Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lemon Poppy Update, Clean up, and a new machine!

Just a quick post to say all is well!!! BUT, I am glad this week is OVER!!! I call it the week from Hell... We all have one now and again, but we should be good for awhile, right?

So it took 7 calls back and fourth with the Village to get them to come out and help get some of this brush picked up! UGH! Monday was our bi-monthly pick up... storm was one is July5th.... Now I would think when there is a storm, just like snow, concessions have to be made?! Right? NOPE! I had to show my ugly side in the end... Now I get that they can't come and get every limb that falls during a storm, BUT when you say it was a WHOLE TREE, and it was in the street and on our car, that should count for something, right? Well, first mistake is WE cleaned if off the street....Long story short.... They finally came and took most of it away.... YIPPEE!!! But I had a head ache for the whole week!!!

Now I had been trying to get a few dolls done for Lemon Poppy Seeds... But with the back procedure, then the boys party, I got behind... SO finally today I got a few new things up! I thought I would share a couple of them with you! Here's Becky, a OLM original... She a big prim gal at over 28" long and a fat head! Love that puckered mouth!

hard to believe I need to think about fall... This was a pro-do-type.... Bigger then I wanted, but I finished him up and love how he turned out. I just don't think I want to make these guys this big! even with rags in the bottom it takes at least a 1/2 of a box of batting to stuff him! LOL

So here's the war zone before clean up started.....SIGH... such a mess... not the end of the world, just a mess... and I feel guilty not being able to help some....

Hubby out there cleaning up today.... now we are getting ready, or I should be...LOL.. to go to a graduation party....

AND here it is the new washing machine! Misi commented that sometimes things work out for a reason, and something better comes along.... WELL... This is the case with this bad boy! OMG! I needed a washing machine this size when the boys were little! Truly almost to big for what I need these days....LOL.... So I got the clear lid on the top loader. I really wanted that... the other didn't have it.... They claim this is a better machine then the one we returned. I asked them to comp the difference for my aggravation on getting a broken machine and they did!!!

So it all worked out in the end.... Now we wait for the adjuster on Wednesday for hubby's truck verdict.....Off to get ready, have a great day everyone... I will visit you tomorrow! OLM

PS... I have done 4 loads of laundry already, I am fascinated by the clear lid...LOL


lilraggedyangie said...

Love your new creations, PRIMTASTIC as always! YOU ROCK ! But I gotta know , do you get dizzy watching all them loads of laundry go round n round? lmbo :0) Enjoy your evening , hugs lil raggedy angie

jennifer768 said...

Love your new creations! They are so awesome .Sorry that you have had such a time of it this week .Glad that you got the machine you wanted.Hugs,Jen

Becky @ The Crow's Nest said...

LOVE, LVE, Love your Becky Doll! She is so prim! U GO GURL!!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

WooHoo!!! If liking doing laundry is the payout, it just might have been worth it! Glad your world is "normalizing" again....Your newest creations are adorable!!! That Becky is just too, too, stinkin' cute!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Mary said...

Hi Marie, so glad things are finally returning to normarl. I love your new creations....especially that huge pumkin....super awesome! Hope your back is doing better. Hugsssss Mary

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Awesome washer! I can see doing multiple loads!
Becky is beautiful.....
Damn bureaucrats! glad you got through to them. You go girl!

Farmhouse prims said...

Marie, you sure had a trying week, so glad things are finally calming down for you.
I love your new prim doll and pumpkin!! You are one talented girl, and you know fall will be here before we know it. Hugs, Lecia

Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

OH Boy girl, I hope you don't have a week like this past one ever again!! Thinking good thoughts for you so you go on creating more cuties like that!
Enjoy the new machine!! We got new ones last year and oh my, what a difference from the dinosaurs they made when our kids were little. And I am sure just in the last year they are even better!!
Have a great week! HUGS!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh I so love your dolls and that pumpkin head is fantastic..I love that new washing machine too..:) very kewl indeed..I'll let you do my;)

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Goodness Marie, I didn't realize you got all that bad weather there...and with all that's going on you took on my 'girls' - why didn't you say 'stay home ladies!'

I pray things get fixed, cleaned up and adjusted soon.


I hurt myself today by almost falling on my tush and catching myself and trying to balance using every muscle/disc I had and let me tell you I hurt tonight...
So please don't push's easy to get hurt again.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Marie ~
I hope you weren't too hard on the poor woman (I'm sure it was a woman!) who answered the phone in the Village. I work for the city street department and I have to deal with such things on a regular basis. We are only message takers ~ we don't decide what will get done and that can make things difficult. I am glad they did come and take care of it.
Sweet new babies!
Hugs :)

renee said...

Well, I am glad you all got the tree mess cleaned up, and I hope you will have brighter days ahead! I am also happy that you got a washer that you like and no troubles now.
Love the girls too!
Have a great week!

Tina's Primitive Attic said...

Your new doll is so prim! Love her! Have a wonderful week! Hugs, Tina

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

OLM~ wishing you a wonderful week~ I think you deserve it~ Wow, scarey stuff & so much work from the storms~ YUK!!!
Your creations are adorable~ Terrific job!!!