Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I've added a playlist!

Good Evening all my blogging buddies! I hope all is well in blog land! I just wanted to let you know I 've added a play list to my blog. Few of my favorite songs of the moment and always! My taste varies and each song on my list has a special meaning to me.... Most are rock, so if this might not be your taste, I wanted to let everyone know they are there and turn their speakers down or up!?!....Here's why I picked these, if anyone cares?LOL...I'm telling you anyway!

Shattered, don't know why my fave at the moment!
Angels on the Moon, always thinking of mom with this one! There's line, "don't tell me I'm dieing" Mom didn't want to know. I like to think she's my Angel on the Moon now
Santa Monica, oh love this beat to this song... So wanted Steven to play this on his guitar for me... Nope never learned.. Love to drive to this one!
The story.... Sometimes I believe hubby should run hard and fast with my family, but he always sticks by me.... So love this song!
Famous Final Scene... There isn't a bad Bob Seger song... Little known song on Strangers in town....I have loved this song since I was 16!
AND this Magic Moment, hubby and I danced to this at our wedding! Enjoy~ OLM


renee said...

I am not familiar with some of these songs, but I love to hear why they have meaning to you. I think music and words are very powerful, there are songs I cannot listen to for lack of emotional control.
I LOVE Bob Seger! When I was a kid, my Dad played drums, he still does some, but anyhow, they sang all the Seger tunes! I do like his music.
Have a great weekend!

lilraggedyangie said...

Wow , way to venture outside of your comfort zone and join the rest of us in the modern world ! JKG LMAO! Really cool tunes , and the fact that you shared what they mean to you is extra special! Have a great day my friend, and a safe and happy 4th ! hugs ! lil raggedy angie

jennifer768 said...

Loved that you shared the meanings of each of the songs !You are right there is not a bad Bob Seger song.I have loved listening to him since I was in my teens.Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day,Jen

Robyn~Primlish said...

Wahoo!! Love to rock out while reading blogs! Maybe I need to join the to speak! ;)

TheCrankyCrow said...

Have fun with Project Playlist!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin