Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I don't know how everyone is being able to make comments??? I still can't! BUT please know that I have visited everyone's display, and WOW!!! Love them all... Lil raggedyAngie, your grandma's collections... Becky, love the doll dresser... Vicky, OMG all those baby shoes... Linda, as always love them all!!!! to to everyone else.. I have had a brain fart now and can't think!!! LOL....

So who will be the DWTS champion???? Who are you rooting for??? I think I am rooting for hynes! OLM


Firecracker Kid said...

Oh hon, I have those brain farts quite often... LOL. Nothin' wrong with us:) Sorry, I haven't been watchin' DWTS:(

lilraggedyangie said...

Thanks OLM , Maybe it's a sign for you to just be seen and not heard? lol :0) Naw Id miss ya too much! Thanks hopefully they fix it soon and make sure you stop over and get in on my give away if you cant comment there just email me and ill enter ya ! Hope your back is feeling ok and business is good! Enjoy your evening! hugs lil raggedy angie