~ take it easy!
Still concerned about you over-doing!
Hugs and blessings,

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

What wonderful treasures from Lecia!
Love the Penny Mat!!!
Yesterday's weather was a shock to the system like you said after high 90's. We even hit 100 here in Wisconsin.


Green Creek Primitives said...

Hi Marie, Love all your new goodies, really like the bonnet. Your dolls are coming along really nice, I like that you are doing one that reminds you of your mom, very special. Wish we were in the fifties, been in the mid 90's for days, no ran and an air alert, guess I want be outside, I have asthma. Think I am ready for fall and summer has not officially arrived. Take care, can't wait to see your dolls finished, I am starting on fall items. Vicky

Robin said...

Love the goodies you got, and what a difference in temps!!???? That must have been weird. It's 90+ here and that is at 7 am. Have a GREAT weekend.

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Wonderful Swap Goodies!!
And how sweet, Knuckles got a surprise gift in too!!
I think he's liking the whole blogging thing, huh?! :)
Take Care Sweetheart,

cottageprims said...

OLM~ Great goodies from Lecia.How sweet of Angie to send knuckles his own gifts.The dolls are coming along.Love the simplicity of them right now.Thanks for your kind words about my dad.I'll be thinking of you on your mom's birthday.Hugs!~Amy

lilraggedyangie said...

Tag or not I think the goodies in the box would have given it away anyhow that Lecia makes the most beautiful things especially her signature bonnets! Glad to see knuckles finally getting some appreciation!LOL I know it s not a goat but it will do and I hope he thouroughly enjoys shredding it from one end of the house to the other! I love all the new girls , cant wait to see them finished! Have a great day hope the weather evens out a bit! hugs
lil raggedy angie

Angela said...

Love all your swap items. Love the school house tote with chalkboard. Might just have to get one for my old school desk. The candle mat is so pretty. Reminds me of my favorite time of year. So neat to get a package for Knuckles, so thoughtful. He is such a pretty dog and soo shiny.. Give him a hug for me. Have a great day, and safe weekend.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love all the goodies you received..including knuckles..hope the peepee is healing up..ouch..;) yeah our weather is only about 60 and overcast..when will summer get spoiled on the sunshine in your naked dollies..enjoy the cooler weather..;) have a great weekend too.;)

jennifer768 said...

Love your goodies from Lecia ! Angie was so sweet to send Knuckles a goodie box!The weather can't seem to decide whether to be cold or hot this year. Have a great weekend !Jen

Beckyjean said...

Hi Marie~

Love your goodies from Lecia!! Of course her bonnets are fabulous!! I love the tote with the school slate in it! And Knuckles is just too cute. I bet he'll be wondering what the mailman will bring him next. Angie is a doll for thinking of him. Can't wait to see your finished dollies. So fitting to make one in memory of your Mom. Do you also have one you stick pins in named "Loony Tunes"? That may be some great therapy for you. LOL

Have a wonderful weekend~Becky