Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hello BLOGGER!!! I am still not able to leave COMMENTS!!!

Is anyone else having this issue???? REALLY!!!??? I can't leave a comment! Are they trying to send me a message??? Telling me I have nothing good to say??? Well... someone is going to get a ear full of this Irish/Scottish temper soon!, well at least in my head!LOL... the temper doesn't come out often, but I promise it's not a pretty thing! LOL!
Renee over at recollecting the past did a post in my honor! Love it... go take a peek! She has the same child's cart, though she has the seat! Love it!!! Renee you are a doll! YES! We could have lots of fun and probably could find a wee bit of trouble! LOL!!!!
So here's to hoping this fixes itself soon.... and I can leave a comment or 2 somewhere! Have a great night... Off to rest this olde back. Oh ya, have the nerve burning in the back next week...sounds like fun doesn't it??? Keep your fingers crossed it takes and holds for a while! This is getting old!!!!OLM


Farmhouse prims said...

Marie, so sorry you are still having back problems. My husband has been off work two weeks with his back hurting.
Blogger sure has been having alot of problems lately. I can't get comments to post through my email. I have to go to the dashboard and do it through blogger.
I hope they get their issues worked out soon.
I loved Renee's post, I can see you two having a ball of fun together.
Hugs, Lecia

Traci said...

Hi Marie, I'm back in business, able to comment again... hope you can soon!

I am so hoping that your procedure next week does the trick, and you get relief...


Shelley said...

Love finding your have some wonderful collections...I am following you now so,I will be back...blessings

Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Hi Marie, you tell them girl!!8-) I haven't been on here much but am having no problem commenting this morning. Hope you can too.
Good luck on your procedure next week and I hope it works and you get some relief.
Have a great day!!

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

hi, OLM~ Hope your back is feeling better today! Just read your comment on my blog!!! YIPPEE~ So glad your are back on!!!
enjoy the day~

Beckyjean said...

Hey Marie~

Hope the back procedure goes well for you!!

Have a wonderful weekend~Becky

old crow said...

Hi,thanks for the suggestions on Rugs and Pugs, I followed your advice, and "presto" it now works!! Thanks!!

Firecracker Kid said...

Oh Marie, I can post on some blogs and on some not. I dunno what's up... a blogger malfunction I suppose. Well wishes:)